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  1. Thought this would be hot news for those who are interested. The
    first Rollei 6008AF has been sold under the counter here in the
    U.S.. More will be shipping in the next two weeks. This is the body
    only. AF Lenses will be available in two months or so.
  2. I'd be very inteersted in knowing what counters to look under to get one now. Or, alternatively, is anyone accepting pre-orders for the body now?
  3. Thanks for your interest, Bill. I believe it is available at - I have had good experiences with them already for a year or so.
  4. We are glad to hear these positive comments on Rollei
    and the fantastic 6008 AF. It is true that Rollei in the US has gone through
    some really rough times, and that the Samsung folks have messed up a lot of good
    relationships. It is only now that Rollei USA finally has a dedicated new
    ownership and great staffs, who really are busy to change the way Americans look at Rollei to the better. This costs time, and money. The new web site is an example of the new strategy, and as mentioned above, the English manuals now are revised by American editors so they are easier to understand for US customers.
    In the 1970s, I have worked (free lance) for Rollei Germany at several Photokina
    events and assisted in most of their European subsidiaries training sales staff
    to sell the SLX which was new at the time. What I have learned from my contact
    with Rollei then, is that they have the best technical engineers and production
    employees you can imagine, but little knowledge how to set up and execute a
    marketing plan. And that remark even stands today.
    Through my contacts with photographers I learned and understood that
    sophisticated and expensive cameras like these from Rollei only would sell if
    the customer can be sure that he will experience dedicated and knowledgeable
    backup by the dealer and the factory representatives.
    Under the new management and ownership, Rollei USA is ready. The products are
    better than ever. Now it is the dealers who should come forward and support
    Rollei again. On the other hand, today we have the Internet. This will certainly
    change the way customers find Rollei products, support and help in an
    unprecedented way.
  5. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    I will concur with Mark's thoughtful and candid observations. CTrades (from whom I purchased my new 6003) is wonderful to deal with. With any internet dealer, you have to be patient in getting detailed can't just walk in and lean over the counter for a chat on some esoteric issue. But CTrades has been very helpful in that regard phone and email. (the infamous flash usage issue).

    And, I am learning a lot here thanks.

    Ray Hull
  6. " wonderful to deal with"

    Indeed I must agree with the above statement. Until recently I was entirely unaware of this company, however having read several positive comments here and elsewhere, I decided to check them out. And, am I glad that I did! After only one purchase (at a price that put B&H, Adorama, and even Robert White to shame), I have to report that I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness of the proprietor, Mike.

    Unlike so many other dealerships these days, Ctrades prides itself on a superior knowledge of product matched only by its superior quality of customer care. Also, their shipping was amazing: I received my order in around 4 days (Los Angeles to Sydney). I only wish all photographic purchases could be like this, and I have no hesitation in recommending Ctrades based on my experience.
  7. Greetings,
    I must concur with the above postings re. Mike @CTrades.
    I've dealt with him for many years; he's honest, knows Rollei equipment very very well, can give practical advice on a number of photographic (& other!) issues; is expeditious in his transactions, & is price competitive!
    In "ancient times," we'd discuss, for example, some lens comparisons based on his test results shooting chromes ; he'd opine on the advantages/disvantages of this or that lens, or the trade-off one must confront using this system vs. that one.... I remember 4 or 5 years ago, how he worried about the future of Rollei without introducing an AF camera; or, in his view (& mine), how Rollei could have "blown the competition out of the water" had it introduced a 6x7 model. Well, Mike you're batting .500 --so far!
    Anyone interested in Rollei should really talk to Mike!
  8. I must chime in to say that Mike at Ctrades is a rare gem. I was in the market
    for a Rollei SLR system... Mike spent ALOT of time going over pluses and
    minuses of different gear- in the end I didn't purchase anything from him- this
    is my way of trying to give something back tto him; Mike is one of the best!! If i
    thought I could raise the $$, I would be giving him an order for the 6008AF!
    (It was only a lucky bid on a popular auction site that prevented me from
    buying from Mike at
  9. I can only join those who recommend as an
    excellent Rollei dealer. For me as a newcomer to MF
    photography the 6008 integral was the top choice but out of my
    budget. Mike, however, gave a winning offer to me when I first
    contacted him about another product. He provided exceptional
    service in delivery too, and the camera is fascinating. I'm just
    trying to figure out more time for shooting - I am not a pro.
  10. Mike of CTrades probably set a new record with my shipment: I received the 6008AF
    + 180AF + 1.4 in 3 days, from California to Italy, including the custom clearing
    (usually a nightmare when we receive goods from US). I traced the shipment by the
    hour on UPS web site, quite exciting for my first MF camera. And prices were really a
    very good deal.
  11. On his web site Mike also has a link for a really cool Rollei lens catalogue which includes additional info on some of the expected new AF lenses. Check it out:

    Anyway, Mike, I'll get my AF from you soon!
  12. I have used CTrades for a number of major Rollei purchases and they have the best service and the best prices I have found. They only sell Rollei USA official import products and are Rollei Authorized.

    The 6000 system is the best MF system out there - it is too bad that more folks don't know it in the USA. Hope I can afford to get the 6008AF body - it finally has the fill flash I would like to have!

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