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  1. As I could not find a hint on PNET I drop this one.
    By chance I came along Robert Lebeck in an article in the German weekly paper "Die Zeit" and think it's worth to be mentioned here.
    Regards Axel
  2. Thank you for sharing that Axel. His images brought me great joy!
  3. Axel, Thanks so much for sharing this site. It is SO WONDERFUL to see images made with film, with real grain and everything<g>. Does he shoot with a Leica, do you know?
  4. wonderful stuff axel! this is what i call photography!
  5. Michael,
    I think yes, but I have to check the article in the paper again, if I find it.
    He had 65 or 70th birthday lately and he got a M8 as present by his wife. So he only stared digi now.
    I can not imagine this images done without film.
    Yes the grain - - - inspires me to do 'grain' again.
    Regards Axel
  6. Thank you for posting this Axel. I've always admired Lebeck's work. Especially those photos taken during Franco's era in Spain.
    To me that generation (Lebeck, Robert Doisneau, Tomatsu Shomei and earlier American Walker Evans to name a few) were/are the really great street/reportage photographers. There is much to learn from the legacy they left for us.
  7. Scot,
    >to name a few
    Yes, but I did not hear/know about Lebeck before and thought to find more on PNET, so I was surprised to find nothing about him on PNET.
    >There is much to learn from the legacy they left for us.
    Yes - admiring and learning, being inspired etc pp.
  8. This is an old-ish post so maybe no one is checking any longer, but Steidl recently published Lebeck's glorious trilogy of
    books, TOKYO, MOSCOW, LEOPOLDVILLE in paperback in a slipcase:

    A huge proportion of the work on Lebeck's website features in these three volumes -- it's all work from the late-50s and 60s.

    The website is also one of the most beautiful (both in function and content) that I know of. I guess the work is scanned from
    premiuim quality prints and this explains their superb quality on the website.

    Grab the book while it's available -- Steidl stuff has a habit of going O/P very quickly.

    And no, I don't have any connection with Steidl -- just someone who's very happy to have discovered a lifetime's pleasure in
    Lebeck's work!

    -- Alun

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