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  1. 3.5 Tessar. Paid a whopping $98 at a famous auction site. Cosmetics are very decent with only minor marks here and there. My concern is the focusing is loose. I mean floppy loose. I've owned several Rollei 35's before and never remember feeling that in a focus ring before. Any thoughts?
  2. I wouldn't say mine is tight or firm, but it's not "floppy" loose. Try some shooting with it wide open to see if the focus is correct or not. Does the focus stay where you put it, or does it wander off?
    I've never seen that Rollei UV filter before.
  3. I've owned a few Rollei 35's over the years, and all had nicely damped focusing, none were loose. Brilliant little cameras, superb image quality. I heard the ones made in Singapore are more reliable than the German ones, but the collectors seem to like the German ones better. The 35T is identical in every way to the 35, except for the letter 'T' on the front. They had to call it the 'T' to differentiate it from the new 35S. I knew a guy who found a 35S at a pawn shop for $90. That was way back in 1989...I was so jealous! I went out and found a German Rollei 35 at a camera store for $35...but it wasn't working too well so I returned it...dumb!!!
  4. Michael, if the 35 is anything like the 35 S then try this. Take off the filter and look at the trim ring, the one with the lettering on the front of the lens. On my 35 S this metal ring was held in place with glue and directly under it are 3 screws in a slotted ring that secure the focus scale. These screws became loose on my sample allowing the sloppy feel you describe. The slotted arrangement is to allow adjustment of the focus scale to infinity so you may need to tape a ground glass to the inner rails of the film gate, lock the shutter open on 'B' with a cable release and check with a magnifier to see if the scale is in the correct position at infinity before you tighten the screws. As I say, this was how the Sonnar lens on my 35 S was constructed but I don't know for sure that the regular 35 is the same configuration.
  5. Thanks folks. John I meant to imply there is no dampening left. The front ring turns as a free as it can get. But there is no actual wobble to imply loose screws. ( I think) JDM I'll give it a test today and see how the focus is working. David this is a Singapore model. I once had a black 2.8 "S" In very fine condition. Kicking myself for selling that one.
  6. Nice camera and photos Gene. I'm an old Motocross racer from MA and remember a well known motorcycle hill climbing event held there. ( I think it was Monson)
  7. I still have my original Rollei lens cap, as does Gene, I see.
    How is this possible? Every time I turn around the dang thing falls off, but somehow, I always get it back on the camera again. Are we Rollei 35 shooters very anal retentive people who take exceptional care of our "stuff", or is it just coincidence?
    Hope it works out for you Michael, it's still one of my favorites even with its peculiarities. If it woiks, bring us da' pitchas!
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    I have the lowly Rollei 35LED, sorry no photos, but I still have my lens cap, wrist strap, and the leatherboo case for it. I've had it about 20years and even though it sports the Triotar lens, it's still a pretty good performer. I don't think were anal retentive, we recognise the value of our equipment and take care of it. If we take care of our equipment, our equipment will take care of us.

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