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    I sent 2 rolls of EIR back in April to them, after reading some post
    mentioning them as one of the last places to do AR-5 developing.

    3 weeks later I emailed them to see if they got my film. No response.

    3 weeks after that I emailed again. No response.

    a month or so later, I wrote to ask if they were even a lab anymore,
    if they ever got emails from me, if they even heard of EIR film. No

    Kinda sucks, the shots were one-shot opportunity, some old piles of
    mannequin parts next to a river, right across from an old power
    station. Shoulda shot some B&W film also, then I'd at leats have some
    images from that day. Oh well.
  2. Wow. That sucks. Live and learn, I guess. :-/
  3. Ever try the telephone? 303 364 6444
  4. Clearly you've had a terrible experience and probably your warning is legitimate. You also will likely never see your slides. BUT, I don't see that you've tried to call them by phone in your post....why not do that, you get someone on the phone, don't let them off until you have a specific name, deadline by which they'll reach you with information, etc. If they can't come through you, at least, deserve reimbursement for your film cost (not insignificant with EIR) and an apology and probably free processing on your next 2 rolls.

    I love e-mail, but as a means of conflict/dispute resolution it sucks. A registered delivery confirmation letter to the Owner/manager of the operation with CC to the BBB of the area and the CEO of the BOD (if there is one) are also effective.

    I'd start with the phone call and at least find out if and when they got your film, what might have happened to it, did they ship to a wrong address and it got returned and they didn't know what to do with it, did they damage it and just were afraid to contact you? Anyway, once there's a human on the phone something in the way of answers will be forthcoming.

    BTW, their phone number is:
    303 364 6444
  5. I think Evan is right on. There is a great dividing line when it comes to the Internet...Many over 50-55 years of age may never get on a computer, let alone learn all that it has to offer.

    Not because they don't want to, but because someone has to teach them.

    Many people in the film processing world grew up without on-line computers, and they may not have incoporated it into their daily routine as effectively as their younger peers.

    And don't be too hard on them, these are the same people that invested more money starting their businesses back in the 70's and 80's, before the internet existed, then you may spend on computers in your entire lifetime.
  6. There's no excuse for not answering a customer's e-mail. I don't care whether the business owner is computer illiterate or not. If he isn't going to answer e-mail, he shouldn't have published the e-mail address. That's like putting an ad in the yellow pages of the phone book, but never answering the phone.
  7. Bob, Alex, Evan - I'll grant that. I COULD call them, I just figured I might start yelling at people, and I don't need to do that. I really do have way more images than I can scan & or print anyway. I would like those images, though.

    I don't think they have any excuse, because they put up a website and it's not one that looks hastily done. The DR5 lab doesn't always respond right away, but they DO respond to email - I like them, they do good work.
  8. If the films were mine, I would definitely phone them. Ever consider the possibility that they never even received your film in the first place? How did you send it?

    There are many, many companies out there that have a 'web presence' but absolutely do not 'get' the internet (including email), and do a terrible job of managing transactions and handling customers <cough>. Or they farm the job out to the cheapest bidders who don't give a rats ass about properly servicing their customers' customers.

    Give them a call, ask if they received your film and if so, what stage is it at? If they screwed it up at the very least they should send replacement rolls, and throw in free processing.

    If they say they never received it, you are SOL. But if you don't call them you are definitely SOL, and you will never know who exactly is to blame: you, the courier, or them.
  9. Ok RADAR you've had plenty of time to call them since you got the number here. Have you? What did they say? If you haven't then I guess it's just not that important.

    I think if the shots were that important to me I would have called them before I sent the rolls, just to make sure they still do the work and what it would cost me.
  10. While I have not lost any film, I did have the same experiences with regards to RMFL not answering emails. I agree that there is no excuse to not answer emails as it is bullcrap to expect people tp spend even more money in the form of long distance charges. I wanted to ask them things like current turnaround times with TechPan and Konica and Kodak B&W infrared films. Nothing... Oh well fools, you JUST lost a lot of business. I went to Images Photo, a black and white only lab, out of Tucson, AZ and have been really satisfied. They can print TechPan and IR films FAR BETTER than even RMFL ever could...and for less! I also use them now for standard B&W develop and print work. RMFL lost the ability to get about 100 dollars a month in business from me. All that because some fool was too lazy to send out a 3-5 minute email.

    That is too bad as RMFL was just awesome about 12+ years ago. Being able to have them mix a batch of Microdol for several rolls of PanF or Plus-X was awesome. And their Exhibition weight fiber base enlargements just were gorgeous. That's ok as Images Photo does the same level of work with better prices.

    RADAR, did you need the critical coloration of EIR exposed at ISO 100 and developed using the AR5 process? If not, you are aware that you can expose EIR at ISO 200 and use the common E6 process, albeit at the expense of higher saturation and contrast? Not trying to be patronizing. Just curious about it though.
  11. NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SEND FILM TO THis company!!! I sent two rolls of ECN II film to them on 5/18/06 and they still haven't processed it as of 12/17/07 (19 Months). I've had numerous phone conversations with them...and I always get... we've had machine problems; it'll be done in the next two months; or it's set to run in our next run!!! Don't send anything to these people unless you want your film to disappear. I've requested that they return my film to me...which they reluctantly agreed to, after stating they were the only ones in the world who could develop it, and if that was my decision! Secondly, they stated it would take two weeks to "Pull" my film? I will be filing a complaint with the Denver Better Business Bureau. However, I after the fact, have discovered that they already have an "UNSATISFACTORY RECORD" with the BBB. Beware, always check the local BBB before doing business with a company. WHAT A LEARNING EXPERIENCE!
  12. I have had the same problem as Harry Johnson. We sent our film almost 1 year ago, have talked to this bonehead girl named Lalena several times on the phone. She keeps giving me excuses like "we've had machine problems" or "it hasn't been a year yet" etc etc bla bla bla. Looks like my company may be looking at legal action against these guys.
  13. Same experience as Harry and John. After my Dad died, I found a roll of simple 620 film in his old camera. Since I didn't know how long it had been in there, I wanted specially-skilled processing to be sure that I got the images. I sent it to RMFL on Feb 2007 - no one-hour WalMart processing for me! So far, no results.

    Do I know that they received my film? Yup. My check was attached to it, and they cashed the check in less than a week.

    Did I email? Yup, about 4 months after I sent my film. No response.

    Did I telephone? Yup, six months after I sent my film. I didn't get the "broken machine" story, I got the "batch processing" story. "We process film in batches, when we get enough of a given type, and the 620 batch hasn't come up yet." The bone-headed girl (to quote an earlier post) guaranteed it would come up within 3 more months.

    Did I telphone again? Yup, a year after I sent my film and three months after the guaranteed "batch processing" date. Same response - your batch hasn't come up yet.

    I filed a complaint with Denver BBB today. Unfortunately, even if I get my $32.50 back, I will probably never see my film again. And like most old film, the images are irreplacable since most of the people are dead and gone.

  14. In some small defense of RMFL and perhaps some comfort to customers who feel that they will never receive their film back, I do think that one day your films will eventually arrive back in your hands. RMFL is a very lucrative business and have a referral network that our company (Film Rescue) could only dream of. I don't see them falling off the map anytime soon.
  15. I also sent this company an old East German ORWO film (yeah, that old, the country doesn't exist anymore). This was more than a year ago, in May 2007. They cashed my check right away, but I still haven't got my prints back. I've called them and this girl confirmed they got the film, and that it would probably be ready by the spring 2008. To this day still nothing. I had three films; luckily I only sent one because I had my doubts. Hopefully some day, when I’m old, my prints will arrive; but by that time my memory will probably be gone…
  16. Has anyone had a good experience with them?

    My family came across old film and would like to see it get developed. I thought Rocky Mountain would be great, but I'm not liking these reviews.

    Is there any other place that develops it? Does anyone have experience with ? (I found from googling)
  17. I stopped by their place one day. Small foyer packed with many big boxes of exposed film. I'm assuming they were separated by process, some boxes full others only had a couple of rolls. Looked like a lot of volume for a very small facility.
  18. These people are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! They charged my credit card UPON RECEIPT of my EIR film over one year ago and I haven't received the processed film or the prints. Spoke with this Lalaina many, many times and I cannot even get my film BACK, or the charge reversed. I am now in contact with my credit card company and the BBB to register complaints. I wish I'd read this thread way back when. Meanwhile, even if they ARE the last place on earth, save your money, frustration and time and do NOT send film to these people.
  19. Going on 14 months for me, same story "equipment problems". Oh but they cashed my check within 4 days of receiving it. Accounting dept doesn't have any problems apparently. Also no response ever to email which is funny considering that is the 1st option they tell you to use in their "contact us" section of website. The last 3 times I called I got the same story that it will be processed in the next month, delay is due to equipment/parts, etc. If anyone has had any success getting something back from this company I'd love to hear it. Just as a reassurance that they haven't just taken my money. I'll post if I get mine back next month like they tell me.
  20. I checked around and this was the only place to develop old film.
    I sent some old film to them. registered mail. I was told i could pay for it later.
    I kept calling to check on it. I was told it would be 12 months before it showed in their system.
    I called 14 months later. They still could not find it and the lady was suppose to call me back.
    I called 12 months later. Still lost and then they said it would not show up unless i paid for it
    and it would take 12 more months. I paid for it over the phone.
    I called 12 months later. Still lost and the payment was not posted to the film.
    Now it has been so long i can't remember the name. rockymountain phot.
    I finally remembered the name and insisted on finding my film. Still lost.
    The secretary called me back and she had found the film on the lady's desk that is suppose to be in charge. I guess it had been sitting there for 3 years waiting for payment.
    I insisted she send the film to me immediately unprocessed.
    She said she did not know when he would have deliveries going to post office.
    i waited another 3 days for them to mail it.
    Happy ending was i got my film back.
    i found a place to develop some films they only develop black and white.
    I sent it to them and paid 10 dollars extra and received my film within 3 weeks
    The word is rocky mountain lost the Kodak account and it is only a matter of time before they go out of business. These people are a bunch of idiots and i would get my film out of there asap or never see it again. This is not fair the way they do business because my old film is very important to me.
  21. SURPRISE!!! After I spoke to Leah or Lalaina or whomever, and explained to them that this was actually THEFT, taking my money and never providing a service.... that their business expense is not something one has to pay for ahead of time. Referrred them to this forum, and also told her that I would further contribute to the BBB negative rating, get my credit card company involved and perhaps pursue a theft charge... That day I got a credit to my account and 4 days later received my film back. Amazing. Of course, she hung up on me and chastised me for being "rude", stating I really had no valid complaint. I asked to speak to the owner/manager and she said he'd call me back. All I ever got was a return call from her that day telling me I'd had a credit to my account and would receive my film shortly. Good enough for me! After 9 months of being stalled by them! Never, never, never send them your business. Wish I'd read the blogs before I did.
  22. Rocky Mountain is a sleeping giant.
    If you call them the secretary will tell you, Lalaina will call you on friday. Never calls.
    She must show up one friday a month which would be fine if she returned her emails and phone calls.
    Has anyone received their film back since 2003? I would like to hear from any positive story.

    I found a place to develop. RapidPhoto.Net I payed 10.00 extra for express and got my film back 3 weeks later.
    Some old film they only develop black and white which was the case with mine but i was a happy camper.
    This was a welcomed relief after my film was held hostage at rocky mountain for 3 years.
    I am not associated with but i am doing this as a public service.

    rocky mountain, get it together and start developing or return film.
    I was told from rocky mountain they have a whole room of developed film that was not paid for.
    Probable half the people are dead they waited so many years for development.
    i would be interested in purchasing all this old film for development costs.
  23. Funny how many times people refer someone to use that company; however, I seriously doubt that anyone who recommends them has actually used their service.
  24. I can't believe there are so many stories like mine! I was actually looking for a place that I could write a bad review about this place and run across this. If anyone is researching and trying to decide to send their film to these people, PLEASE search harder for another alternative. I have been waiting for over a year (like many others) for my film to be developed. I sent many negatives to Rocky Mountain Film Lab in October 2007. After 3 months I called and they said they would contact me for payment. 3 months later I called again and they said they would contact me... you get the idea. Finally, 8 months later they called (progress!) and billed my credit card. 3 months later, I call to check on status....still priniting (whatever). Called again, and again, and again...... Either the "manager" is out of the office and doesn't return my phone call, or they are having equipment trouble, or the manager is "checking" on my order and will call me back (never calls back by the way)... you get the idea. I finally decided to call every day and talk to the manager until I get my film shipped. This has been going on for about 21/2 weeks now and is getting kind-of fun for me (ha ha). They have to be getting sick of me calling! Anyway, I called them today and she said it was in the pile of envelopes they mailed out yesterday. We'll see. I will give them a break for about 3 days to see if it comes in the mail and if it doesn't, I'll start bugging them again. I'll let everyone know if and when they do come in.
    The only advice I can give to those individuals that have already sent film to Rocky Mountain Film Lab and keep getting the run around, Call and bug the crap out of them (make sure you talk to the manager) (303) 364-6444. They will eventually get sick of your phone calls and do their job :)
  25. an update - I continued to bug the crap out of Leah or Lalaina or whomever. She kept saying she was checking in to it and would call me back as soon as she found out something. Guess what... she actually called this time. She informed me of the status of my prints, told me they would be mailed out on Friday (because of the holiday - New Year's). I have the prints & neg. in hand! I can't believe it!
    I still would not recommend this place! It takes forever to get your stuff - they have got to be way understaffed or just very unorganized!
    Those of you who are still waiting - It looks like you need to use the phone (not email) and keep calling them! Squeaky wheels get oiled first. Good luck.
  26. I have been the squeaky wheel, I've called many times and continue to get the run around, it will be two years next month for me. Don't give these people any credit. We need to put them out of business, they are destroying peoples memories. I've now filed a complaint with the BBB in Denver. Below is my complaint - I've also been informed by the Photo Marketing Association International that they are not a member, but yet show their logo on their website.
    I provided old film to be developed in February 2007. At the time they were quoting 6 months for delivery later they changed this to a year. I have now been waiting almost 2 years. I have called numerous times that they provided excuses such as equipment broken and not enough film to process and based on this provided new delivery dates. Upon missing these dates I called them just to get new dates and excuses. Also, I sent numerous Emails about delivery and NEVER received responses. I have more then tried to work with them. Their most recent commitment when they missed delivery in September 2008 was by the end of the year. Upon missing this date I called and talked to Lea and she thought it went to the post office, and would confirm and call me back that afternoon. Never heard a thing! I called again and was told she was gone, and would call me. No responses. I then call and talked to the owner Steve Dock, didn't go into the history, just ask for status. He said he would check and call me back, I tried to get him to say by when, but would not commit. He said he had 15 people ahead of me. It has now been three days and have heard nothing. Based on the complaints to the BBB, WE NEED TO PUT THIS GUY OUT OF BUSINESS!!!! They are dealing with peoples memories, and this film belongs to my mother in law and elderly lady who has cancer and may not have much longer to live. She continually asks me about the film and why we haven't received anything. Looking at the complaints on the BBB site, my problems sound identical to the problems shown. Also, he shows a logo for the Photo Marketing Association International leading you to believe he is part of this organization, I have contacted this organization, and they have told me he is NOT a member. They will be asking him to remove this logo, but it show what kind of company this is.
  27. The Hartford Ct. newspaper Courant Consumer Watchdog - George Gombassy , has posted a Blog about Rocky Mountain Film. Check it out ----
  28. More on Rocky Mountain from -

