RIP George Forss

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  1. I don't recall having read a better obituary!
    I hope he will rest in peace.
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  2. Very sorry for your, and the world's loss of this wonderful fellow. I hadn't heard of him before this, but looking at some of his images I see only beauty and a deep understanding of what should be seen.

    Thanks for this -
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  3. Just ordered his book online. Thanks for telling us. RIP George.
  4. Sadly, I never met George and - until today - never had seen any of his work.Thanks to you, I did a quick search and landed on the Park Slope Gallery. What I noticed was that, among other things, he had a variety of styles as well as a variety of subjects. He clearly was adept at double-imaging and composites, which makes him even more impressive since he shot film exclusively, unless I'm mistaken. Monophoto, do you happen to have the date on which he made the cover of Time?
  5. I strongly agree.
  6. Very well said.
  7. Eric, indeed there is - no, there must be - a threefold distinction among what is seen, what is well seen, and what is well seen with a deep understanding. Thanks for teaching me this.
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  9. Here's a video that Jon Katz made when he and George Forss were hang a show at a small cafe in Cambridge, NY in 2014


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