Rime Light softboxes, assessments?

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  1. I'm particularly interested in hearing about anyone's first hand understanding and impressions of the build quality and color consistency of the Rime rectangular boxes (made by the Korean company Rime, distributed in the USA by Dynalite), not so much their "Grand" parabolic boxes.

    Thanks... t

    (Subtle and clever jokes about Rime website ad copy are expected, within Photo.net standards :^)
  2. Seems like a lot of money for a pretty standard softbox - big as it is.
    Let's see what its makers say it has going for it:
    "Soft, Flattering Light" - Yep, that's the whole point of a softbox.
    "Colorfast Material" - Is white a colour? Non-yellowing would be better.
    "UV Coating Eliminates Blue Cast" - Yeah right! Like a blue cast has ever been an issue with any softbox. A yellow cast maybe, and any UV coating needed should already be on the strobe tube.
    "Waterproof Material" - Like you're going to use a softbox in the rain with a strobe attached? Or stick the whole thing in the washing machine? The Polyester, Terylene or Nylon used in every softbox are all waterproof man-made fabrics anyway.
    "Aircraft Quality Duralumin Rods" - Duralumin isn't known for its springiness or bendiness. It worries me that such a material would take a set after a while and not tension the box properly. Use of carbon-fibre rods would be more impressive. In fact bamboo cane would impress me more as a choice of a lightweight springy material.

    All the above (apart from the Duralumin) could be a list of features of any no-brand softbox at half the price or less. No mention of how good the stitching is, or whether there's any maker's warranty, or whether the rod pockets are deep and strong or simply bits of Velcro. No mention either of how the inner diffuser is suspended - thin elasticated material can perish quite quickly. What's the silvering like on the interior of the box? Will it go sticky and peel off if the box is kept rolled up? These are the things you really need to know about a softbox. Not some madey-uppy BS that could apply to almost any box ever made.
    Edit. The rim of the box doesn't look deep enough to prevent any sideways spill whatsoever. Nor does it look capable of supporting an egg-crate. If it won't take a skirt or egg crate easily then personally I wouldn't touch it.
  3. yes, some of those are the very questions I would like to have answered by someone who has actually seen or used one of these soft boxes.

    The specific box I am looking at is priced less than the comparable sizes in Chimera and others. It is not the cheapest, but I don't want the cheapest.

    I want the best compromise between insanely expensive and deservedly cheap. I'd like to get 4 or 5 years out of it, maintaining color consistency throughout it's usable life.

    Looking at Bowens (thanks Ellis) and Rime... t
  4. I don't use crates or louvers. If I need greater edge control I have binder clips and cine foil.

    What I need is a good, basic soft box with removeable inner baffle and front diffusion panel, that won't rip on it's second mounting, or it's 200th. One that will maintain a neutral color for that same period of time (white is a fine description of a color, in my world:^) ... t
  5. The Bowens softbox is excellent . Thanks Ellis.

    And B and H knocked it out of the park. Their customer service is
    shockingly good. Seriously…t

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