    By Deb on January 13, 2009 7:04 PM
    I have been reading the blogs on the google site for sometime now since I too am going through the same thing a lot of others are going through when it comes to Rocky Mountain Film Lab. I sent my old film on July 5, 2007. They cashed my personal check on July 11,2007 so I know they did receive it.
    The web site I read in 2007 stated it will take 6 to 12 months to process the film. I tried to be patient and did not call them until June 19, 2008 just weeks before I thought I was going to receive my prints. I was told then that they were processing moving film and had not started the photo film. I accepted that answer. June 25th I called and was told they were in the process of moving or moving things around. Again I accepted that answer. Aug. 28, 2008 I called again and was told they were processing the film but needed to put them into prints which will take another 4 to 6 weeks. Sixteen weeks went by and still no film/prints. I wrote them a e-mail on Dec. 3, 2008 and told them I almost sent them 8 other rolls of film along with the one I sent back in 2007 but am Thankfull I did not because it is easier to take to heart the feeling of being scammed out of almost $30.00 instead of almost $270.00. I told them I felt that they just tossed my film in the garbage right after my check cleared due to the fact that they state "No guarntees/No refunds. After reading their web site in 2007 and then again in 2008 I noticed they have changed things. Now they say they are not responsible if an employee loses and or damages your film along with the No guarntee/No refund policy. Another words, they are pretty well covered and anyone who sends them their film, a check, money order or credit card number is pretty well taking a big risk. I wanted to give this company the benefit of the doubt but now I too am doubting I will get my film/prints back. They did not respond to my e-mail even though I gave them 30 days to do so or I will take further action. I still didn't want to give up on this Company so I decided to take the advise of one women who said she got her prints after calling everyday. Jan. 5, 2009 I started calling them everyday and everyday they have something new to say but on Jan. 6,2009 I talked to a women named Daneen and she told me she had already developed my film type and she would find it for me and have Leah call me back. No response The last call was yesterday. They told me they were cutting the negitives and will get ahold of me when they will be sent out. If they were already developed why would they be cutting the negitives? I really don't know what is going on. Maybe they are really trying. Maybe they are really overwhelmed with more film then their company can handle. I can't say. All I can say is it has been a year and a half since I sent in my one roll of film to be developed along with a personal check and have not got anything back from them. I feel for the people in other countries who can't call everyday. Time will tell. I hope they are on the up and up. Deb
  29. Update -
    Continuing to contact Rock Mountain Film, it was only after saying I would be providing a complaint to the BBB (which I did) did I finally receive a call back. I believe it was the owner, Steve Dock. He stated that he had found my film, which, after almost two years, was still awaiting processing, and that upon examining it, there was no film in the can. As I stated before, I was at his mercy, and certainly cannot say without a shadow of a doubt that there was film in the container. I honestly don't know. But having myself developed film in the past, it is hard for me to believe that I would not have turned the cylinder to see if I could hear film inside. I think the feel of it turning with film and without film would feel different, and one would know if film was inside the can or not. Wouldn't one also believe upon opening the package with the film that they would have realized it was an empty can? After all the excuses and run around, it is truly hard to believe anything they say. He, Mr Dock, said he would provide a refund, and I waited to see if I would receive that prior to providing this update. He also returned an empty film can, which was unopened, I can't say for sure that this is the original can.
    That is my story, even though he has returned my money, that does not excuse this company of all the run around they have done over the past two years.
    I continue with my recommendation that no one should use their services as they have shown themselves to be very unreliable. I did see a comment on line that there is another company doing this processing and I think that that company should be tried.
    Below is update on someone's experience who was finally successful in receiving her film back. Does anyone want to do daily calling to get a company to do what they promised in good faith? Not me!
    By Deb on January 26, 2009 6:06 PM
    This is an update on Rocky Mountain Film Lab.
    Today I received my film/prints. I was so excited. It did take over a year and a half but after taking the advise of the women in the other blog about calling them everyday seemed to work.
    I haven't decided who I will have develop the other 8 rolls but now that I know they turned out I will, by all means get the others developed. It was very heart warming to look at old almost forgotten memories for the very first time.
    Good Luck to the rest of you. I really hope everyone gets their film and I hope it doesn't take as long as it did me and all the others who are still waiting and have been waiting way longer then me. My heart goes out to all of you cause I do know what you are going through.
    That Company needs to do something to get their customers film out to them much much sooner. Deb
  30. Continuing my comment from Aug 2008. Now 20 months since my film was received by them...I called today and asked to "check the status of my film that has been there more than a year and a half". I was put on hold longer than I previously was when calling and Leah has promised that it will be in Friday's mail. Sounds like they just wait to develop it until you start calling repeatedly. Not a good way to do business. I still am not holding my breath.
  31. Well, I sent these idiots 6 rolls of old undeveloped film 2.5 years ago! I've been calling every so often and keep getting the same excuses as the rest of you. However last fall they started telling me they had been developed but were awaiting transfer to DVD. Before Christmas they even told me they had been shipped. But that didn't happen. Then I had a somewhat contentious phone call in January but let it go in hopes they'd do something. I called on Monday and they said it would be out by Friday and that they would call. I won't hold my breath either. If I don't get it next week, I'll be filing a complaint with the BBB and I may contact some local media in Boulder to see if they know anything about this company. Argh...
    Wendy, did you get anything yet?
  32. I sent a roll of Extachrome film to them in May of 2007 and still do not have my photos back. I have made numerous calls to them about it. I have been given all sorts of excuses as to why they are not finished.
    First I was told (after about 8 months) that they had not received enough orders to begin processing the film.
    I called about 6 months later (about 1 year now) and was told the SAME story.
    I called back at about 18 months in and was told they were beginning the process within about 1 or 2 months.
    I then called last May (now 2 years waiting) and was told the film was processed and waiting for prints. They refused to give me a date they would be finished.
    I called back in late June and was told the same story. I asked if my negatives could just be sent back and they agreed. I never got them.
    I called again in July this year. I was told that they said they would call me as soon as they pulled the negatives; yet they agreed to send them to me the last time I called.
    I called today and low and behold they have no records that I called about getting the negatives. She stated that my film was developed AND that the prints were being retouched. I don't get it? I was so upset about this I asked for the owner to call me....we will see.
    I already went through the BBB and they failed to respond. So their reputation (in my opinion) is poor. I even wonder if they really developed my film.
  33. Update: I did end up filing a BBB complaint earlier this year. It did no good. They didn't respond to the complaint and all BBB apparently does is send a couple of letters then close the case if they don't hear from the company. Argh. I then ended up actually talking to the owner, Steve Dock, back in June. He said he was handed my order and that 5 of the 6 rolls had been developed and transferred to DVD. He didn't know when the 6th would be done. So I asked him to send me what they had done. He agreed to do that...NOT! He also complained that he had been wasting a lot of time responding BBB complaint letters. I call BS on that one since he didn't respond to mine at all. What gall. Anyway, I gave him a couple of weeks to send out what he had and as of Oct. 11, I have NOTHING! I have called at least a dozen times since July and leaving messages for this guy to no avail. I have never dealt with a company this unresponsive to its customers. Unbelievable. I really can't help but think that this whole thing is a scam to steal money from unsuspecting people. ARGH!!
    Does anyone reading this live in or near Aurora, CO? It would be nice to hear from someone who has actually gone there recently. At this point I'm thinking of sending a letter to the Colorado Attorney General's office. It's been 3 long years...........
  34. Boy-lots of complaints -- but I have to agree with Deb. It may take along time-but the memories are worth it. Film that no one else does-Memories forgotten in a drawer -I saw faces!!
    thanks to RMFL-just send it in return receipt and you will know they got it
  35. Good luck Laura. You will probably never get anything back though and be incredibly frustrated in the meantime. I think there are a couple of other actually reputable companies that do this work too. You may to do some searches.
  36. Thank you everyone for your warning on Rocky Mountain Film. I was about to send some ECNII to them, but then stumbled on your comments. (Due to a typo while googling them.)
    After about 2 hours of research I found 2 labs that will process ECN2 film. I have yet to send to either one, but I feel confident in getting results back.
    Thanks again, everyone!
    • The Camera Shop
      25 7th Ave. S.
      St. Cloud, MN 56301
    • Film Rescue International
      255 Main St
      Fortuna, ND 58844
      (also have a Canadian address - see website)
  37. FINAL UPDATE: Well, it's a Christmas miracle! I actually got my order back today. The results were lousy, and pretty much nonexistent for 2 of the film rolls, but it's probably just because they were old and not stored like they should have been. At least I know RMFL does process film. I was certainly starting to doubt it. I don't recommend sending them anything though. This took over 3 freakin' years and numerous phone calls. Their owner doesn't know the meaning of customer service at all. The other people who answer the phone seem nice enough, but they don't have the authority to do much. So that's the end of it. Next time I have any kind of film processing or transfer done, I'll do a lot more research first!
  38. Wow... I'm glad I found this before I sent in the 19 disc film's to RMFL that I recently found in the back of my closet. Lol I think I'll continue to look around & find another company that can develop these.
  39. Well, I am back as it has been since September since I last posted here. I still have NOT received my developed film. I tried to call them today but was directed strait to voice mail that "was full" and told to call back later.
    I do NOT recommend anyone using this service. They have had my film for almost 3 years and that is far more than enough time to process it. The last 3 times I was able to contact someone I was told my film was devolped and awaiting processing of prints. I even asked for the devolped film rather than prints and told they would get it out whithin a week...that never happened.
    BE FOREWARNED. I lost about 28 bucks over this. Boy am I glad that is all. Why would anyone use this companies services?
  40. Hello Everyone-
    I was just on Google attempting to find the owner of Rocky Mountain Film. Reason is that I can never reach anyone at the company and have no idea where my film is that I sent them almost two years ago. Also was hoping to confirm they were a legitimate company.
    As you can imagine, I was disappointed to stumble upon this posting. As soon as I read the title I smacked myself in the head for not doing research on this company prior to entrusting them with a roll of film that may mean the world to my family.

    To clarify, I lost my older brother when a drunk driver struck him while walking 10 years ago. When I was going through an old bag of his belongings I found a roll of film in a camera from our childhood. I recall how many pictures we used to take of each other and our sister...all having fun together. My parents and sister were shocked to hear about this roll of film and we have been waiting on pins and needles to see what was on the roll.
    J. Raabe thank you for starting this trail all the way back in 2003. Scary to find they are still in business stealing from people. While writing this I contacted the Denver Better Business Bureau to submit a complaint and learned they have an “F” rating.

    Here is the owner’s information:
    Steven K. Dock
    (303) 366-8222
    727 S. Nome Street
    Aurora, CO 80012-3246
    Another address I found:
    560 Geneva Street
    Aurora, CO 80010-4305

    Kind Regards,
    R. Sabine
  41. I have been searching for my film also. I sent them 8 rolls in Sept 2008. They debited my account immediatly. I still have not recieved my film back or a refund of money. I have talked to them at least seven times over the course of two years. I am now in the process of filing police reports. I have spoken to the town business liscencing and they also have not been able reach them also. They no longer have a current liscence. The previous address in this blog is the owners home address. I am a professional photogrpaher and sent customers film to them! Needless to say I am the one in trouble!!!
    Does anyone live out that way???
  42. For what it's worth and we have been mentioned a couple of times here, we process all of the films that RM did and are a member of the BBB in good standing. We understand the importance of these lost and found vintage unprocessed film. The significance of them can be the last new glimpse a family member may have of a long lost loved one. We take that very seriously.
    Sorry if this is considered spam. I felt it would be mutually beneficial.
    Greg Miller
  43. I, too, made the mistake of sending film to RMFL for processing -- almost two years ago. After several attempts (by phone, email, and federal express) to get a response, I got none. I filed a BBB complaint. No response to that either. So, I filed suit in April, 2010. I'm an attorney, so that's easy for me. I had Steven Dock personally served at home. And guess what? A package arrived this week from RMFL. However, only the negatives were sent. No print. No DVD (though I ordered and paid for it). No refund either. So, the suit will continue. I'm suing him for, among other things, fraud. This guy should be run out of business.
  44. I just talked to Steve the owner of RMFL and he states that all the film sent is still in the office but for some reason he is unable to get into the building. I didn't press him for more info as I was very happy to finally get someone on the phone after months of no answer at RMFL.
    Thanks to the other poster (R. Sabine) for giving Steve the owners phone number and to Joseph A Kidd, please let me know your details so I can use your services on getting some action on my film. If there is any one with more info please let me know at:
    I don't know why things are the way they are with Steve. I didn't want to press too much as he seemed to be trying to honestly get it done... I'm still hoping that he will send my film back.
  45. After having conducted a search of Colorado Court records, it appears that Mr. Dock is no stranger to lawsuits in the recent past:
    • 2010 (4/23) – Sued by Bert and Brook Davidson in Small Claims court. Case is currently pending.
    • 2009 (09/17) – Sued by Landmark Western, LLC for Forcible Entry and Detainer. This kind of lawsuit is filed to force a non-paying tenant out of real estate occupied by the tenant. Landmark Western is a property manager and broker for commercial and residential real estate in Colorado.
    • 2009 (09/08) – Sued by Wells Fargo Bank NA for what appears to be Colorado’s version of Foreclosure. (Rule 120 Deeds of Trust Action). An order of some kind was issued on 09/18/09 upon a motion to authorize sale.
    I'll let you all draw your own conclusions about why Mr. Dock can't get into his building.
  46. Thanks for the update Joseph.... wish you didn't dig deeper :(.
    Lance you beat me to the punch in calling Steve. I just called his home number and to my surprise he answered. We spoke for 10 minutes. He says he was forced to stop his operation due to a few compliants that reached the Colorado Attorney Generals office. He said a few people have stated he is running a fraud. He states he simply got behind in processing film and took on more than he could handle. His machines weren't set up ready, yada, yada, yada. Processing film for Katrina really put him behind and created a snowball effect. HUH, I didn't get this one but maybe that is the typical line scammers use?
    He has no access to the building as he has been locked out. In the next few weeks he "should" have answer from attorney if he can get back in. He is hoping to open back up and process all the film before end of year. If he can't get back in business he said worst case scenario he will get all the film and place it in storage.
    Told him at the very least to post a message on his website stating the truth, keeping customers in the loop, so we are all not stuck wondering what's going on.
    For a fraudster he sure seemed low key but I guess that's what makes him so good at stealing.
    In summary, those like me waiting on getting their film I think we are screwed.

    Going forward, if anyone has any new information please post.
  47. Thanks for the update, RS. I guess my first inclination is not to believe him. Period. About anything. But I know he is telling the truth about complaints being made to the Colorado AG because I made one myself (as well as complaint to the Federal Trade Commission). The story about the AG shutting down his business is easily verifiable. I sent an email to their office today asking them to confirm any actions they are, or have already, taken against Dock and his business. Given the recent foreclosure action, however, I'm very, very doubtful. If the AG had shut down his business, why would the website still be operational? Doesn't make sense. I will let you know what the AG has to say.
  48. What doesn't make sense is that Joseph A Kidd got his film back when they're supposed to be 'locked up'. Seems to me that Steve is able to reach the film if he really wants to. Steve advised me to send RMFL an e-mail inquiring about the status of my film. I have done so but as of yet heard nothing back. I would be interested in getting a legal firm to serve Steve as Joseph has done. If anyone would like to ride along with me, let me know.
  49. More research, more bad news. The Colorado AG may or may not be after Mr. Dock, but the IRS certainly is. On April 7, the IRS filed an action in federal court to seize all of his assets and sell them to pay his delinquent taxes. According to affidavits filed in the case, Mr. Dock owes the IRS over $50,000 for unpaid taxes going back to 2004. I have copies of all court filings and will share them with anyone who wants to see them.
  50. It appears from Arapahoe County real estate records that the Well Fargo litigation is a foreclosure action for Mr. Dock's personal residence on Nome street. The property is scheduled to be sold at a county auction on May 19, 2010.
  51. I WANT MY ROLLS OF FILM BACK!! I am looking for the link to the attorney handling this case. I sent two rolls of film to them 2 years ago and through many calls and many no return calls I am sick to learn of this. Now, I live in MD and I want my rolls of film back. I want to be able to get in touch with whoever is handling this case so I (and I suspect many others) can get their undeveloped film back. Sure, I am out 80 dollars but I am out more than that if I cannot get my film back. If anyone has any information to the attorney I can reach I would greatly appreciate it. FYI..I have tried to send emails to RMFL and they too are not going through. I have two very sentimental rolls of film of military nature and I would be happy to pay someone else to develop them. I just want them developed and my film DOES NOT belong to RMFL. Therefore it cannot be sold! It is mine..and I want it back. Sincerely, Kayleen Edwards.
  52. I apologize to those whose film has taken longer than expected. Unfortunately, I have let a number of people down by not getting results as quickly as I had planned. It makes me feel depressed to read the posts here. I have been processing these old films since they were current and my first priority has always been to get the best results possible. I appreciate the patience of those who have been waiting and understand why people have gotten frustrated. If our positions were reversed I would certainly feel the same.

