Rollei B35 stiff shutter speed ring and light meter question.

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by adam_white|7, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. I have a rollei B35 and the shutter speed ring can be very stiff sometimes so much so that it has given me blisters on my finger tips and the number are statering to wear away on the ring. Doe's anyone know why this could be, it's driving my mad because it is only sometimes, usally the time when I want to use it and change the shutter speed quickly.
    Also I found the light meter a little strange even using 1600 ISO only half of the f - numbers are on show for the needle to point to, is that because the light meter can only registrar when there is enough light even though you could get a good photo that light.
  2. Don't know about the stiff shutter ring, sounds like a bad linkage inside the camera. As for the meter, yeah, it's a small surface area selenium meter so not very sensitive in low light. Setting it to 1600 ASA, I mean ISO (senior moment there) only rotates the scale in relation to the pointer. It has no effect on the meter's sensitivity to light. If you keep having to twist hard on the shutter speed ring sooner or later something is going to break on that camera and it may not be repairable after that.
  3. Thanks for the info. Been looking at the other rollei 35's (the metal bodied ones) does anyone know if there light meters would be better in low light?
  4. The meter on my Rollie 35 isn't all that good in low light, but I don't find this to be too much of a problem. I never intended for this to be a camera to use in low light situations anyway. The lens isn't too fast at f/3.5. There is no rangefinder allowing for very accurate focusing, so I'm loath to use it at anything wider than f/8 or f/5.6 to get the depth of field I need for a good shot with scale focusing. Still, I like that little camera. It's cute, fits in your pocket, and has a very nice lens.
  5. still got my Rollei 35SE ,and it still a great shooter, in fact it's 2nd best to my Zeiss Contessa as my favorite pocketable,carry anywhere camera . I never use the light meters on these cameras, i just rely on my own judgement of lighting situations whenever i shoot with both.
    I took the battery off of my Rollei , the light meter still works , but i don't think 35-50yr old cameras like these would still have accurate light meters (unless you have them calibrated/changed ) so i just rely on my own judgement , and it produces great results.
    I advice you to have your Rollei checked by a trusted tech to avoid further damage and enhance shooting/enjoying this little GEM . PC

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