Rollei 2.8F white face maybe for sale

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by gurney_tim, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. This:
    Is my Rolleiflex 2.8F white face (late) that has never been used, original box, strap, instructions (german), lens cap.
    If you feel that this is of interest to do hesitate to contact me email (-at- = @)
  2. I wish I had spare cash! I occassionaly regret selling my Rolleiflex T but the fund went to a Hasselblad system, which is far more suitable for me.
  3. I wish I have some € for it!!It's a beauty. Buon Natale
  4. A real object of desire:
    - White face
    - 2.8 Xenotar
    - 12/24 frames
  5. Sandy Ritz at Collectible Cameras has one for sale on his website for $1,595 -- in 9+condition. I had one for awhile: the 2.8 Xenotar is a great lens. Here's a sample --
  6. Would it make a difference if I said I have seen that camera twice on ebay. Same serial number. For sale from the US in july 2005 and for sale from Poland in November 2007. I love that type camera so much since I got one that I have kept track of the ones for sale there.
  7. They say that the sharpest Rollei is the 3.5F Planar with the last lens element configuration.
  8. I ended up buying a mint Monolta Autocord (needed multiple exposure), as mint Rolleiflexes are so expensive. The quality of course is not quite the same, but it is better to have one in use in my case than one only imagined. Your beautiful camera will probably continue as a collector's camera and not as a user. Worhwhile I guess for a keen collector, but also a little bit of a pity. Don't forget to exercise the shutter over its full range every few months, or it will need life support, as did my once collector M4-P was when I bought it a year ago from an estate sale.
  9. What a beauty it is, but not for me. I go for user quality cameras so they can be used without the fear of having the camera lose value as with a mint cameralike the one here.
    I have a beaten up 3.5F Planar that jusr recently was finally repaired after I had it stored as broken for many years. It arrived to me broken from a not-so-trthful ebay seller. I need to compare the sharpness of the lens with the 2.8 Planar in my user quality 2.8D. If it is any better than the lens in the 2.8D, it would be amazing indeed.
    I used to own a 2.8E and 2.8F that looked too pretty, so I sold them.

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