    I am not going to make excuses: I failed in meeting the very reasonable demands of my clients and did not keep the promises I made. There is no excuse for the lack of communication and failure to deliver on time. I have unsuccessfully tried to manage this situation in a timely and appropriate manner. I am receiving assistance with the business side of matters so that I can focus on what I do best which is getting the memories from forgotten films.

    I will post updates on Please know that I will do my best to learn from my mistakes and not allow them to repeat in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

  53. One big mistake you have made Steve is NOT keeping your clients informed! I have gone two years with only two phone calls! I spoke to Leah 6 months ago who told me she had her hand on my film (quite personally) and that they were in the process of being developed and I would have them in a month or later. That was 6 months ago. I have made well over 20 calls in the last 4 months only being able to leave two message. I have gotten not one return call! I have left you and your company my name, number, address and all ways possible to reach me yet nobody has done so! Leaving me hanging here has been a horrible experience. No business should do that. You could have at least called back and been upfront about the matter of my film. It is sickening to learn all about your company AFTER THE FACT on a Google search. Okay, I am saddened you are going through a rough time in your life but can you PLEASE SEND ME MY FILM BACK!!!!! Can you at least make GOOD on something???
  54. Steve, you make a very heart felt statement above mine and then you direct everyone to your website/news.htm leading us all to believe you are going to tell us something important about your business and perhaps information on where our film is and the process of it. So, after reading your apologies I go to your website thinking I will further read more apologies on the delay of processed film and I get this...apparently another DISCLAIMER passing off any damage to film on the UPS or USPS. Well you already have my two rolls of film and I WANT IT BACK!!! It is clear you have not nor have any intentions of developing it...after two years! You have had your chance. Now, send it back to me! You have my address and if you need it again please take a second of your time to ask me for it! Good grief is that too much to ask?? I AM SO FRUSTRATED WITH YOU AND YOUR COMPANY!!!! For anyone is the big news Steve has posted on his website.

    Shipping Information

    We've moved to 11801 E 33rd Ave Ste A, Aurora, CO 80010 USA.
    Sending your film to Rocky Mountain Film via the US Mail is still safe. We recommend indicating in large type the contents of your package as "Undeveloped Photographic Materials" along with "Do Not X ray".
    For the most recent update from the USPS, click HERE.
    US Mail to be sterilized: Implications for Kodak and the photo industry
    To protect public health and ensure confidence in the US Mail system, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is installing new equipment to sanitize certain items sent through the mail. While various sanitizing technologies can damage film and other sensitive materials, the USPS has issued the following statement:

    "The USPS is working with the mailing industry to develop procedures to ensure that sanitization of the mail will not damage sensitive items in the mail. Sanitization technology is currently being tested on a wide range of film products, digital and magnetic storage devices, laboratory samples, food and plant products, and "smart" credit cards with embedded chips to ensure that all business mail can be safely processed through the postal system."

    Therefore, based upon this statement and upon other information from USPS shared with Kodak and the photo industry, it appears that current photographic commerce in all its forms will be unaffected.
    Kodak will issue further statements as new information becomes available. © Eastman Kodak Company, 1994-2001.
  55. Nice of Mr. Dock to acknowledge his unhappy customers with such nice words. But how many empty words has Mr. Dock given us? Sadly, too many. Frankly, I wish he would spend his time trying to process film or respond personally to the complaints of his customers instead of making grandiose website proclamations of his good intentions. Talk is cheap. If Mr. Dock is serious about what he says, then he needs to shut down his website until he clears the backlog. Until he does that he is still misleading people, still taking their money for services he can't provide.
    I talked to the Colorado Attorney General's Office today and to the Colorado Department of Revenue. They tell me that the state of Colorado has not shut down his business. I'm guessing the IRS did.
    Here's a copy of one of the filings:
  56. For those that are concerned about never getting their film back I can't say for sure one way or another but I know Steve Doc and though we too have had some issues with RMFL, he doesn't strike me as a bad person. I still believe that people will eventually get their film back and I do believe the essentials of his explanation. For what it's worth, we're available to help and are open to ideas. Maybe things could be diffused with as little harm as possible to all parties.
    Greg Miller
    Film Rescue International
  57. May 15th 2010 The RMFL website has vanished (just like my film). There must be hundreds of people who have been ripped off and simply want their film back. Since the biz has been taken, some third party will have our property. Common sense says that they'd return what is obviously not theirs especially since it should be a responsible gov body. Any ideas on who to contact to claim our film? Would like to get on the list of ripped off customers.
  58. On Wednesday, May 12, Steven Dock (without an attorney) filed a letter in his IRS case asking the court to order the IRS to give him an complete inventory of the property they seized and to order the IRS to pay the rent on his facility. The order was denied the next day for being out of compliance with the federal rules of civil procedure. It is difficult to fight the IRS even with a good attorney, but nearly impossible to do without one.
    The website was up on Thursday morning at 11:00 Eastern. I'm just speculating, but maybe he took it down when he got the court's order.
    If you are one of the unfortunate people with their film still with RMFL, let me know and I will try to help.
  59. Here is the order denying Dock's motion:
  60. I sent several hundred slides to Steve and yes it took a very, very long time. However I was more then satisfied with my product. He gave me much more then we agreed on for no extra charge. I spoke to him many times and i truly believe Steve is a good man with good intensions and you will get your film back. Can anyone imagine how he is feeling right now? Good luck, I do think he'll come throgh and I hope your cases all trun out as mine did.
  61. Steve Dock and Rocky Mountain Film Lab make the news!
  62. I sent 9 rolls of 40 yr. old film to these people over 26 months ago, at a cost of nearly $340, which was debited from my credit card immediately. I am not a photographer, so I relied on advice that the company was highly reputable. I waited a year before I started phoning about my order. Now, many phone calls later, and after hearing all the same excuses as other posters have mentioned, I fear all is lost! The last conversation in March 2010 told me that "all my film had been converted to disc, some had been printed", and that "if I needed faster service" they could send me the completed discs immediately and I could take them to Wal-mart for printing. Upon replying that this was not acceptable since they already has my money, I was told to "wait a couple of months more". Is there any hope of rescuing ANY of this?
  63. Here I used Rocky Mountain Film Lab years ago to process our customers old C22 stuff.
    I have not sent them any film probably in 5 years; thus did not get into many folks here's wait or lost films.
    I use to develop folks old C22 in B&W and print it; before using RMFL. One has to deal with customers old films that they hope will have masterpiece lost images; when often is is blanks; double exposures a bunch of junk. Then they do not wait to pay you if it is over the counter. It got to be I only wanted to deal with known customers; it was a massive headache. It is a great business if one wants to be a punching bag; or get sworn at; or have folks not want to pick up the work if duds. It is more fun to clean out a sewer with one hands than deal with the few poor customers.
    Thus here I dropped the whole "old film rescue" service due to burnout. In the C22 days one would have to collect enough rolls to make mixing a kit up worth while. It might take 2 to 4 months the make a batch worth while and one would spend more time dealing with antsy customers. One could tell somebody it would take 2 to 4 months and then then call you every week. It is a great service if you want badgering; or to constantly explain why one cannot do the task in 1/4 the time quoted.
    Hopefully the IRS will not chuck out the folks film here.
    Even in camera repair this type of decline has happened. The repair chap gets behind; parts are hard to find; ones eyes get poorer. A friend had this happened. The coffee and donuts crowd want instant updates; emails; and one has a camera with screws all corroded and they are still stuck. It can be a thankless job. Towards the end my friend would spend 3/4 his time with customers wanting updates on items that were a mess to work on; corroded messes where it one broke the corroded screw the entire job became worse.
    Thus as labs and repair shops close the stuff can get lost in the shuffle; or not fixed. It really has little source of new blood; one has a declining market and folks with high expectations all pumped up on coffee and donuts.
    What if that dying lab or dying repair shop gets auctioned off?
    Will the new owner really want to sort out a zoo of unknown stuff; or just chuck it like a doctors old records?

    In printing a new owner of a print shop often dumps all unknown stuff into the dumpster. On can have records stored from Jones and Smith; but now they are not partners. Thus both fight over the "stuff" like in a divorce; a massive mess.
  64. Does anyone know who I need to call for the IRS seizing all this property? I am not going to lie down easily and I will continue to call Aurora, CO and chew the ear off of anyone who is willing to listen! There has to be some kind of law protecting all of our property???
  65. There's a lot of speculation going on here. Just to clear the air a little bit, there are behind the scene discussions going on and I'm confident that these precious films are not going to end up in a dumpster. One way or another at this point I'm fairly confident someone will be developing these films. It's too early to give details as none have been worked out and there is so much up in the air. I have talked with the Doc family and tossing these in a dumpster is something I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let happen and given the opportunity neither would we.
    Greg Miller
    Film Rescue International
  66. I echo Greg's sentiments. I know everyone is upset about the unfortunate circumstances Steve Dock has caused, but I am cautiously optimistic that things will work out for RMFL customers. I urge everyone to be patient just a little while longer.
  67. Here's the latest news I've received from Mr. Kevin White who is the irs agent handling Mr. Docks case. Mr. Dock will be picking up the film property that may belong to customers. Mr. White is only able to release this property to Mr. Dock at this time. We can assume that we will have our property back shortly after Friday, May 21. That is if Mr. Dock does the right thing. But at least we can hope...
    Mr. Dock, Please return our films, processed or not.

    If you have any questions concerning this, Mr White's details are as follows:
  68. Greg;
    The point about the dumpster is that *if* there is an auction of assets; or a businesses "stuff" is sold ; stuff can disappear. It does happen.

    I have bought stuff from a lab that got closed down and found stuff still in file cabinets; in boxes by scanners; folks negatives still in the flatbeds holders. Stuff still undeveloped . A lab tried to sell me a printer and scanner that turned out to still be under lease for cash; thus one can have a business assets going out the door before the doors are closed; and the lease company now has to try to repo assets one bought without clear title.
    Here I have many cublic feet of rolls of film; negatives; prints that will probably someday go into a landfill when I croak. Its the "unknown stuff" that came with the scanners; printer; laminator, file cabinets that I got in an auction and some from the leasing company. I ran an local advert and had a note at one of my counters and I think maybe 1 or 2 rolls or negatives got back to the original owners.
    Unless there is a caring human in the loop a businesses stuff from another factory; from an auction; from a downsizing or moving can be lost and fragmented. The new person may be less of a packrat; or not want to deal with a zoo of stuff from the old group.
    If Mr Dock can still be involved the chances of folks stuff getting back to them radically rise.
    If another persons deals with the stuff; they may NOT know that say for example that Kayleens stuff is 3 rolls of 126 C22 stuff from DisneyWorld; or that Joe's stuff is a baseball game in 127; or Johns stuff is Bantum/828.
    ***** Thus *ANY* extra info that can be passed on in a letter or request *helps* match the wayward stuff to back to you.
    I would imagine the reason his web site is up is equipment is being sold off:
    They moved less than 1 year ago
    May 2010

