Robot Royal 24 camera

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  1. Robot Royal 24 sometimes also refered to as Robot Royal model III

    Lens: Schneider Kreutznach Xenon 40/1.9

    Rangefinder: super impose image type.

    Shutter: metal rotary shutter, speed B,2,5,10,25,50,100,250,500

    aperture: 1,9,2.8,4,5.6,8,11,16

    Dimension: 14x7.8x 6.8 cm

    robot royal camera diagram.JPG
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  2. 1) counter window

    2)cassette locker knob,pull up to remove cassette

    3) counter reset button, press down and turn the teeth wheel to reset counter to 0

    4) shutter release

    5) hot shoe

    6)film rewind knob

    7)DIN knob

    8)DIN window

    9)Camera back lock

    10)single mode/burst mode switch

    11)Aperture ring

    12)distance scale in ft

    13)lens lock

    14)Shutter speed dial

    15) Square viewfinder window

    16) camera foot for standing upright

    17)flash sync sockets

    18) focusing ring
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  3. 1-P1030618.JPG
    Robot Royal III 35mm 2/3 frame roll film camera

    format 24x24mm 50 exposures on one roll of 135 film

    I do not classify Robot Royal as "subminiature camera", because

    1) It uses standard 35mm film, not subminiature film

    2) It is heavier and bigger than many full frame 35mm camera ( for example Rollei 35)
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  4. How to carry such a heavy camera is a problem

    It has no lugs for straps, and current half case on market has no strap either.

    Cannot use most German camera case with screw at center. This camera has Leica III style screw at the side
  5. Always wanted one, but haven't yet got to it.

  6. It looks like a Robot Star o50 camera, with a winding knob at center top of camera

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