Rodenstock's Bistigmat 18x24

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  1. Hi! Inscribed on the lens: Bildaufn. Mattsch. # 15558 I'd really like to know the approximate worth of this camera lens and front. It is in great condition. As it seems the lense is pretty unique. What bistigmat means? The front from wood is also working you can adjust 6 times and 4 appartures; photos here: I have another question on idea it occurred to me these days. Is there a possibiliy to put this lens on DSLR or some 6x6 vintage camera. And if i succeed in attaching lens how could i establish focus? Thank you in advance, Dimko
  2. According to the Lens Collectors Vade Mecum the Rodenstock Bistigmat is probably a very
    simple periscopic type lens working at f13 and not color corrected. As such it might make an
    interesting soft focus lens, but would difficult to use if sharp results are desired. Attaching it
    to a DSLR shouldn't be difficult using a macro-focusing bellows. Since it is rated for 18x24cm
    I would guess that it has a FL of about 300mm.
  3. Thank you for info Jason!
  4. Well i have managed to put this lens on Pentax K10D camera .
    First the flange distance for portrait was around 40 cm.
    I put a lens between to reduce it to normal 135mm.
    This are my first results:

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