    We apologize for the delays in processing of films. We still have your film. We recently moved and are in a period of re-organization. We are not able to offer a specific answer regarding your film. Thank you for your patience. We will provide updates on our progress as they become available.
  69. Some news from Mr. Dock concerning our film would be appreciated. Since the 21st of May he has been given back our film from the irs. Mr. Dock, could you please inform us if in fact you have our film and what you plan to do with it. I don't care at this point if the film has been processed, I just want it back. If I have to pay for postage to get it back, I will. Mr Dock. PLEASE enlighten us.
  70. I got a phone call yesterday from a Leah of RMFL and she said they DO have my film and understand that I want it sent back. She said they will do their best to send it back to me. At least this time I wasn't told it is in the times before. She left a lengthy message on my phone and I wish that was one call I would have been able to take. I certainly hope they do right by their customers and send all the film back!
  71. No news at all from Steve concerning the film I've been trying to get back for years. Nothing. Steve if you're reading this, the film is under the name Stefanie Schneider. SEND BACK IMMEDIATELY!
  72. Dear Mr. Dock,
    You may not be aware, but I have attempted several times to reach your son, Jon, as your personal representative, to discuss with him a proposal for an amicable resolution of my lawsuit against you, which would serve your customers as well. My attempts to contact your son were in vain. Thus, I am writing to you in this open forum with the hope that you might read this.
    Please know that I am principally motivated to get some measure of justice for all of your customers affected by the apparent closing of Rocky Mountain Film Lab. You promised us service, which you failed to deliver. Given the IRS action and recent past litigation, your ability to make us whole is in doubt. You are in possession of significant amounts of film without apparent means to return or process the film, or refund amounts paid to you for services, which you cannot render. That is a sad state of affairs, indeed, but not one entirely incapable of some partial resolution. To that end, I propose the following terms:
    1. You will provide to Film Rescue International a complete inventory of all unprocessed film, including customer contact information.
    2. Film Rescue International will attempt to contact the customers based on the information on the list and offer to process the film at a significantly discounted rates and on certain terms and conditions.
    3. Film Rescue International will identify those customers who wish them to process their film, and you will release the film to Film Rescue International. We will work out the logistics for this element of the agreement.
    4. You will assign your rights, title and interest in your web domain and telephone number to Film Rescue International, and will use your best efforts to assist them in communicating with your former customers.
    5. I will dismiss my lawsuit against you.
    6. Film Rescue International will forgive your indebtedness from a prior transaction.
    I believe this proposal serves your interests resolving the logistical and financial problems you face in attempting to return film to the rightful owners, ending our litigation, and satisfying your outstanding obligations to Film Rescue International.
    Above all, however, the interests of your customers are served by allowing them to get their film finally processed.
    Please contact me directly or through a representative to discuss this proposal. You have my contact information.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best regards,
    Joseph A. Kidd
  73. Joe; will another business (FRI) want to take on another's (RMFL)losses and messy unknown obligations and deal with it?
    What if there are 1000 folks who all claim they already paid; and it requires 10 to 50k to find; catalog; develop; print and mail their stuff?
    Are folks here willing to pay a 3rd party who takes on this debt another 10 to 50 bucks each per 1000 folks?
    If RMFL went under it might be like many other labs and printers get its old "stuff" gets sold at the auction. The folks who buy this "stuff" look for assets; not liabilities.
    If there was not enough cash flow to finish off the work in progress and a Lab goes under; unless there is a human in the loop who knows "what is what" stuff can be tossed; or a mess
    The new owner might not want to open up Pandora's Box 1000 times.
    One might have paid jobs that require each hundreds to develop and print; paid for in 2007 and the new owner may not want to take on this huge debt. I have seen at print shop were the new buyer says they have no obligations to old stuff; and the pesky stuff all goes into dumpsters.
    THere is a massive unknown if the "stuff" is all organized; or a massive mess; ie the new owner is at a loss.
    Probably RMFL's prices have been too low; thus not enough cash buffer for the recession . The owner Steve probably got overwelmed and needed more help but could not afford it. Folks here are assuming that RMFL has the manpower to sort out the backlog. The poor chaps might be on fumes and overwelmed in a sea of backlog.
    It is a bad situation.
  74. In response to Kelly and anyone else that might be interested.
    As I have mentioned to Joe Kidd, doing the work is not the problem - it's the logistical and administrative nightmare that might be involved in getting this work done.
    We have little doubt that pretty much all of RMFL clients have already made a significant payment to has been duly noted by other posters here that RMFL had received payment from them already. We understand this and have been working out an approach to this work to impact the clients as insignificantly as possible, still manage to cover our costs and do a decent job of it all at the same time. To our advantage and a significant detail on what kind of price we will be able to offer, will be RMFL agreeing to relinquishing their rights, title and interest in their web domain and telephone number as mentioned in Joe Kidd's post. As direct competitors to RMFL this of course will be an asset leaving only Rapid Photo in the USA and Process C-22 in the UK in competition for this work.
    Of course anyone that is willing to step into this will be looking for assets and perhaps there will be another company out there that will be interested in not only the existing work but also in the physical assets of RMFL which could be the better deal from RMFL’s standpoint. I have a good deal of confidence in our abilities and experience. I am not aware of another provider that could simply step in and serve the client as well as we will be able to. Before any such deal with another provider is struck, it is our intention to make it public what the client's option would be with us, should we have the opportunity to do this work.
    While we are not yet willing to make an announcement on the price that we will be offering to the Rocky Mountain refugees, at this point it is our intention to be fully guaranteeing the still film work, no detectable image no charge and to have a hugely discounted price for the motion picture clients who’s films do not turn out. In our opinion having these guarantees are essential to having the confidence of the client that we will be doing our best to do this work properly. One caveat to this will be how the film was stored during it’s stay at RMFL. We keep careful records of how each type of film trends in a given process and should these films be significantly out of trend we may have to reconsider our approach to this. Like you said…it could be a real mess. This we don’t deny but making an effort in this could not only be a good thing for us, it’s also the right thing to do.
    All this said, the best case scenario for the client would be that RMFL does manage to reorganize and get this work done properly and out their door at no extra cost to the client.
    Film Rescue International enjoys a very good reputation and it is not without reason. Maintaining this reputation through both the negotiations with RMFL and possibly carrying out this work for clients that wish us to, will be a huge issue for us. Our dealings with the Rocky Mountain refugees will be honest and transparent should this come to fruition.
  75. Mr. Dock,
    I have read everyone's posts on here and have done my best to keep on top of the issues. You have only posted once and I think to solve further speculation of what is going on it would be greatly appreciated if you would tell us..answer these questions please: 1. Is each individuals film documented by name and address? Or, how is your film cataloged to know who it belongs to? 2. I speak for myself here, it was my understanding that the money had to be paid upfront which is what I have done. According to all the reports I have read as well as your instructions for sending film you require money to be sent along with the film. So, in the argument Kelly makes about people claiming to have paid cannot be contested because anyone who sent you film would have had to pay upfront per your requirements. Is this true? 3. It is very clear that some just want there film back, speaking for myself I am willing to cut my losses on the money I sent you if I can just get my film back. Is this even an option for me? 4. Do you even have our film or did you just spend the money and throw the film in the trash? 5. If it is true that you are going through litigation then who can I contact to JUST get my film back? I am not interested in hanging you out to dry or taking you to the cleaners..I JUST want my film back and given the fact you have already been paid I think this is a very legitimate fair offer. Now, would you please answer these questions? Please.
  76. After finding two old rolls of film at my Dad's place after he passed away, a local phography shop in Virgina reccommended Rocky Mountain Film. I sent the film to them in September 2008. Nearly two years later, after multiple phone calls, they've told me different stories: January 2009: "not scheduled to be developed yet". October 2009: "Film is developed but still need to make prints. Having machine problems. Will be ready by the end of the year". December 2009: "Has been developed. Still need a few months". April 2010: "Unexpected delays, need a few more months". May 2010: Answering machine said they could not accept messages, and are not able to give status on film". In April I asked them to simply return the film, or negatives if it really had been developed; they said they'd get back to me in a few days... which never happend. They sure cashed that check fast in 2008; I just want my film back, and never mind the lost money. These guys are bad operators.
  77. 303-366-8222
    This is the phone number for Steve Dock.
  78. This company continues to maintain a phone number and a website and continues to solicit new work and collect payment for work they are obviously unable to do. How is this possible? People should be filing complaints here...
    Having talked with the post office, should RMFL be charged with mail fraud, the post office would move in, and return the packages to the original sender where possible.
    Even the threat of mail fraud should be a good push in getting RM to make some kind move in the right direction. Mail fraud is a very serious business.
  79. I, too, sent movie film to these people and for 2 years and 2 months, they NEVER called me, it was me always calling them. They were having equipment "problems" back in 5-09 and now when I called last week, they were still having "problems". They never called me back when they said they would. I finally got an order number out of them after 2 years. I finally just hung on them last week and got the credit card company to give me back my money, although, I doubt I will ever see my film again. I didnt tell them that I got a refund from the cc company, if they would call me back, I would tell them. I am going to file a BBB report on them and whatever else I can do to make sure no one does business with them again. Although, after I read this forum, I am wondering how they are STILL in business!!! I just wish I would have found this sooner, I would have never bothered with them.
  80. Count me among the victims here. On the recommendation of Samy's camera here in L.A., I sent a roll of Kodachrome II to RMFL in June of 2009 and have tried emailing and phoning to follow up. I'll continue to pursue this individually (via phone, email, and registered mail), but if there's any kind of collective action we can take, or if the IRS or Film Rescue International is able to aid in restitution, please post instructions here. I've not given up yet and want to take any action I can to try to get my film back.
    Thanks to Jason and the others who have done so much work on this already.
  81. Today the court awarded me a judgment against Steven Dock in the amount of $4700. I would forego the money if Mr. Dock would just put the film into responsible hands as I have proposed.
  82. "Today the court awarded me a judgment against Steven Dock in the amount of $4700."
    What, in effect, does that mean? I've been waiting for my film for two years. BBB complaints are a waste of time other than for warning others. Filed a compliant with Colorado AG office.
  83. S Mark: If you read all of the threads I've posted above, you'll see that I sued Steve Dock when he failed to perform the promised services or return the film upon my request. Today, the case went to hearing and the court awarded me damages ($4,700) for my claims based on legal theories of breach of contract and fraud. I can't give you any legal advice with respect to your situation, but when someone promises you something and doesn't deliver, then you may have a cause of action to sue upon, and get damages, just as I did.
  84. I read all the threads.
    Specifically, do you expect to see any money? I could sue, but is it realistic to expect to receive the monetary award or my film?
    Also, how is it his site remains published?
    Can criminal charges could be filed against Dock?
    Did you determine if his house was sold?
  85. S Mark: The question is not whether I expect to see any money. The question is what should Steven Dock expect now that I have a judgment. The answer to that question is that he should expect that I will pursue him until either I collect my judgment or he returns the films to his customers or to Film Rescue as I have proposed. Filing a lawsuit against Dock was easy and inexpensive for me because I know how to do such things. I understand it would be difficult for some people to do. I encourage you to investigate bringing an action through the small claims division of a local court in your community. Small claims actions are uncomplicated and easy for non-lawyers to use.
    I don't know how he continues to solicit business through his website. Based on what we know about the IRS seizure of equipment, I don't know how he intends to perform the services. I'm not a criminal defense attorney, prosecutor, or law enforcement officer, so I don't know that constitutes a crime. But I do hope that law enforcement will investigate him and bring charges if appropriate. To that end if you are not a resident of Colorado, you might want to contact your own state's Attorney General to complain, and also follow up with the postal authorities. The more people that complain, the more likely action will be taken.
    Steven Dock has received an extension on his home until July 28, 2010. Personally, I hope he gets to keep his home so that I can file a lien against it for the amount of my judgment. That's one sure way to collect.
  86. Does it matter what any of us say about these dismissive people? I wonder because they are STILL in business!
    Lea just brushes you off and you almost feel like you are about to be 'told off'! My film has been there over a year. Initially, Lea said, 4-6 months. I check in a 4, 5 and 6 months. Then she said 3 to 6 months more. i followed the same schedule. She FINALLY blurted out that it takes almost a year and I should call when the 12 months were completed. I did! Why didn't they say that up front!
    Then this guy, (the owner?) gave me a 'gentle' lecture about how these things take more than a year sometimes, and I am not the only one waiting for film to be transferred and returned! So, I suppose I am being unreasonable?! I have a feeling that these people have taken my $48.00 plus shipping and DUMPED my film in a trash barrel. They act like low-life low-class con artists.
    A simple courtesy card would have been nice to advise me of their progress. However, it is a joke to call there and hear this professional and friendly sounding answering message by LEA to leave your message, then abruptly, "GOODBYE!" and hangs up on you! They have to be laughing at all of us.
    Why doesn't Dateline NBC or some consumer program do a story and shut these people down. it almost feels like emotional abuse when you are waiting on your family history to be returned and they act like you are asking too much...ADDING.."WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO DO THIS IN THE COUNTRY!" Sounds like a business opportunity for someone out there who can truly serve the people with a good heart! Next phrase must be, "So, F*** off!" Has anyone prevailed against these people? Will I ever get my film back?
  87. RMFL ignores BBB complaints. I know from first hand experience. Look at the BBB file on them. My advice: don't waste your time with BBB.
    You can try some of the other government agencies (FTC, AG, USPS), but I wouldn't count on the government to come through for you.
    If you REALLY, REALLY want your film back here are 2 ways to do it:
    1. File a lawsuit seeking equitable relief in the form of a writ of replevin (an order for the return of property wrongfully held by another). Once you have the writ, you (or an agent) can go to Mr. Dock's house and ask him to give you your property. In some cases, local law enforcement agencies can help enforce the order. Check with a local attorney to see if this equitable remedy or a similar one is available to you in your state.
    2. File a criminal complaint. In most states, the crime of theft is defined as obtaining or exerting unauthorized control over property. Once you've asked for your film to be returned, and Dock doesn't do it, he may be committing the crime of theft. Contact local authorities in your community and Mr. Dock's community to explore the possibility of filing a criminal complaint.
    In my case, I filed a lawsuit and he partially performed the services, but at least I got something back. The lesson there is if all you are doing is calling them every day, you probably aren't going to get the results you want. If your film is really that important to you, stop being a victim and take decisive action.
    NOTE: I cannot give anyone advice as to how to handle their own unique circumstances. I'm just trying to let people know generally what they can do to try to get their property back.
    Good luck to all.
  88. Joseph;
    Did your deal with Mr Dock or RMFL when you sent in your film?
    One is an actual person; another is a company
    Are you sueing Mr Dock or RMFL that you contracted to develop the film? Or both?
    Did you write checks to Mr Dock or RMFL? Or Both?
    Is RMFL a corporation?
    In your posts you wander between mentioning judgements against Mr Dock ( June 21 post) and mentioning that you "I, too, made the mistake of sending film to RMFL for processing -- almost two years ago" (May 08 post)

    In your post of May 10; was it RMFL or Mr Dock that was sued in the 3 cases you sited

    The reason I wonder about all this is a corporation may or may not shield a person working for the corporation.
    I am just trying to understand if you are suing an employee of a company or the legal lab ie RMFL that you probably sent the film too.
    I would think a lawyer would want to sort out if you are going after the chap personally for the wrongs of the company' or the company.
    As I a mentioned before; sometimes us companys buy anothers junk; assets; old computers and file cabinets; and there is the last place's "old stuff". This can really be a negative asset; one has a mess of folks who want their stuff; or want services we never as a new owner bought into. Thus often it goes in the dumpster; like old manure or rotten meat. Or it just gets stored.
    All through this old thread there are posts where folks act like Mr Dock and RMFL are the same; they may or may not be.
    Has anybody talked to lawyer about this?
  89. This is my guess for what the plan is at Rocky Mountain Film Lab
    They will have a third party bid on the processing equipment that will likely go for that starting bid of 3000 dollars because it’s all old and useless stuff to anyone else. Re-establish under a different name and continue in business. Seems like a long shot but it’s not impossible. Such re-establishment doesn’t happen over-night and then to have to get through a back log of what will be thousands of rolls that you’ve already been paid for will undoubtedly be a painful thing for Rocky Mountain. Their expected new time-line announcement on their website of the end of July corresponds well with what will be the outcome of this auction on July 7, giving them time to see if they've won the bid and then to look at where to set up and how.
    So...Will they then claim to be a new entity and try to collect from the clients a second time? If another company such as Dwanye's Photo, Film Rescue, Rapid Photo or Process C-22 get this work and make a request for additional payment it would be entirely legitimate as they will have truly not been compensated for the work to be done. Should a new company doing this work appear out of nowhere in the next few months offering to complete the work for an additional charge, you should just ask that your film be returned. This will be Rocky Mountain Film Lab part II.
    I see no other possible way of RMFL to continuing in business other to become a new entity and collect for the work again. Their reputation is shot so who will send them new work to make it possible for them to somehow, someway again become a profitable business. Why would they possibly want to continue as RMFL when a web search for the company primarily brings up complaints, warnings, rip-off reports and disappointments. On the other hand...reopen under a different name and there is a lot of work guaranteed and a lot of money to be made.
  90. Cory:
    All good points you've made. But you can rest assured that I will be following Dock and blowing the whistle on any RMFL II that pops up. This guy is just plain bad.
  91. Joseph A Kidd wrote: "This guy is just plain bad."
    He's a crook, and so are his employees. I think the way he conducts "business" across state lines should earn much more attention than it has. If I had the time and means to do so, I would make it my goal to put him out of business and prosecute him and his employees to the fullest extent of the law. I'm glad Mr. Kidd is doing all that he has done.
    Mr. Kidd, how does he continue to get authorization from the credit card companies to steal from the public? Wouldn't that be one avenue to pursue?
  92. You know that is a good thing to check out. We have a home based business ourselves and except Visa and Mastercard. I will call them tomorrow and report RMFL and see what I can do to have them investigate as well, and maybe get it so they wont take any of his charges. I'll report anything they say.
  93. I have alerted Visa and Chase of RMFL and they both "said" they would look into it, whether or not they do it or not, I cannot tell you. I would advise that if you charged your purchase at RMFL, to call your chargecard's fraud dept. like I did and tell them of RMFL's practices. The more people that do this the more likely they will not be able to charge other people.
  94. Joseph;
    If Acme Super lab buys RMFL's stuff like hardware; they really have not responsiblity to its debts; ie unfinished stuff from RMFL.
    If you bought a bakery or an old labs stuff for for 3000 bucks would you work and spend 100,000 out of your life savings to finish off work from the other place where one gets no extra revenue?
    No sane business person wants to take on a mess of angry customers and go unpaid to process and print a mess of stuff.
    There is no money in it.
    If the new owner is you and you call it "Joe Kidd Film Rescue" and you are at the same location; you have to deal with all the walk in folks and calls that they want their films.
    John Doe might not care that JKFR has no legal connection to RMFL; they want their film back.
    When I bought another print shop/lab out; some folks wanted to jump the counter and rifle thru flat files; remove negatives from file cabinets; or claim that they owned stuff that had anothers name on it.
    Thus a new owner really does not want any toxic old baggage; a mess of debts or mess of labor to figure out.
    As I mentioned before; much old stuff goes into the dumpster in a sale or reorganization
    If a lab goes under; that old work is not an asset like cash or equipment; more like TOXIC waste or manure; or roaches; something to get rid of.
    IRS Auction July 7 2010:
    Title Offered: Only the right, title and interest of the Taxpayer in and to the property will be offered for sale. There are no encumbrances
    Jeepers; he has the same 19.2 Volt Craftsman drill as I do
  96. Inventory list:
    look like a bunch of crap
  97. From the Office of Consumer Fraud in Colorado:
    Dear Ms. Dravis: Thank you for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention. We are in receipt of your consumer complaint. In addition to documenting your issues to our files, we will also share your information with the Better Business Bureau. This will assist us to document trends, and the BBB may be able to mediate your issues as well. If your complaint is under the authority of another agency, we will forward your complaint for further processing. If your complaint raises issues that are part of widespread deceptive practices that rise to the level of a statewide concern for Colorado consumers, our office will initiate an investigation. If your complaint does not fall under the direct supervisory authority of any federal or state agency or it involves a private contractual dispute, you may wish to pursue private remedies. Sincerely,
    Office of Consumer Fraud
  98. I saw this update posted to RMFL website:
    June 2010

