Robert Frank is 79 today

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by lee_shively, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. I was reading "Moving Out" last night and noticed Robert Frank's
    birthday is today. Since he's on my short list of most influential
    photographers of the 20th Century, I thought I would bring it to the
    attention of the Forum.
  2. i wonder what Bender have to say about bob frank's photos.
  3. Need you ask? Undoubtedly he's another "formless slob" untainted by grace and beauty.
  4. Thanks Lee, I love Robert Frank's work. I am currently studying
    for a photography A-level and am going to do something on
    Frank and his work. There are lots of resources on the internet,
    but if anyone has any information which I might find particularly
    useful or interesting, I would be very grateful if they would let me


  5. Think I'll tell everyone I see today it's Robert's birthday. I'm sure every last one of them will look at me like I'm crazy...
  6. btw, If he's 79 he sure doesn't look it. In the photo someone posted of him a few months ago it looked as if he was in his 60's. I wish him health if he's reading this... (ha ha!)
  7. The photo in question.
    Feliz cumpleaños.
  8. Hmm, OK, he looks a very healthy 79 anyway.
  9. Andrew, do you think you could give him a call and see if we could arrange a print exchange with him??
  10. I once met him without knowing it was him. It was at a cocktail party and it was like, "Beau, meet Bob; Bob, meet Beau" and much later I mentioned his name and somebody said, "I introduced you to Bob, remember?" He did look kind of familiar...

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