Rodenstock Ysarex 135 replacement shutter

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by tripanfal, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Just a simple question. I bought a Rodenstock Ysarex 135mm lens mounted in a Sychro-Compur shutter for a song. The glass is mint, but the shutter is junk. I opened it up to flush and lube it and a spring is broken, among other problems. I just need to know which size copal shutter this lens needs. I'm considering just buying a new one from B&H but I'm not sure if it is a #0 or a #1. I have a Calumet 4x5 camera and want to dip my toes in the large format pool. Thanks in advance.
  2. SK Grimes has a list of Compur sizes along with measurements at the bottom of the following webpage.
  3. the lens was sold mostly with a Polaroid MP3 for copy work. Not very good coverage at infinity. I tried one on an old speed graphic years ago and went back to the old uncoated Tessar that was originally on it. May not be worth a used shutter let alone a new one I believe it is a #1. Look for a used 150 Xenar or Caltar, probably will cost about what a new shutter will and be a better lens.
  4. Mmm, I think Tom may be confusing the Ysaron, which is a macro/enlarging lens, with the Ysarex, which is a good honest infinity-corrected 4/3 tessar-type. See this link for a discussion of this. There's a Rodenstock guy who posts here, and perhaps he will know more.
    I've never used one, but Ysarexes are said to be excellent lenses. (Note that link includes a favorable comment by the pseudonymous C P Goerz, who has seen a lot of classic lenses, and is free with his derision for inferior optics.) I definitely would not discard this lens without testing it.
    Having said all that, I bet it takes a #0 shutter. Do as Andrew says and measure the lens cell threads and you'll know for sure. None of my business, but I don't think I'd pay retail for a new shutter. I'd look for a used Compur shutter, and send it to Flutot's for a CLA. (It has been said that new Copal shutters are often out of spec, and need adjustment anyway.)
  5. The 135mm is a Tessar type lenses; there is also a 127mm F4.7 one too; the 127mm is also used on old polaroids like the 110b too.
  6. Andrew, Thanks for the SK Grimes info. They are within driving distance. I called them and I'm sending it to them for repair vs. buying a new one.
    Dave, Thanks for the info on the lens. It looks like it may be a good lens, and even with a shutter repair I still got a good deal I think. At least good enough to try my hand at LF.
    Thanks again!

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