    Turn around times of in-house orders have been extended. We expect to have a timeline for in-house orders by the end of July. Please understand your film is in a safe, cool environment awaiting final processing. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide updates on individual orders at this time. Thank you for your continued patience.
    Looks like Dock has a secret plan....
  99. Joseph;
    In the 1980's in the disc drive industry there were many dozens of companies.
    Joe Slick would have Slick Drive Company; then money would run out.
    The same chap would then go bust; form another company hire folks; then go bust again as Joes Drive Co failed.
    They would try to hire us engineers with funny money stock options on a company that *might* go public; but with no wages. ie the next Apple or next Microsoft.
    This one slick chap did this many many times with disc and DAT companies. The stuff that is crap gets auctioned off when assets are seized; the good stuff goes out the back door to the new company.
    Since it is a new company; it removes the old debts and stock options.
    One would be at a clean bench that was from 2 to 4 companies back; working for zero cash hoping the stock option would be the lottery!
  100. I guess you can add me to list of disappointed people that sent my film to Rocky Mountain Film Lab in Jan. 2009. Like so many of you, I have called many times and was giving the same excuses- still working on it, machine is being repaired, we moved ...and so on.
    The really hard part of the year and a half of waiting and wondering, is the lost of the film that my family members (that are no longer with me) may be lost forever. It really makes me sick to think I trusted this company to take care of a very important piece of family history.
    It looks like the waiting game will keep going on until we ALL get some kind of answer. I really hope this company will do the right thing and give back our film!
    Robin Spurlin
    Peachtree City, Georgia
  101. Kelly: As an attorney and one who works for one of the largest international corporations in the world, I understand how someone can bankrupt a business then turn around, purchase the assets, and start it up again. The funny thing to me is that Dock thinks he has a "secret plan" to do this, but it is pretty obvious to just about everyone. Perhaps my sarcasm didn't translate.
  102. I emailed a judge in the case and this is what she said:
    It is my understanding that they are still working to deliver the
    finished photos or undeveloped film back to customers. Other than that,
    I do not have any information.

    Mary Beth Justice-Hillard
    Property Appraisal & Liquidation Specialist
    4041 N. Central Avenue
    Ste. 112, Stop: 4210PHX
    Phoenix, AZ 85012
    (512) 415-3856
  103. I called the Camera Shop who recommended this company to my husband to advise them in case they made any additional referrals.
    They defended them in spite of what I said and told me that the reponses on this site should not be taken so seriously...Well...
    I just sent a registerd mail requesting they return my film.
    How is it that we all paid to lose? Why won't any consumer organization advocate for all of us that simply want our film back, even if they keep the $48.00!
    Like J. Raabe, we are all saying, "Oh, Well." It's such a hopeless feeling.
    I have given them benefit of the doubt. They give us no response!
  104. The auction of the RMFL equipment has been delayed due to legal action taken by RMFL. A disappointment to this interested party.
    I'm uncertain how this will effect their end of July announcement on their new time lines for getting through their backlog of work. It is safe now to assume that they have some kind of intention of actually at some point doing this work. The question comes to mind, how long does a legal wrangling between the IRS and a company take before the company possibly negotiates the return of their seized assets? If that happens and it might be a fairly big if, how long does it then take for them to actually get the equipment up and running in a new location? Where does the money come for that reorganization? I can understand why they are still taking in new work because without it how does any of this get financed?
    Even if they do manage all of this, what can they expect for the future of their company. On-line their reputation is shot with some of their major supporters now turning against them. For example (scroll down to see RMFL blurb)...
    not to mention their web traffic having fallen by 40% in the past 3 months. The BBB is no long taking complaints about this company as you can go no lower than an F rating. In the photo stores the staff are finding new and better options for their customer referrals for this type of work. How many angry customers at this point have gone into the stores that referred them and told the staff about the situation they are left in with RMFL.
    I understand them wanting to hang on to their company but it really seems like they are rolling the dice with other peoples property in the balance and this property could be extremely valuable...after all what is the thing you run into your burning house for....the family pictures.
    It's time for RMFL to call it a day and stop taking in new work and find a way to return the work they currently have backlogged. There is no reasonable excuse for this beyond blatant self preservation at the expense of others. Holding on till the bitter end may be heroic in sports and war but in business it's just selfish. The ship is sinking and it's time for them to do the right thing.
  105. Steven Dock filed for Bankruptcy on July 2. See attached petition.
  106. It appears he filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which re-structures debt. Under this chapter, debtors enter into a repayment plan to make installments to creditors over three to five years. So, it would allow him to operate his business "as usual", earn an income, and use his earnings to repay his creditors.
  107. "'s time for them to do the right thing."
    What makes you think that thought would ever cross their mind's? They're nothing but scammers. In the end, the justice system will somehow protect and restore RMFL without ever doing anything to help their victims.
  108. I received the the bankruptcy court proof claim forms.
  109. I received mine bankruptcy forms as well from Steve's case.
  110. Got my bankruptcy notice as well today. Didn't read the whole thing yet...What do we do next?
    I paid them $48.00 plus $2.50 for a registered mail...and then there's my film - priceless!! Will I ever get it back? Can't someone send it back for me if I send someone in Aurora to go over there and pick it up? I have an order number!
  111. Will everyone still waiting on their film get a notice of the bankruptcy? What does this mean? I have recently sent e-mails (not to mention months of phone calls to RMFL) to Mr. Dock requesting my property (9 rolls of 40 year old film) and a refund of my money (nearly $350) which his company has now had for 28 months. I got no response, nor did I expect one. Is there now any "official list" to sign on or any government agency now involved in tracking whose items Mr. Dock has and how to request them? Will registered letters carry any more effect? Does anyone have any idea if we will ever get the films back? (much less the money?)
    Jo Howell
  112. Joanne,
    I sent a registered letter last week requesting my film and a copy of the original receipt with a note to myself written in pen, about Lea's promise of projected date(s). The receipt included my order number.
    I sent it in a nice business envelope and highlighted in the corner "Attn: Payment for Services", thinking they may open it IF THEY THINK MONEY IS INSIDE. And I wrote on the back: "Bless you!" Maybe the compelled them or their lawyer to respond. Dunno!
    That is the only reason I think I received a NOTICE. Maybe their lawyer was there at the establishment when my letter arrived!Otherwise, I'd be like you wondering "IF and "when" I was going to get my stuff back...EVER!!! And I still don't know!
    Do you think this guy just dumped everything in a garbage pail and took our money? He really needs to go to JAIL for the emotional abuse he has inflicted on everyone here.
    Could a legal SOMEBODY could go in there, locate the names and order numbers on the tapes and just send our tapes back?.... even if it's to reverse the charges on shipping?...I am so disgusted...Is there an advocate out there? Where is DATELINE!?
  113. Dock listed approximately 1530 creditors in his bankruptcy filing. Most are individuals, and I assume, customers.
    If you received a Proof of Claim form, fill it out and attach some evidence of the amount you paid to RMFL - cancelled check, credit card statement, etc. If you are in doubt about what to do, I would contact the bankruptcy trustee
    If you did not receive a Proof of Claim form but you think you should have, you must still must fill out a Proof of Claim form and substantiate your claim. The bankruptcy court website should have a form you can download.
    If you have a question regarding the bankruptcy petition of Steven Dock, including questions about your film, I suggest you contact the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee is responsible for overseeing the bankruptcy process. The name of the trustee is in the bankruptcy papers you all should have received. If you did not receive paperwork, then the trustee's contact info is on the bankruptcy petition I attached to a prior comment in this forum.
  114. According to bankruptcy filings, Dock anticipated that the IRS would return the seized equipment to Dock on July 15.
  115. I got a claim form and have filled it out but I sent him a check a year and a half ago from an account I no longer have and I have moved to another state since. I even called and spoke to Leah giving her my new address. Not to mention all the messages I left with all the crucial information on me. I guess since I got the claim is proof I am listed. So, I have filled it out but I don't know if I am to fax this to the clerk of court in CO., mail to the attorney, mail to the trustee..I even read all the papers (should have hired an attorney to help me understand) and I am not clear as to where I send the papers. I guess I will call tomorrow. Really, I can write off the would be nice to get it back too but I kinda kissed it goodbye long ago. I can't however, write off the film. I have to say if the film is gone then I will need to pursue a civil action. The film, just like everyone else is irreplaceable and I am still kicking myself to have sent it so far away without even knowing what kind of company I sent it to! So, to all who are viewing this..including you Mr. Dock..I want you to know that you can keep my money..but I want my film back!!
  116. According to the IRS, the equipment has been released.
  117. I received my bankruptcy claim form. Like a lot of you I left messages for the lawyer and Dock but have had no response. In addition I also don't care about the money. I just want my film back. I have been waiting 2 years. I got so many lame excuses.
  118. Got mine...But here's the question: Did the guy just take the money and dump all the films in the trash or did he have every intention but just got overwhelmed and behind schedule?
    Is there anyone who can give us an idea where our films are? If they are there (somewhere), with the order number still attached then he should be able to locate the film and return our property.
    I just get this bad image of Dock and Lea answering phones all day until for whatever reason they said, "Screw these people! We have bills to pay! They can wait! And what can they do ANYWAY but believe that we will return them in 'another' three months! After all WE ARE THE ONLY ONES IN THE USA WHO CAN DO THIS JOB!!! So, you hold out on a hope that they were actually getting to you by tomorrow. I even told the guy that the film had historical significance and he said he was "ON IT!"
    The Campus Camera shop here in my hometown who recommended them, got an ear full from me, STRONGLY ADVISING them about Dock's bankruptcy. The first time, they were defending them saying NOT to listen to these posts and be patient, and that no one ever reported that they had a bad experience. Well, that's because they are still waiting for their films like we were, and probably FORGOT who recommended this moron! Of course, now, that store is back peddling on their support of this guy. After this, I won't do business with them either!
    Dock cannot be the ONLY person in the WORLD who can transfer these films...I just don't believe it!
  119. Again, I suggest if any of you have any concerns with Dock's continued possession of your film, that you contact the bankruptcy trustee. Dock's lawyer probably isn't going to be real helpful.
  120. Hi all -
    Like many of you, I am trying to re-obtain the film I sent to Rocky Mountain Film Lab to be developed. The latest information that I have been able to gather is that the court date for Mr. Dock is August 17, 2010. At that hearing, more will become clear about whether or not we can get the film back. Supposedly, the bankruptcy trustee, Sally Zeman, wants us to get our film back. However, there is a possibility the case may go from its current Chapter 13 status (where Dock would work out a re-payment plan) to Chapter 7 (no repayment plan is made, everything is liquidated and proceeds go to creditors in priority order). In the case, it would be up to someone else in the Chapter 7 court whether we would get our film back or not. More info on the different types of bankrupcy here:
    So, basically, we should wait until around August 24th. Then, someone should call Sally Zeman's office and find out what happened at the hearing. Those of you that received claim forms should have her phone number. I will call around that time and post here what I learn if no one else does.
    There is still hope. I don't think the film is gone. But it may be re-possessed and lost by a court if we are not vigilant.
    Anyone local in Denver that could attend the hearing on August 17th?
  121. Thanks for the info Peter. I just got an amended bankruptcy notice. If someone who actually attends the meeting can give us an update that would be awesome.
  122. If it is discovered that Dock threw out even a single roll of film without informing the sender, there can be criminal charges filed against him, including mail fraud and (if the prosecutor wants to) theft. If he threw out all of the rolls, he could be looking at a looooong time in prison.
  123. I found a couple of rolls of older films which hadn't been processed yet; a roll of slide film and a roll of Super 8 movie film. After searching the internet for different services, I settled on Rocky Mountain because their prices weren't as exhorbitant as other companies and their website seemed very straightforward. I went in knowing that it may not be possible to save my film from the ravages of time, and knowing it would be a long wait as they only do batches once a year. But being an experienced photographer, I also knew there was a very good chance that the images were at least somewhat salvageable. I boxed up my rolls and included a check and mailed them off.

    First, there was no communication, no indication that my films had been received. Except of course that they very quickly cashed my check. I waited; a year passed and I moved. I emailed them to update the address on the rolls, and after no response, I called to make certain it had been taken care of. They seemed very bothered to have to talk to me. I was put on hold for an exhorbitant amount of time, only to have a disgruntled-sounding employee tell me "yeah it's taken care of." My confidence level had waned considerably with just this one call.

    Shortly after, I received my slides. I do not recall what process they were, but I was immediately disappointed. Of course the colors were off, but that was to be expected. However, every slide had patchy areas where chemical had not been distributed evenly. There was even chemical residue on several of them. But at least I could import them into my computer and fix them up.

    Shortly after that, I received the Super 8 film. Again, I wasn't expecting a miracle, but I was not expecting what I got. The film had not been processed. It had merely been transferred to a reel. Any photographer who has worked for any length of time with different types of film will immediately know the difference between unprocessed and processed film, even if the film is unsalvageable. No attempt had been made to process this film. I called to express my disappointment in their 'service,' and I was only answered with disinterest.

