Roads not previously taken - Deadman's Basin, Montana

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Sandy Vongries, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Have probably passed this a Baker's Dozen times in the last decade. Brief detour this time, even though it has been a dry year, and the water is down, delightful. Serendippity.
    DSC_3598 (1000x666).jpg DSC_3599 (1000x666).jpg DSC_3613 (1000x666).jpg DSC_3624 (1000x650).jpg DSC_3628 (1000x666).jpg DSC_3631 (1000x666).jpg
  2. Lovely images, Sandy. I haven't been to Montana in more than a decade, and your photos make me want to go back soon. Thanks for sharing them.
  3. You are most welcome, thanks for looking. We will be on a series of day trips around the state, so more will follow.
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  4. Sandy, looks like we might be approaching the hunker-down season. You might already be there, given last night's weather report. Thanks for sharing your travels. Happy trails...
  5. New puppy = hunker down for sure. Weather, till snow isn't too much of an obstacle. Best, S
  6. In the entry road median into Zion Canyon:
    Zion Cholla 2017.jpg
    I found this interesting because it is part of the road improvements, and not part of the natural and familiar landscape of Zion Canyon, but feels very much a part when properly framed.

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