Rollei A110

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  1. Rollei A110 is the smallest 110 film camera. It has a focusing Zeiss Tessar 1:28 f=23mm lens. Anodized black color
  2. My Rollei A110 is black anodized aluminium, it has "Made in Germany" at the back door
    It needs a px27 6v battery

    The lens is focused by a slider, with pictorial signs to indicate close by
    objects or distant objects.

    IMO, Rollei A110 is most beautiful 110 camera

    My Minox 110 camera is too big

    Pentax A110 is cute, but not as small as Rollei A110

    10 years ago, I had a Rollei E110 in silver color, it is a simplified version of Rollei A110.

    The Rollei A110 sets both the aperture and shutter speed automatically, while the E110

    needs manual set aperture, and E110 sets only the shutter speed.

    Certainly Rollei A110 is simpler to use
  3. Rollei A110 E110 do not have Minox stype "freewheeling". if you pull
    out A110 but do not take picture than push back the camera, you end up with a blank frame.
  4. The leather case also has Germany stamp on it
  5. the A110 retailed for around $300. That’s almost $1,300 in 2013 dollars.
  6. 1457 2019 USD.
  7. 110 film width is the same as 16mm film. Use 16mm film stainless steel
    development reel to develop 110 b&W film
  8. In the 1970's, I had a Yankee II tank, which does 16mm, and I did
    some VP110 with it.

    I now have another Yankee II, bought on eBay and seems unused.
    I have some VP110, but haven't tried it yet.
  9. The film in Rolllei A110 is propelled forward by four springs
    at the back door of A110.

    I find that the film does not advance smoothy.
    I use a small screw driver to pry out the four springs a little.
    After doing this the film advances more smoothly.
  10. Rollei A110 lens Tessar F23mm F1.28, focused by a slider, close focus
    to 2meter. focus dial visible in the viewfinder
  11. The E110 offers manual exposure control so works well with lomography 200 asa tiger film. A110 also works well but some cameras may over expose.

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