    Obviously, I will never again use nor recommend Rocky Mountain Photo Lab. They are not the only business offering these services, though they would have you think so. Paying a little more will make all the difference in the world. I'd also recommend calling and speaking with a representative of a company to see how interested they are in your questions. Rocky Mountain has been consistently disinterested in me and their product.
  124. Never mind! I just happened across this thread and contributed my experience before I got into the juicy bits. Thank goodness something is happening. It's a shame everyone's memories are tied up in this. It's a further shame that he's allowed to continue soliciting business on top of the back log he has already accrued. My fear is that he will take retribution on the films he develops. I certainly hope Film Rescue is given charge of the back log.
  125. ***Would folks wished that RMFL had charged them 50 to 100 percent more and thus they had more capital and manpower to radically drop turnaround times?
    In this sad case the low bidder crashed; ran out of capital.
    Old film sits in folks uncle's camera for 30 years then you want chose the low bidder to develop the film in an obsolete process.
    There really is no FDIC for film labs.
    If RMFL goes from Chapter 13 to 7; there might be nothing left in assets afterback wages; back IRS taxes ; assets for the creditors to fight over.
    The unfinished rolls would be a toxic asset to a buyer; a thousnd folks whining that they want their film back; and have already paid.
    Lord only knows how a bankruptcy judge would handle this. In print shops often one writets that one does not own the past liabilties of the old shop when one buys them out. One has inlaws fighting over stuff; architectural firms that have split fighting over Vellums from 1990; it is a real mess; thus a dumpster is often filled up.
    So what happens if folks prepaid for a car, lawnmower, watch, camera repair and they go under? How are theses cases handled?
  126. I just read a post with someone saying we are whining...Am I misunderstanding something here? I hope I mis-read it! My film of my deceased mother that has some possible universal historical implications and value is not being returned and keep asking and keep getting promises but that I am vigilant constitutes 'whining'?
    I am hurt that Dock sounded so nice, promising to return my film and LEAH almost bit my head off for asking but then said it would be ANOTHER 3 to 6 months while they were filing for bankruptcy....but we are whining?!!!...
    It terrifies me that it has also been suggested that Dock could take retribution against us by dumping our films in the trash. If the judge does not help us in some way get our film back, I'm going to be so very sad!
  127. Kelly is confused when writing "In this sad case the low bidder crashed; ran out of capital."
    I never asked for anyone to bid on processing my film. I never even saw another company's price for processing my film.
    RMFL didn't run out of capital. Scammers never do.
    Rather than civil proceedings against RMFL, Dock, and "Leah" should face criminal charges.
    If I had the wherewithal to do so, I guarantee you that Dock and Leah would wish that they had never heard of film. I would ensure that the rest their pathetic lives exist only to endure the remedy, many times over, of the justice that their victims so much deserve.
  128. The problem is that RMFL wasn't the low bidder. They had a contract with Kodak 10+ years ago to develop EM-26 movie film, so they gained name recognition. I could go to RMFL, spend $40, and have a crap shoot; or I could go to Film Rescue, spend $22, and get all of my money back if nothing shows up.
    Hmmm...Which was the better choice?
  129. I'll be the first to admit that I am "Whining" about getting my film back as Kelly so eloquently put it..Not! Apparently Kelly has no film with RMFL. I recommend to all of us who do have film with RMFL that if the judge does not take appropriate measure in getting the film back to its rightful owners then we should all file a class action lawsuit. If you take the amount of money we each pay per roll and times that by the amount of rolls never developed I guarantee there would be enough there to entice an attorney to take the case. Just think it is something we may want to consider should there be no other resolution.
  130. RMFL is about 30 years old. There are others that processed old stuff like C22 too.
    This thread is almost 7 years old know. The stuff I was farming out to RMFL was mostly before this.
    I lost some cine 16mm films back in the 1970's to a lab that went under. I can whine today and I still probably will not get the films back. Another lab bought their assets; unfinished stuff vanished. Mentioning the dumpster here gets folks upset. My 1970's lost stuff lost in a bankruptcy is probably in a land fill.
    ***If the place/RMFL went bankrupt and there are 200 ? to 1000 ? rolls to finish; what magical powers will make this backlog/logjam be completed?
    If the money folks paid is already gone already; it seems RMFL would need some zero/low cost labor and a lot of time to process/complete the old backlog. The governments stance is not like 40 years ago where one could hire folks at 1 buck an hour; it is more like 7.24 in Colorado. Thus to just have somebody to man the telephone to talk to 1000 folks would probably be with overhead 400 per week for 40 hours.
    It seems one has a case where a company has gobs of already paid for "stuff to do"; but the capital/cash is short. To sort out and finish "the stuff" might require slave labor; sub minimum wage/illegals; or the owner to work 24/7; ie heartattack mode. If the owner dies then one has all these toxic assets; unfinished work; 1000 whining creditors and little cash.
    It would take an unpaid angel to deal post "dead company" to deal with hundreds of old unpaid jobs. Customer #47 will call and demand their stuff; where the heck is it; where will the money come to ship it?
    I am not trying to defend RMFL; just saying there is a tall order to free up a past backlog when one has little capital.
    Having one bought another print shop/lab long ago; all I can say is dealing with another's toxic assets is total hell; about the absolute worse thing known to man.
    S Mark says that RMFL did not run out of capital; but others have posted links about IRS lockouts; bankrupty; and assets to be sold.
    If RMFL as S Marks said "RMFL didn't run out of capital." ; why is the IRS involved; or lockouts; or bankruptcy info?
    S Marks; explain your confusion. Do you have access to RMFL's books to say they have a lot of capital still?
    If S Marks is correct and RMFL has capital; why is there a bankruptcy?
  131. Kelly...You keep asking who will want to take this work on and I'll explain to you why we would do just that.
    Obviously we would not be able to do the work for nothing but we can do the work at a fairly deeply discounted rate to RMFL's and still do a very decent job of it while fully guaranteeing results from the still film and charging a discounted rate for the more labor intensive motion picture film. I don't think the forumla is as simple as you suggest ~ no capital = bankruptcy. We have a staff of between 5 to 9 people depending on what time of the day you happen upon us and our prices and policies are extremely attractive when compared to others doing this work and we survive just fine. While we don't get rich charging the prices that we do, we don't go hungry either. We in turn have very interesting work that allows us a certain degree of freedom due to our 6 to 12 turnaround time. We basically open time capsules for a living...what job gets cooler then that?
    So yes...we're really interested in completing this work if given the opportunity. To be clear, to answer your question who is willing to take this on...we are. Beyond the logistics and dealing with angry customers who don't understand that we have no affiliation with RMFL, we are excited about the possibility of this happening. Please before you comment, keep in mind we are not looking for advise on this - we know our business well.
    We have a standing offer in with RMFL that is certainly more to their advantage then dumping it in the trash. This offer includes absolutely no kick backs to them should we be charging again for this work. Should RMFL go into liquidation we will be immediately in contact with the bankruptcy trustee to let them know that there are better options then simply throwing this film in the trash. We will likely let them know this even before that happens and also let them know we're willing to travel at a moments notice and can be in Denver in 2 days with a truck and trailer. But right now we feel we need to set ourselves a little bit at arms length in case RMFL is able to reestablish and somehow get these films back to customers who have already paid for their order, without any additional charges. It seems like a long shot but there has to be something beyond what we see on the surface here. The question you should be asking is "why do they want to continue in business" and not "who wants this business".
    These films are precious to people and in many cases they represent the last new glimpse a person has of a long lost loved one or simply of a forgotten time in their life. I think that "whining" is not at all an appropriate adjective to be giving people here, whether used universally to describe creditors or not. The bankruptcy trustee would have to be a pretty hard soul should RMFL go into liquidation to not give us the opportunity to contact RMFL clients and ask if they would like us to do the work at a discounted rate. It is not as hopeless as you make it seem. My guess is that one way or another peoples work in the end will get completed and my guess is certainly an informed one.
    Have a little faith in humanity...some people do want to do the right thing and its not always entirely about profit.
  132. 6 to 12 week...not month. Sorry for the typo.
  133. Greg Miller...I am buoyant to see your turn around time of 6 to 12 weeks. At first I thought "Another 6 to 9 months!: So this is a relief!
    I believe everyone has given RMFL and will give them time to reestablish and get the films back to the customers. We want our films back. I see by the responses here dating back to 2003, that if there is a hope they are there, everyone wants to have this remedy.
    If your company is willing to come on, we send blessings your way, and thank you for being ready to take on the effort to give us bakc our memories or artistic works. We are in need of assurance of any kind. I hope you are out 'guy'.
  134. Steven Dock has filed his Chapter 13 Plan and his financial disclosures. He claims that until the IRS confiscated his equipment, he generated a monthly income of $8600, but after expenses has only $1,100 of disposable income. His plan calls for Dock to pay back all of the tax authorities -- federal, state and local -- his attorney, and the trustee (required by law to be paid), but no one else. That means all of his customers are S.O.L. in terms of getting their money back. He does list as "property belonging to others" all of the customers' film. So, the Trustee will have to figure out a way to allow people to get their film back. My guess is that because there is no money in Dock's estate, getting film back will be at the customer's expense. However, if there is a way to take advantage of Greg Miller's idea, I hope that the Trustee would do so. I, for one, intend to ask the Trustee to do just that.
  135. Not that it's actually relevant to the topic, but I'll explain my message that "RMFL didn't run out of capital. Scammers never do."
    RMFL became scam, it hasn't functioned as a legitimate business for years. It doesn't require any "capital" to run a scam. They took our money knowing we would never see our processed film.
    Their website is still up.
  136. "That means all of his customers are S.O.L. in terms of getting their money back."
    Just as I previously wrote - we, the true victims, won't see any justice.
  137. Greg;
    More power to you if you can salvage the old stuff and make some income off of it and help folks out.
    It is my own experience is that you should be perepared to be swore at; cursed at; even served legally because you are taking on an angry mobs "old stuff" that will claim "they already have paid for it" .
    Many will expect you deliver with no extra fees; when in fact you might have to spend a massive about of time going through "the stuff"; answering phone calls; emails; certified letters; even folks at your doorstep "wanting to jump the counter" or go through your trash.
    You will be dealing with folks with a very deep hatred; pissed off and many will claim "*YOU* should finish it up for free; because they have already paid already".
    I had to call the police when a customer wanted to go into our back room and root through the "pile of stuff" I "inherited" from a print shop we once bought. You can get into trouble; because folks will "take back" anything that remotely looks like Uncle Bob; or that summer vacation in 1966. Be prepare for some folks wanting their stuff back; *BEFORE* you have a handle of what you bought/took on.
    You might want to be armed; seriously.
    It is not a bed of roses to buy some toxic assets; you inherit a bunch of folks who will no matter what you say; will claim that they already paid for it.
    Many will not care about the legal stuff
    Thus you HAVE to make it clear that you have ZERO obligations to do free work; .
  138. Buy up RMFL's "old unfinished stuff" for 1 cent would be like handling all those Katrina fraud cases where folks already paid contractors; but the work is not finished.
    Each person is deeply angry; they already have been ripped off; few if any will want to be ripped off the 2nd or 3rd time.
    Thus one might find it harder to get folks to "prepay" again; since did this 4 years ago and still have packs of shingles on the roof; or C22 stuff they already paid for.
  139. Question - I'm wondering how those who are filling out the claim form for the bankruptcy case are assessing the value of what you are owed. Obviously there's the film processing fee, but is there a way to list/value the worth of the film stock that RMTL is holding on to? Obviously there's no commercial value but I'd like to list it somewhere and I don't see a clear place to put it on the form.
    If you have a suggestion, please let me know.
  140. Tara, I just put how much I gave them, in my case it was $48.50. Certainly there is an emotional "value" as well, but I am guess the courts only want the amount you are actually out.
  141. Tara, We use the amount of 4.00 per roll when importing and exporting the films that we process. This is acceptable with the customs officials that we deal with and I'm thinking it would also be acceptable to the bankruptcy trustee.
    We arrived at this amount after looking not only at what expired film sells for when a local seller becomes overstocked and left with outdated film but also the average price that vintage film sells for on e-bay. Some is very cheap and some very expensive depending on the format. It's a growing trend - people shooting long expired film for the effect.
  142. Tara; Pattie & Greg ; Interesting stuff with those values.
    If an old unfinished roll was worth say 4 to 5 dollars; what if one paid them already 3X to 7X ??? (guess) already to process it?
    With one lone roll; maybe for discussion it was worth 5 dollars; but one paid 30 dollars in advance to have the old C22 developed and printed.
    would not ones loss be just like all the other labs; ie on roll of film plus processing?
    In Pattie case the roll(s) ? are worth 4 to 12 bucks if 1 to 3 rolls; but she is out of pocket the 48.50 dollars too for the oddball processing.
    One might have 500 folks listing 40 bucks and thus the court will see 20k
  143. Received a note from Steve Dock together with a copy of the Chapter 13 plan. (Everyone should be receiving the same thing.) It says in part:
    "We want to assure you that your film and your orders are safe. All film is in our offices in Aurora Colorado (sic). Please do not contact us, the attorney, or the Court regarding delivery of your order as no updates are available at this time.
    "We are attempting to re-organize the company to provide the same high quality we have produced for four decades. Unfortunately, there will be delays in delivery while the anticipated re-organization takes place."
    I'm laughing and angry at the same time. "Do not contact us", he says. Ha! Like that's EVER done any good! NOT! I spent 2 YEARS trying to contact this guy and he never responded -EVER.
    "provide the same high quality"??? If this is high quality, give me the worst quality.
    Here's my advice: CONTACT THE BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEE if you want your film back. Also, file an objection to Dock's bankruptcy plan. No way in hell that this guy should be allowed to reorganize and continue in business. I'll post more on how to object to the plan in the future.
  144. He has the gall to tell us "Please do not... contact the Court..." Hilarious.
  145. Just got a call from RMFL, gang! They said they are sending me back my film! We verified the order number, got a name and number so I could call them when I finally get it...and the lady said, they are indeed re-organizing the company but did not volunteer that it was in bankruptcy.
    She added it would still take a long time if I wanted them to do the order...I answered that is was best to send me the film back and I would call when I received it. I had to cal her back immediately to re-check the order number and someone DID answer, the same lady. It was not Leah...
    I will be the first to let you know when I get my film!
  146. S. Mark and Joseph; you must not deal with bankrupt folks or businesses much.
    Here I have seen that standard boilplate "wording" like "do not contact us" with most *ALL* bankruptcies.
    It is about as common seeing a sunny day in Los Angeles; ie the norm. It is in about every bankruptcy wording where one gets a letter for the outfit.
    The reason why is that bankruptcy is shield; thus go bone up on business 101.
    Chapter 13 allows folks who are WAY over their heads ; ie in deep debt to repay their creditors according to a negotiated plan.
    Bankruptcy is a shield.
    By your tone it sounds like you want instant liquidation; ie the stuff goes on the auction block.
    It can all be sold by the pound then; ie you stuff is just old crap in a file cabinet to be tossed out.
  147. Kelly: Why don't you bone up on some manners? If you want to insult someone, go to another forum and vent. This isn't an official bankruptcy notice. It is a "memo" from the desk of Steven Dock. So, this is a bit different from what you are think it is. If Steve Dock has your film, you will get it back whether he re-organizes or liquidates. When you get your law license or MBA, come on back.
  148. Kelly,
    The purpose of this forum thread is to discuss RMFL. Because this isn't the place, and because I'm not obligated to you in any way to explain my qualifications and background, I therefore refer you to Mr. Kidd's reply above.
  149. Diane, did they say anything about giving your money back, or did that not come up? I am thinking that doesnt matter as much to most people, just wondering. I haven't gotten a call yet, did they mention what they were going to do with everyone else? How long had you had your film there?
    Thanks, Pattie
  150. My husband asked the same thing about a refund. When I picked up the phone and saw "Rocky Mountain", I took a deep breath and answered calmly. Then I just listened to what Jill Brennan had to say. Of course, all I wanted to hear was that I was getting my film back.
    I was equally surprised when she picked up the phone when I called back to double check my order number and to ask her a 2nd question: whether the film had been done...processed. She answered that it was NOT processed!
    She said they were "reorganizing" and OFFERED to KEEP the film LONGER until they clear up their business. I had to assume she thinks I don't know about the bankruptcy. I declined saying I had friends in the film industry that may be able to help me. Nope cannot let them have my property any longer.
    About the refund...I should have addressed that BUT...I'll WAIT and SEE if I get my film back..and then I'll check in with you later
  151. Please understand this: NO ONE WILL GET A REFUND. Dock filed for Bankruptcy. His reorganization plan calls for NO ONE other than tax authorities (IRS, State of Colorado, City of Aurora) and his mortgage company to be paid.
  152. Is there any reason to file the Proof Of Claim Form if no refunds will be issued?
  153. Nobody has called me yet and ALL I want is my film back! I don't even care about the refund because I wrote that off literally and in my head well over a year ago. I left a message for the attorney stating that I just want my film back. I am somewhat relieved that they are sending back film. I am a bit concerned however, that I did not get that phone call.
  154. Joseph;
    Letters like that from places in Bankruptcy are extremely common; ie the norm with the outfits in bankruptcy.
    In running an actual business; they are common as junk mail and spam and folks asking for 1099's.
    You should feel insulted not with me; but with your degree. These letters from the Bankrupt outfit are not anything new; mostly the norm. They show up in running a business just like bills; taxes or other stuff.
    "Stuff like this" is common with responses from businesses in Bankruptcy; we have file drawers here going back 50+ years full of worded letters that are just like RMFL's. The lawyer types send out wads of boilplate too; one can have a 6 inch stack of BS if one is owned 260 bucks back in 1997. We got a final settlement of 4.77 bucks; the rest went to taxes; a lawyers; and sending out all that paper.
    It is a bit shocking that you are surprised; but maybe you never deal with folks and companies that have fallen into Bankruptcy.
    What is common and obvious to one; may not be to another. RMFL's letter response is standard boilplate with these type letters.
    Here I have all sorts of "stuff" from auctions of dead print shops; old vellums; old blueprints from 1927; old glass plates; old negatives. One wad is just marked "unknown/unpicked/left on counter stuff". It is from *another dead bankrupt shop* ; it was just stuff in a file drawers. Every blue moon I can locate an old owner; most will not. We actually made a list and sent if the the bankruptcy court; but I just wasted my time; ie no responses. Some for the vellums for schools; we gave back to the schools. Legally who knows who really owns them. All the firms names on the vellums are long dead. Photos and negatives are worse; none are marked.
    It is a real joy to reduce the pile of old stuff; it is that stuff the young crowd here wants to chuck out
    Assuming one will always get ones stuff back is more like wishing; it does not always happen in a bankruptcy. Here I have about 2 or 3 cubic yards worth of stuff that came with buying stuff in bankruptcy. Auctions are not so orderly. The box the film scanner is in might have several dozens of negatives with just a control number; that is in some box that another bidder got; and threw out.
    There is often not a "Defrag" down before an auction; assets get lumped by looks and not function.
    One does not need a law license to get letters like RMFL's; you just run a business and later some folks go under; and you get theses type of letters.
    To ALL; The chances of getting any money back in a Bankruptcy are super slim. As a practical matter; it is basically zero. Thus Joe and I are on the exact same page here.
    IF you contact RMFL of another outfit in trouble; mention what your stuff "is"; ie roll size; color; B&W; content. You want to make it easy for them to reference you stuff.
  155. No one has called me either....
  156. Mr. Mark,
    By all means, fill out the proof of claim. If there is anything left after repaying the IRS, you stand to maybe get something. If you don't file it, you get nothing.
  157. Hi yall-
    I just got my film back! I sent it to them over 2 years ago. They gave me all the runaround that everyone here has gotten. I called twice a week for 3 months til they finally sent it back to me. Steven Dock even told me personally that it was packaged up and ready to go to the post office. And 2 weeks later no film so I called again, and finally it is here.
    I just called today about the refund and a lady (no name) said they would not refund my money, because I asked for my film back. Ridiculous.
    I called back to talk to Steven and he claims he will have a check cut to me and in the mail on Fri. Ill let you know, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I guess I will keep calling until I get a reasonable response.
    by the way- I sent my film to Rapid Photo, Ill let you all know how that goes, but it seems like they have there "stuff" together.
  158. I have re-read all the recent posts regarding the proof of claim forms and the notifications or other communications that some of you are receiving. I have not been able to locate an address or phone number for the Bankruptcy Trustee to add my name to the list of customers who are anxious to have their film returned (RMFL has now had my 9 rolls for 29 months.) Can anyone provide me or direct me where to locate the address, or other advice as to how to proceed from here? Thanks!
  159. Kelly, what's with all the semi colons in your ramblings?
  160. "His reorganization plan calls for NO ONE other than tax authorities (IRS, State of Colorado, City of Aurora) and his mortgage company to be paid."
    Is the city and state claiming sales tax is owed on services never performed? If RMFL never performed the services for which it received deposits, then there shouldn't be any sales tax collected in those cases. Maybe the Colorado sales tax rules allow that.
  161. Hey Everyone-
    I originally posted here a few months back as one of the first to figure out there was major trouble at RMFL.

