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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by geoffrey goldberg, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. I just picked up a 6003 Pro to be a second back to a 6003 SRC, and have been learning
    about "film gates" in order to use 6008 backs. What is the purpose of this, and is it true
    for the 6000 series back as well? I don't remember having used this before, and wonder
    what happens if you don't use it.

    Also, does anyone know if the 6003 Pro has digital hookup ability? I thought it did (like the
    6008 I2), but the charts suggest not.

    One last question - the Pro seems to have a "whirring" sound after a shot is taken. This is
    unlike the 6003 SRC, which clunks for the shot, and is then quiet. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    Geoff, The 6003 Pro has its own 120 (slim) back and film gate. To use the big 6000 series backs, you must exchange the gate (unplugs) for the gate that matches the interchangeable (garage door darkslide) back. Apparently is is a fitment/clearance issue between the two back designs. I don't know about the SRC model, but am assuming it is the same as the Pro.

    The Pro is digital-ready.

    I believe that the whirring is just the film winding; indeed, I wonder why the SRC DOESN'T make that winding noise? If your frames are spaced properly, it should be fine.

    Ray Hull
  3. The film back and film gate for the 6003 Pro is different than that for the latter 6008 series cameras. I have the 6003 Pro and 6008 AF and use this back and gate on both my bodies. It makes a thinner lighter camera. I have identified this film gate with some colored tape as they are very similar. If you don't have the right gate for your back apperently the film isn't exactly in the right film plane. If you use the interchangeable 6 by 6 magazines you must get the other gate. If you use the 4.5 by 6 magazines you take the film gate off. I suspect it is the same if you use a digital back, however I don't have a digital back. I hope this is useful
    Ed Carmick
  4. Thanks to both Ed and Ray. I have used the older 6003 SRC with the interchangeable
    backs, and have never changed the gate. Is this why it is hard to remove the film cassettes
    from the other backs when they are on the camera? Or have I been doing something more
    "wrong" and not knowing it? Or is the Pro different in the gate design than the earlier
    6003? I too prefer the slimmer back as it is lighter and thinner and simpler.

    As to "digital ready" - any idea what that means? Is there anyone who has put a digital
    back on one of these puppies?

    Thanks for the help. Its a small Rollei world over here, and not sure where to get advice.

  5. Geoff:
    Before Rollei brought out the 60003 Pro and half way through their production run of the 6008i they were working on the rotating 6 by 4.5 backs. This would only work of the film gate would come off. That was when it was made to would snap off. As I pointed out earlier the gates for the 6003 Pro and 6008i and AF are very slightly different. When I use magazines I do use the 6 by 4.5 rotating ones and yes I have to take the film gate off. It all works very well.

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