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  1. La Gitana, Arivaca Arizona
  2. Ice136_web0.jpg
    Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, Iceland
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  4. Cobden- Home of the Appleknockers
  5. 018a Casa HIlario Alto Leones Grúa Sig39-80.jpg Canon F-1n. Sigma XQ 39-80. Kodak Gold 400
  6. Columbus, Georgia, USA.

  7. . . No Gas, No 7-UP, No Mayville Oregon... The tape covered sign says it all; Mayville is on it's last days. Once a quiet oasis in a vast land, by 1989 not even a 7-UP could tempt the hurried motorist to stop and say hello...
    [​IMG]. . No Gas, No 7-UP, No Mayville Oregon by Reinhold S., on Flickr. .Neg# TOVI 109. Mamiya RB67, 80mm, Yg filter, 1989
  8. IMG_0891-reduced.jpg
    A one time stop on a highway in Nevada

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