    I've spoken to Steve 3 times over the last 3 weeks and each time he claims he's still looking for my film to return. I sent them a roll of film almost TWO YEARS AGO.

    Each time we speak he promises to call me back but does not.

    My sense is he's just buying time but has no clue where my film is.
    I just want my film back....I'm sooooo angry and frustrated.
    Has anyone else experienced the same? Has anyone spoke to Steve and also learned their film is lost?
  162. Kelly F. I have been following this thread for a while now and a couple of thing are crystal clear to me. One is that is that while you may know about the photography business, Joe Kidd and Greg Miller clearly have a better grasp of what is happening with RMFL than you do. It is obvious that both of these gentlemen have spent time looking into what is happening there and what they can do to help Rocky Mountains customers get some sort of satisfaction.
    When I read your posts however they are far from helpful, in fact quite the opposite. If someone were mugged would you tell them it was there own fault for acting like a victim and discourage anyone who tried to help them? Would you stand looking on and yelling "Sucks to be you." and "That plan will never work."? To me that is essentially what you are doing.
    Judging by the better business bureau rating of Greg Miller's Film Rescue International, as well as his well thought out posts on this thread, this isn't his first Rodeo. It should also be obvious to anyone paying attention that Joe Kidd knows more about the legal ins and outs of what is happening with this situation than anyone else posting on this thread.
    In closing Kelly F. I submit to you that if you have any helpful or constructive suggestions for the victims of Rocky Mountain please post them. That being said, if your posts are just going to be the same old diatribes please don't bother, that way I won't have to waste time scrolling past them to find the posts of those who are actually trying to help those make the best of a bad situation.
  163. I received the Dock memo and the objection deadline notice of August 26.
    Mr. Kidd, will you be able to advise us about how to file an objection?
  164. Yesterday I phoned RMFL at 303-364-6444, not expecting to even get an answering machine. Much to my suprise, the phone was immediately answered by a courteous, professional-sounding person named Jill. I stated that the purpose of my call was to request the return of my films, which had been in the company's possession for 29 months, and I stated simply that I was aware that RMFL was"undergoing major difficulties at this time", but my concern was the return of my films.
    Within less than two minutes, Jill was able to find my name, address, number of rolls sent, etc. (all correct), and assured me that I could expect return of my property within 7-10 days. She also stated that she would call me if there was any difficulty making that happen. When I went a step further and enquired about return of my money (@$340...which I am sure won't be returned due to the bankruptcy) she remained courteous and helpful but stated she did not have any further information on that topic.
    Since I live all the way across the country from RMFL, I feel a 7-10 day wait is reasonable. I will post again to let you know the outcome. I hope this gives encouragement to those wondering if our films are actually still in existence!
  165. Thanks for the last post Jo Howell! I called the number 303 364 6444, talked to the lady and she found our film straight away! The lady said they'll send the film back within two weeks. Neither had been processed. Just glad to get the film back processed or not. So I'm looking for a 'responsible' company to do that now, IF the film comes at all. Waiting.... at least there is some communication now, so there's hope. I don't care about the money anymore. I'll let you'all know if the film does in fact get delivered. Cheers!
  166. Hi-
    I posted here a couple days ago, I get my film back, and sent off to another company. I also did get a check in the mail on Monday for the full price. I am shocked. I guess it was worth calling a couple million times! Ill let you guys know how the film turns out when I get it back.
    For all of you who haven't gotten anything yet. KEEP CALLING! After over 2 years I thought it was hopeless, but am now relieved to get everything back.

    Good Luck!
  167. **jo;
    It would be good that you get you old films back.
    As for the 340 dollars; that is a bankruptcy matter. My own experience with bankruptcies is not the wishfull things folks post on this thread, here I have really never got much if anything ever back. Longer term over decades, it is more like less than on cent on a dollar. If I consider all the postage, forms and time spent; it is a net loss.
    It is worth wishing for; but do not plan on that 340 dollars for anything important. It is more like the chances of winning the lottery.


    You have the right to believe that all ends well in a bankruptcy; and everybody gets their money back; or Obama will make gold bars pop out of folks backyards. Mentioning reality can hurt dreamers. Stuff is misplaced in bankruptcies all the time, it is that stuff we find in stuff we buy at auctions. It will bother the lay that others get stuff at auctions; and we really do not know who owns them/it. The world is not this simple orderly thing at all.
    Are you going to file an objection to the bankruptcy like S Mark is hinting?
    Do you want RMFL to be dissolved right now or allowed to try to survive?
    One of the other gentleman you mentioned has an interest in getting all those old films; he can process them and charge folks. Here I would just prefer to get my film back; than have go to another.
    It is not clear if all posters here understand that the best chance of them getting their film back is if RMFL is not shut down tomorrow and and all sold as scrap. Once another buys stuff in an auction; who what when and were get fragmented. Thus here my viewpoint is to let them try to survive and sort things out. Others have the right to differ.

    I stopped sending stuff to RMFL after this thread started 7 years ago; I lost some films forever in the 1970's when a lab went under and got disolved. Folks may not want to hear that stuff like this happens.
    **S Mark;
    In a bankruptcy back taxes get paid before plain creditors who are at the far end of the train. Cities and Counties can have yearly taxes on inventory, capital, and equipment. You would have to dive into the tax rules where RMFL is at to see what applies; if any at all. Sales taxes say on Jo's 340 bucks would apply if Jo was in state. As a rough swag I found Aurora to have a city sales tax of 3.75 percent and the Colorado sales tax as 2.9 percent.
    If there was an in state sale for 340 dollars; then the tax man wants his share. It really does not matter if it is for a Leica Summicron; or film to be developed; or for dog grooming. It is a sale; thus taxed. To "undo" the sale would involve the 340 dollars being refunded; ie a refund of 340 dollars to cancel out the 340 dollar sale.
    All those back taxes will be paid before any other creditor gets a penny. One has the court fees; lawyers and other stuff too.
    One can a situation were there are many years of back taxes due.
    **To all: 50 years ago one got one's "stuff back" if one sent in a SASE or SASE on a box with submittals and stuff to be repaired. This is what I do to get stuff back ; you make it easy for the other person.
  168. I got my rolls of film back but they were opened, taped back together with a sticker over each roll that read: Received Damaged!!! Also a note inside directing film over to FRI out of Canada. Film Rescue. So, to Film Rescue; I will send you these two rolls of film but I fear it will all be a wash! I am furious with Rocky Mountain! It took almost two years to get two rolls of film back and now it seems they are ruined for good!! What a depressant!
  169. Kayleen;
    Good to hear you got your roll films back.
    What size rolls are they; 127, 120/620, 116/616 , etc?
    When I use to process roll films for the public; it was not uncommon to get a roll damaged in shipping. The bulk load 35mm snap caps; or old Fuji E4 of the 1970's was not crimped either; thus one got 35mm rolls with open ends.
    In roll films sometimes the tape would be broken and one would get a loose roll; thus one would tighten/snug up each roll and retape them.
    The lickable glue on those old rolls often doe not work as well after many decades; thus adding tape helps. A rubber band can be an issue; it can leave a stress mark if too tight.
    Getting film damaged by the USPS happens more with the loose in the envelope type shipping then a box.
    Kodak had this article in the early 1950's that mentioned something like 50,000 rolls arrive damaged each year to their processing labs. When I delt with Meisell Photochrome in the 1970's they would too remark "Received Damaged". You really do not know if the USPS ruined it or RMFL.
    Back in the 1970's with 620 films; Kodak once had a bad batch of metal film reels and the ends would come off even while shooting; and one got the entire top or bottom edge fogged.
    I once spent several nights shooting long time exposures with a camera piggybacked to a telescope in the 1960's. The lab lost both rolls; it got back somebodys baby images. After that the first shot became my name, address and phone to aid in getting my films back.
    Hopefully with luck your images will come out; keep us posted.
  170. hi yall-
    just wanted to update again. Kayleen- I sent my roll of c22 (which also took over 2yrs) to Rapid Photo in Penn. I sent it out almost 2 weeks ago with 10.00 rush. Its already done and being delivered tomorrow. The guys there were really nice and very helpful. I am going to visit my grandpa on Fri, whose camera this roll came out of, and they rushed it even faster than there rush time of 10days. I cant praise these guys enough for what they have done to take care of me. I would tell everyone here to send there film to them. They went above and beyond. Oh and by the way, they told me yesterday that there are images on the roll, so now I cant wait to see them.
  171. I too recently got my film back from Rocky Mountain (still not done mind you).

    However I'm thinking I'll send it off to Film Rescue as I like their guarantee a

    lot better than getting it back quickly (I've waited this long after all).<br

    /><br />

    It just feels that a company that doesn't get paid if they don't do a good job

    (and actually produces results regardless of fault, for all I know the roll is

    blank) is going to do a better job. Especially since the film sat in unknown

    condition at Rocky Mountain, I have no idea if there is anything left to

    recover.<br /><br />

    Anyway I don't mean to rain on anybody's parade and I'm happy some people got

    their stuff done at Rapid photo and are happy with the results (has anyone seen

    the results of the work, I didn't see any sample images on Rapid Photo's

    website) but I just have my doubts that a 10 day (or less in the previous

    comment's situation) job for near the same price as Film Rescue (who offers more

    options than just CD and prints and guarantees the work) would be of better

    quality. To each their own though and as long as people are happy.<br /><br />

    The reason I wanted to post though (besides commenting on the above) Is I'm

    wondering if anyone is aware of any other reputable companies that do this that

    I should check out before I send off my film? I'm pretty sure Film Rescue is

    the best bet out there right now, but I thought I'd ask. I just want the best

    service I can get as I suspect the images on the film to be of my late father

    who passed away last year.<br /><br />

    Any help is appreciated,<br /><br />

  172. Michael;
    An outfit that processes old obsolete film chemistries typically does it in batches.
    Its cycle depends on how many rolls they have in the backlog.
    They are not going to mix up gallons of stuff for one lone roll; they wait to there are several.
    Thus if Joe Public sends in a roll and the batch gets mixed next week; he just sneaked into that batch.
    If Jane Public sends in a roll right after a batch is done; there is a delay until there are enough rolls for the next batch.
    It is like asking how long does one have to wait for an airport bus; but the buses just arrive when there are enough folks to make it worth while; and one does not know when one is going to land at the airport.
    Stuff done or processed in batches adds the variable in delay due to when your film arrives with respect the the next batch to be run. If Martians land on earth tonight; they might want to watch Ice Hockey; but have to wait until fall. :)
    A google search shows also a C22 lab in the UK; but I have no idea if they are quick or good.
    Call both labs and talk to them; they if smart will clue you in the their batch timing
  173. Kelly,<br /><br />

    Thanks for all the information. In case I wasn't clear though I want quality work over speed. I've waited this many years, what's a few more weeks or months.<br /><br />

    I'll take your advice and give them both a call on Monday and let you guys know what they say.<br /><br />

