Rollei 6008 AF or 6008i2?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by josef_tornick, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. HI:

    I am trying to decide between the Rollei 6008 AF (auto focus) or
    the new Intergral 2, same camera without the AF, which is about
    $400 less. I will be doing EVERYTHING with this camera, tripod
    mounted portraits, landscapes and close-ups, as well as some
    handheld semi-candid shooting. I've got 53 year old eyes, btw.

    I know that you can turn off the auto-focus, and still do manual
    with the AF, rollei said they are the same cameras, just one has
    the "AF module".

    Does anyone have the AF, or experience with it, is it accurate?
    I tried the Contax 645 (no one carries Rollei) in a store and was
    impressed, the speed doesn't matter to me.

    Any advice appreciated.

  2. The auto focus is is very accurate. It is worth getting to use with non autofocus lenses. It will give a more accurate read on the exact focus used as an aid, then I can do on the screen with my eyes.

    These are also very good handheld cameras. They are not light to carry, very smooth of the shutter, mirror movement and film advance. It is surprising. For $400 the AF is worth it.
  3. Thanks, Dale. I just can't believe there isn't more enthusiasm over this camera. Where are all those square enthusiasts? If there is any camera out there that continues this heritage, the Rollei 6008AF is it!
  4. I (56 years of age) would choose the AF now, although I have non-AF optics. Our eyes
    are getting older and I would like to have easy focusing without the need for using the
    magnifier. Ferdi.
  5. Hi Thomas,
    You are right, there is not so much enthousiasm for this camera on the net, or for the Rollei 600x series as a whole.
    But almost all who use one of these cameras are very glad they chose this system!
    And re:question. I would opt for the AF. $400 is not that much compared to the total amount of money needed to purchase a new MF set.
  6. Does anyone know when the 6008i2 is comming out? I cant find any information on it besides rollei's website. Thanks
  7. Josef,

    Easy answer get the AF, period! and Megan go to if you live in europe or (call Mike) if you live in US, he's a very nice person and very knowledgeable on Rollei entire system.Good luck everyone!

  8. Ferdi,

    Even with non-auto focus lenses you will still get focus confirmation, this should help greatly for aging eyes.

  9. Josef,

    What was the problem with the Contax 645?

    Exept if you must have a square format.........

  10. To Henrik van Rooyen:

    There wasn't a "problem" with the Contax 645. I was quite
    impressed with it. I think it would be my 2nd choice. The main
    thing is that I am going on a extended shoot this summer, and
    will be doing many outdoor portraits. I don't like tilting a big
    camera on a tripod for vertical compositions, which I will have to
    do with the Contax. (It is awkward to do that with my little Sony
    717 digital even.) Rather have the extra margin with the 6x6 for
    cropping later if I need to in any situation. This will probably be
    my main camera for many years, and it seems quite versatile.

    To everyone, thanks so much for the replies, I am convinced now
    that the AF is the way to go. It seems to have no real downsides.
  11. Jeez, I get to play the heavy here... OK, picture me looking like Charles Bronson <sigh>...

    Auto focus is not a dead nuts deal, it is a 'zone focus' algorithm where once the contrast comparison says the focus is somewhere within the zone, it's good enough and stops the lens focus travel... One of the camera sites <I believe it is Monaghan's> did a LPPM comparison with auto focus versus eye focus <same lens/body> and found a nearly 50% decrease in the LPPM of the negative with auto focus versus manual focus...

    Now the real question is, is the auto focus of this camera close enough for me? If you shoot portraits will it focus on the eye or the ear, or maybe the edge of the collar? big difference on the print...
    Only you can answer that question... I would urge that you rent the camera for a day, including the 6X magnification chimney, and do your own comparison tests...

    denny - hmmm, maybe a trench coat and a sardonic stare and I can be a star?
  12. You can always rent a AF kit. I know Ctrades will do it. Mike is very helpful: I do not have any affiliation with Ctrades.

    As I recollect, this rental plan is not a true rental. It is geared towards try before
    you buy approach.

    But renting a camera is a good idea.
  13. Hendrik, <br><br>Yes, that is exactly the point I was trying to make.
  14. Dennis:

    I looked at that site which was staunchly anti-AF in general, and
    noticed that most of the listings were 4 or 5 years old, and I know
    the technnology has improved since then.

    I like the rent option, and will look into it for sure. No one carries
    Rollei in the whole state, so will have to see if those you
    mentioned will rent out of state.

    If anyone who has the camera and can speak from experience,
    that would be very helpful.
  15. I have just recently aquired this unit with the 80mm, 180mm, and
    the1.4 extender. Have tried some really ridiculous 35mm kind of
    stuff with it. Hand held sports action and wildlife stuff. All of the
    results aren't in yet but will let you know when it comes together.
    Operationally speaking moving targets are a hit and miss kind of
    thing. You have to get your way about the process of zeroing in
    and flipping to manual. Kind of like hitting a curveball. You have
    to plan for its peculiarities. But the AF can get you in the ballpark
    in a hurry. As to tripod still all I can say is that the pics are clear
    as a bell.
  16. I am sure that either will be excellent but for the small difference in price I would get the AF so I would have the choice in the future. Hopefully I can justify one sometime in the future. In the interim the 6008i is the best MF system out there other than the 6008AF. It is too bad that more folks don't know it here in the USA

    I have used CTrades for a number of major Rollei purchases and they have the best service and the best prices I have found. They only sell Rollei USA official import products and are Rollei Authorized. Mike probably knows more about Rollei than anyone else who sells it in the USA - He shares his knowledge freely and does not use pressure sales tactics at all.
  17. I second that. Just bought a load of gear of Mike at CTrades, excellent man.
    Great price along with good info.

  18. Well an update. I got the AF, with manual focus lenses. the focus
    assist seems to work beautifully. I am a happy camper! As for
    Mike at Ctrades- here is a review of my experience.

    "I recently decided to expand my photographic endeavors, and
    needed to upgrade my equipment to do an important historical
    and educational Re-Photographic project. After much online
    research, I settled on a Rollei 6008 AF Medium format camera,
    and 3 lenses to encompass the situations I would encounter in
    the field. I discovered Mike, at, and found him to be
    not only extremely knowledgable, but courteous and helpful. He
    hung in there with me as I agonized over what would work best
    to fit my budget, and waited patiently while I raised the necesary
    funds. I haven't experienced this level of service in many years,
    and was delighted. He also is extremely well informed about the
    details of his products, and was able to guide me when I had
    technical questions. I also found it quite easy to communicate
    with him, both by phone and e-mail. We took advantage of
    Ctrades' expertise and educational discounts on Rollei 6008AF
    and I must say, it's the perfect system for our project.

    He basicaly "overdelivered," to my great surprise; and I got a very
    good price on what I needed. He is smart, he intuitively knows
    that word of mouth is the best advertising, and I gladly support
    any business that treats people with respect and understanding.
    -Josef Tornick
  19. Can't go wrong with Mike N. at CTRADES!!!
    1) man of his word - got my 6008AF to me overnight on Saturday
    2) great prices - noone else comes even close
    3) called on Saturday to make sure I was happy and "in the know"
    4) generally a nice guy - best customer service I've gotten in a long time

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