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  1. I almost purchased a "rim flash" the other day, but was a little unsure, since the lady said they were going to discontinue these... Are these types of flashes absolutley nescessary for great macro photos? i have seen some phenominal Macro photography from this community, and i know a few have to have some editing done to them to make them stand out more, but i have started developing more of a passion for macro's, and was looking for some guidance on this type of flash, or if there is a better one..
    My equiptment for now is a rebel t1i and macro 100mm f2.8 lense
    Im learning so please only constructive critisism, since we all started somewhere
    Thank you ladies and gentlemen
  2. ring flash,.. sorry cant spell
  3. Read this: http://www.photo.net/equipment/canon/macro-flash/
  4. Thanks Mark, i guess i need to do more research on it
  5. I have the Lester Dyne dental setup which combines a razor-sharp Kiron 110/2.5 (manual focus) lens with a ring flash. Like the Canon mentioned above, the power unit is shoe mounted on the camera. For 1:1 shots where the lens would cast shadows from normal lights, it's very good, but I haven't really found that many uses for it other than documenting problems on circuit boards. It's probably the greatest thing ever for intimate portraits of individual insects or rodents, but very few preying mantises have asked for portfolio shots recently and even fewer gerbils can afford my fees!

    No, they aren't absolutely necessary for great macro shots, but there are macro shots where they are great. And for the shots at which they excel, they are incredibly easy to use compared to anything else I can think of.


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