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!<br /><br />

  174. Quick update. Just called and got Steve himself on the phone! I requested that I wanted my film returned, he was pleasant enough and took my name and address and a contact number. When I asked him for the time frame, he said "well there are about 150 requests ahead of yours; so as soon as we can move through them, we'll get you your film." I plan to call back every week just to keep on his radar - for those who haven't called yet I suggest you do it today!
    Funny that I was once so outraged, and now I'm going to be just so grateful to have that film back in my hands. What an ordeal.
  175. I had intended to submit some film to RMFL, but fortunately found this thread in time....I shall look into sending it to Process C-22 in the UK.
    I'm always very wary of any supplier who charges orders to a buyer's Credit Card right away, when knowing that goods are out-of-stock or a service not immediately available. It's not always done with intent of fraud, but it's frustrating for the customer and takes all urgency from the seller to complete the sale. Then, if, as seems to be the case with RMFL, the seller's business gets into cash flow problems.....
  176. Richard, we all are happy that someone learned from our experiences with RMFL. I sent your e-mail to RMFL, so they will know that ripping off people is costing them.
  177. that totally sucks, j. raabe. i just lost a "money roll" today (won't yet say who it was).
    i've lost a lot of film over the years, and it only takes one lost roll for me to stop using a lab that "loses" film.
    it's experiences like these that had made me go back to developing my own b&w film, and to use digital for color work.
  178. Just a follow-up note to my post of 8/10/10: I've waited 2 weeks for the return of my films as not returned as promised! No follow up phone call as promised! Is anyone suprised? Yesterday I phoned RMFL to do my own follow-up, call was answered by a man who took my name and said "I don't see your name on the list as being sent to the post office...the person who handles that is at lunch, she will call you back." 48 hours later, I have heard nothing. I now plan to make daily phone calls till someone hears me.
  179. Same story here Jo,
    Even all the employees don't seem to care? Do you think they don't read this blog? If they do, I say to them and also Steve... You have some of the most precious things of ours in your hands. Priceless things. Nothing could hurt so much as to have your memories disappear. You have what can never be replaced. How would you want your most treasured memories taken care of? Just give us our film back, pretty please.
  180. Made another follow-up call today to RMFL. Phone answered by Steve Dock, who told me my film had not been mailed as promised, because it was "in production". Assured me that it was now ready to be sent to me and would be mailed out by September 1 at the latest.. Also stated he would phone me to let me know when my films were mailed. I also took a chance and asked him what was going to happen about the return of my money, if the work was not done. (I fully understand that I will not get my money back, but I wanted to ask anyway). He said he "did not know". I asked him to send me the notifications about the bankruptcy and the form to get on the list of creditors, none of which I had received, (as some of the rest of you have?), and he said he would mail them to me. All I want is my film at this point.
    If I hear nothing by September 1, I will continue my daily calls.
  181. Jo; did others here get their bankruptcy info/papers from the courts or RMFL itself?
    Many times a bankruptcy is shield to help a place stay afloat.
    I mention this because RMFL may not be the proper place to get the formal paperwork; the courts and officals many times are. In fact legally some places cannot give out this info; ie you are at the wrong end of the horse.
    You may be asking the wrong place to get on a list.; thus they may have no obligation to do anothers work; ie the courts.
    It is probably better to get on a list properly; ie documented; ie legit; instead of some back door method.
    The probablity of getting ones money back in a bankruptcy are worse than the lottery. You just get on a list. Then maybe; just maybe if one gets on say 50 bankrupt lists over 30 decades; you get back a few pennies on a dollar. If one figures what ones time is worth and postage; it is typically a loss.All those back taxes; attorney fees; court costs have to be absorbed. Creditors are last in line.
    Further up the thread the government person handing the bankruptcy and auction was mentioned. To get on a list has to be done in a timely matter. Sometimes a bankrupt outfit will make the list of creditors; but some are not mentioned because it is an accounting nightmare.
  182. Lance Waterman , Aug 10, 2010; 03:29 p.m. Thanks for the last post Jo Howell! I called the number 303 364 6444, talked to the lady and she found our film straight away! The lady said they'll send the film back within two weeks.
    Lance, did you receive it?
  183. I have received NOTHING. RMFL strikes again.
  184. What did you expect?
    "We have been in business for over 30 years and take great pride in our ability to obtain images from your old films. Our lead technicians have over 100 years of combined experience..."

  185. Dear Rocky Mountain Film,

    About 2 years ago ..... sent in film to be developed and also paid a $ 600 deposit on my behalf.
    .....said in 2009 if I wanted the film back and to be reimbursed for the $600 Rocky Mountain Film will send me my mothers film back and credit my card. After such time has passed and the film has not been processed I prefer to have the fim returned and my credit card credited for the deposit amount sooner then later. Please tell me the best time to call to give you my credit card number to credit the $600 amount.
    So this is what I emailed the guys over at Rocky Mountain. I could not call because they do not answer phonce calls without caller id. I am currently in France so phone call did not go through. So my mom called them. Steeve told her they do not return film. Steeve found the order. He said it was paid by check, He said he can do the order the reason it takes so much time is that it is three different types of film like a ford a chevy and cadillac. I gave him your e-mail address. He will e mail later you later. He said they do not always respong to emails is because they get so much junk. He said yes he can do it.
    2 weeks later still have not recieved an email. I found another place to send the film to but as my mom said they do not return film?
    I dont know 2 years almost 3 and still waiting.
  186. FILM RETURNED! To all of you who have, like myself, been suffering throught this agonizing and frustrating ordeal: Since my last post I have made 3 phone calls to RMFL, speaking twice to Steve Dock himself, to continue to plead for the return of my films, which had been in their possession for now 30 months. These conversations were civil on both sides. Today, I recieved a call from Jill, telling me that my films had been mailed, and, lo and behold, an hour later, the mailman left a box at my door! I cannot tell you how long I have anticipated this moment!
    I received my prints, a CD, negatives, the original film rolls, my original order form and a personal note that I sent with it in 2008, and my credit card receipt for the original payment. If they managed to keep all my stuff together for nearly 3 years, perhaps otherfolk's items are safe as well?
    My order was mostly black & white, with 2 color rolls, all more than 40 years old. Every roll had images. Since I am not a photographer by profession, I cannot speak to the quality of the prints, but I believe RMFL did the best they could with the film I provided. My disappointment was that the subject matter on my films was not, as I had hoped, images of my long-deceased family members, but turned out instead to be mostly candid snapshots taken by me as a child, of teachers and schoolmates from 1961-62.
    UNTIL !!! I opened the last envelope and there was one single photo of my grandmother, deceased 39 years ago, and who was, without doubt, the dearest and most influential person in my life, and also the most camera-shy, never allowing us to photograph her! (That day I got lucky!)
    What I would encourage all of you to do is still keep phoning, still keep asking questions, still ask for return calls (I got 2 in the last 3 weeks, but never any in all the months before!) and not stop until you get results. If my stuff was not lost, I hope everyone else's is still there as well, and that you may still get it. I am not absolving RMFL in any way, this whole situation was totally unacceptable and I hope no one else ever experiences what we have been through. I am glad that for me, anyway, it is over and I wish all of you the best.
  187. @ jo howell - that's wonderful news for you.....recovering amazing memories is what an old-film-service should be about! Still no excuse for RMFL though!
    @ katrina rank - "He said they do not always respond to emails is because they get so much junk." That's so pathetic, I can't let it pass without comment! I have a small business which relies considerably on email. As with most other open email accounts, more than 50% of what comes in is junk and spam, but my spam filter (negligible cost) picks up and diverts this automatically with 99.99% accuracy. To be double-sure, it then takes only few seconds to check the spam filter each week, but it is most unusual if there is any error. These days no half-way-decent business should have any problems in handling either customer emails or spam!
  188. "He said they do not always respond to emails is because they get so much junk."
    Yet he has an email link on his website under the heading
    Contact Information:
    Their mailing address also appears. Funny how he must check that mail because he receives checks there, but why when we know he receives so much junk mail in his mailboxe.
  189. Somewhat good news for the rest of you.
    I received my undeveloped roll of Kodachrome G160 movie film today, September 20, 2010, from the people at the Rocky Mountain Film Lab.
    I had originally sent the one roll of movie film, which my cousin and I had found in her Mom's house after her Mom had passed away from cancer in August of 2008.
    My cousin had wondered what might have been recorded on the roll of movie film and had asked my help in finding a place to develop the roll of film.
    I had sent the roll of movie film to the Rocky Mountain Film Lab on January 29, 2009 along with a check for $78.50, which was to pay for the roll of movie film to be developed and then transferred to a DVD after the film was developed.
    Needless to say I didn't receive any money back along with the undeveloped roll of movie film.
    Back in early August of 2010 I had called the following phone number that someone else on this forum had posted:
    Sally Zeman
    P.O. Box 1169
    Denver, CO
    Sally had explained to me that after August 31st, a woman named Margaret would be the person to direct any inquiries to regarding the Rocky Mountain Film Lab bankruptcy.
    So on September 15, 2010 I called the phone number listed above, asked for Margaret, and told Margaret that after all of this time I just wanted the roll of undeveloped movie film back.
    I also sent an e-mail to the bankruptcy lawyer, Stuart J. Carr, letting him know that I wanted my roll of movie film back so you guys might want to do the same.
    Stuart J. Carr's e-mail address is:
    After the bad experience with the Rocky Mountain Film Lab I don't know if I can trust another company to develop this roll of movie film.
    There was a note in the package with the undeveloped roll of movie film that had the following printed on it.
    Enclosed please find the materials you sent to Rocky Mountain Film Lab.
    Please check your returned film and advise us in writing of any discrepancies within 10 days.
    If you decide to use FRI in Canada to handle your order, please tell them that your film is returned from Rocky Mountain. FRI has informed us they will give your order special consideration.
    If you would like to have us complete your order; please return your film and this note for further processing.
    Thank you
    Rocky Mountain Film Lab
    11801 East 33rd Ave Ste A
    Aurora CO 80010
    Needless to say, I am not going to send the roll of film back to Rocky Mountain Film Lab and go through all of this once again.
    I believe there's an old saying that goes something like this "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me".
    If any of you have had success getting a roll of Kodachrome G160 movie film developed by FRI Canada or someone other than Rocky Mountain Film Lab then I would like to hear which company that you used.
    I hope that the rest of you are at least able to get your undeveloped film back like I was.
  190. I finally got my undeveloped kodachrome film back. I doubt I will see my $85.
  191. I've decided to try to get my one roll of Kodak Ektachrome G160 movie film developed again.
    This time I've sent the roll of movie film to the Film Rescue International company to see what kind of luck I have there.
    It'll cost me an additional $52.00 to have this roll of movie film developed and transferred to a single DVD disc on top of the $78.50 that I ended up wasting by trying the Rocky Mountain Film Lab.
    I hope that it turns out to be worth the cost.
    Joe Rosenfeld had e-mailed me and suggested that I try Dwayne's Photo at
    I e-mailed Dwayne's Photo and they told me that my roll of Kodak G160 movie film was too old and that they couldn't process it.
    They mentioned that I should try Film Rescue International, so that's what I'm doing.
    Film Rescue International's website states that if they receive my movie film by October 8, 2010 that it should take about 6 weeks for the film to be developed and sent back to me on a DVD disc.
    I mailed the roll of movie film yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, September 28, 2010.
    I'll stop by this forum and post how my film turned out when I get it back.
    Henry Brown
  192. This issue seems to have completed died. Has everyone given up? Apparently RMFL is still in the rip-off business.
  193. I think you are right, he got away with everything. I will have had my film in there for almost 3 years and "cant" get it back, "its in the process". Like its been for the last two years. What a joke and there are still people keeping him in business blows me away, and what did bankruptcy do? We all still got screwed......and no "gov't agency" helped. I live 4 hours from Denver, and the next time I go there, I will stop at his place, it will not be pleasant for him.
  194. As I promised earlier, I'm reporting back on my progress in getting my roll of film developed by Film Rescue International.
    I had finally gotten my roll of undeveloped movie film back from the Rocky Mountain Film Lab in September of 2010, after waiting about 1 1/2 years.
    I mailed off the roll of movie film to Film Rescue International in early October of 2010 so that the Film Rescue International company would have the film in time for their next film processing cycle, which started on October 8, 2010.
    The Film Rescue International company had said on their website that they would process the film in about 6 weeks.
    I received the developed roll of 8mm movie film and the DVD that it had been transferred to on November 29, 2010.
    I am happy with the way that the roll of movie film turned out.
    I had explained to the people at the Film Rescue International company that I had sent the film to the Rocky Mountain Film Lab first and as a result, I received a 6% discount from the Film Rescue International company.
    I don't know if this company will offer any of the rest of you the same discount that I received, but it wouldn't hurt to mention that you were also a victim of the Rocky Mountain Film Lab if you choose to send your film to them.
    There is one thing that you have to do if you use the Film Rescue International company and that is to fill out their form on the Film Rescue International website and then print out and mail this form along with your film.
    I didn't read the fine print and mail off this form with my film and had to send them an e-mail to straighten out my order.
    Other than that, I am satisfied with the work of the Film Rescue International people and feel confident in recommending them to any of the rest of you.
    Good luck with getting your film back from the Rocky Mountain Film Lab.
  195. I need to make a correction to my last message that I posted on december 6, 2010.
    The discount that I received from the Film Rescue International company was a 15% discount and not a 6% discount as I had written earlier.
    They had given me this 15% discount for having been a victim of the Rocky Mountain Film Lab like the rest of you.
    Keep trying to get your film back like I did and maybe you'll eventually succeed.
  196. I sent my film to RMFL in July 2008. In February 2011 I sent an email to the bankruptcy attorney about retrieving my film. I received a call from a woman at RMFL, promising to send my developed pictures. After several phone calls since then, last week I finally received my processed pictures on CD.
  197. I have had the same problem, I sent my film in 2008 (from Australia), I have had no reply! What I do nOt understand is why someone in America does not track these A holes down, firstly, because I would if I were there! And second of all TAKE THEIR WEBSITE DOWN!!!!!!!! so no one else falls for this again. JUST TAKE THEIR SITE DOWN!
  198. After over 3 years of waiting, I received about half my money back in the bankruptcy. Although I gave up on my film of ever being returned. I did take pictures of it before I sent it and was told by someone else that it was probably no good anyway and would have not gotten anything back due to the shape it was in.
  199. I haven't seen any reviews from 2012? Did everyone just give up or did they get it together? I sent them two rolls 2 weeks ago (I wasn't aware of any of these problems) and their site (which apparently is down now) was working then. After reading all of these stories, I'm not really sure what to do? Wait a year or two or just call them now and ask to send it back right away? I'm wondering if anyone had good experiences with them?
  200. Get your film back now!!! they never returned my film, and its been 3-4 years???? They did return my money, but go elsewhere!!!!!
  201. If it's any consolation I've developed film as old as 1947 using Ilfsol 3 with no real issues at home in my sink... it took me 15 minutes instead of 3 years to get my film back :) I'll do this for you, for an unreasonable price, but I'll do it and get it back to you faster than they will.
  202. Hello,

    I sent to the RMFL : one film Kodachrome II & one roll Kodacolor-X on 2011-10-17 From France.
    They encasched 88,00 USD on 2011-11-10.
    Every year, since this date, I send them an email to get news of the process.
    I never got any answer. I'm not very fluent in english so I don't want to call them by phone.
    Is anybody can relay my demand and get an answer back by email ?
    Than you
    Best regards.
  203. There are a lot of postings on various forums over several years, and the Lab and its owner appear to have gone out of business and bankrupt. I think that the prospects of recovering any film now doesn't look good.
    All I can find is a (long) blog, dating from 2010, which gives some advice and the contact details for the bankruptcy trustee (in red)....might be worth an email or letter there, as a last resort.
  204. Rocky Mountain Film lab. Just received bankruptcy discharge notice from the court. They have had my film for 6 years, since 2008. Sure would like to get it back. I have called twice and talked to different people. All very nice. Still nothing.
    M. Ritter
  205. Wow, how unfortunate. I just read these and it almost brought me to tears. It's so sad to think of those old films, just gone. My heart goes out to all who lost their films.
    Praying for good news.

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