Riga replica cases

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  1. Looking good. I believe I am going to purchase a couple for my A's.
  2. Aren't the As slightly bigger?
  3. Riga is 80 mm × 27 mm x 16 mm
    A/IIIs is 82 mm x 28mm x 16 mm
    I believe the case will accommodate the extra 2mm for the IIIs. I have one of Luigi's cases made for Riga (the one with the top zipper) and it is a snug fit for IIIs.
  4. Luigi case is the best made case.
    I don't like to use all the Minox made cases, the IIIs, B cases dangling on the chain is bothersome.
    The LX case is a bit better, but not convenient for film change.
    I use small and medium Victorinox knife pouches for these Minox cameras with neck strap
  5. [​IMG]
    My Minox LX with neck strap and replica Waterman leather pen case
    The neck strap is attached to Minox LX tripod socket with a 1/4 inch D ring screw
    and a rubber wafer>
    The strap is a piece of 1.5 mm diameter leather rope with a Michael Kors brass swivel snap hook
  6. I also bought Luigi Minox cases for my Rigas

    Apparently there is very little demand for Luigi Riga case, only 12 sold
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    Riga Minox with Luigi leather case RIGA MINOX WITH LUIGI CASE.jpg

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