Rolex 24-hour race at Daytona this weekend

Discussion in 'Sports' started by david_cavan, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Anyone else attending the race this coming weekend? We've been three times before, and I'm looking for some new locations / ideas / times for an amateur shooter. I tend to walk around the infield portion, working to get the light behind me so gravitate from east to west during the day. Standard shots of garage work for preparation and emergency repairs, and last year I got up at 4:30 to catch the sunrise, which was the best idea I've had yet. But I'm looking for other suggestions if you care to share.
  2. David, good to see you are off to the races already! Sorry, don't know the track at all, but I do like getting those early morning shots too. Sunrise is even better. Have a great time, John.
  3. Thanks John. I'm certainly looking forward to it, and the weather looks as if its going to be great again this year. I'm happy enough with the shooting over the past years, but hoping to expand the perspective on the weekend.
  4. I have watched, admittedly only a bit of, this race on TV and every stadium shot I have seen shows them completely empty. Are there any full stadiums? Is anybody there, other than you of course? I did just see some fans on the infield, is that about it? I am just curious how these races continue to survive. Sad to see so few there, if that is in fact the case. I guess they survive on broadcasting rights and sponsorships.
  5. Timed out, sorry.
  6. Timed out, sorry.
  7. Hi John - just back from the weekend this evening, it takes a while to work one's way back to the west coast. The 24-hour race in Daytona has been growing in attendance since we started attending in 2009. Last year there were about 70,000 attendees, this year the buzz was that its about the same, maybe a couple more people. Its not a "sit-in-the-grandstand" type of event. You are encouraged to to walk the track, go through the garages, spend time in your RV in the infield, etc. There's only so much sitting you can do in 24 hours, so the crowd ebbs and flows. It's not like LeMans with 100's of thousands, but there are enough people to make it fun, and not too many so it needs to be super-organized.

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