Riding a Steam Train with a CMC - a few shots

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  1. Dear All,

    I thought that I'd like to share a few steam train pictures - I have a feeling that it will resonate with quite a few people in here :) I am - by no means - a railroad buff, but back in October, we had the opportunity to take a two-hour trip, passing through Copenhagen Central station on the way. And we thought that it could be a nice experience for the kids :)

    The train was a Breda from Milan, Italy, 1898, so I figured that I wouldn't have a contemporary camera anyway and opted for the 1969 Nikon F and a 24/2.8. Turns out, the train and carriages were actually still in service in 1938, when my Leica IIIa was made... Anyway, it was nice to enjoy the luxury of TTL metering, even though we only rode Third Class :)

    First off, here's the train - obviously, the staff wore workwear and scarves to match.
  2. One of the less comfortable carriages - DSB are the Danish State Railways.
  3. ...and off we went :) The atmosphere was a strange mix of smoke and fresh air with a bit of rain...
  4. Anton enjoyed standing on the rear platform - except when we passed through the tunnels north of Copenhagen Central at full steam (and smoke). Yikes - but a good starting point for a talk about pollution then and now. In any case, we certainly managed to turn a few heads at the station.
  5. The benches in Third Class were OK for the couple of hours, but we talked quite a bit about the old days, when fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen took this kind of train all the way to Italy...
  6. So - this is the final picture of the day. Not much else to say - we simply had a great day out :)
  7. Great photos, well composed, well exposed, very pleasing series of a vintage machine. Thanks for posting!
  8. You are a great photographer, and you give your children some interesting experiences.
    One thing I would like to ask as a fellow citizen, where did you start and where did you end, you know the stations.
  9. What a nice trip, and a good choice of machinery to record it with too.
    Nothing like a train.
  10. First, when I had a look on your images, I had a funny feeling. Lots of black and the images is very nice, excellent tone and I thought, something wrong with the tone. To good. Couldn't figure out why, then I read your lines about this trip. Then I understand what is wrong with the image, why it is so good. FILM. It is on FILM and so different for our eyes, we get used to the digital images. You did an excellent job, composition, exposures, and you put a story in to those images very nicely. Thank you to sharing with us.
    I decided to load a roll of ILFORD PLUS 400, get out of the fridge, to one of my Nikon F and heeding out to shoot some real photography.
  11. My idea of a great day out, with a nice old steam engine and an old camera or two. And, of course, a couple of photogenic kids to add a little icing to the cake. Fine photography, as always, Soeren; thanks for sharing your day.
  12. Very nice. Beautiful processing and treatment.
  13. Very nice. Glad to see an old Nikon F in use. Good choice of subjects to show off the camera and lens capabilities. It's too bad the steam locomotive couldn't make a comeback. I think we all need to slow down sometimes. Thanks for a great post.
  14. Fantastic set as always. Thank you so much for posting. Time hasn't allowed me the luxury of photographing anything the past few months.
  15. Another set of lovely images Soeren. Thank you for sharing with us. I have the AF-D version of the 24/2.8, which has long been a favorite of mine. I recently added a pair of rabbit ears from a junk lens so that I can use it with my F and other Non-AI bodies. Not quite as visually appealing as a chrome-nosed version when mounted on a chrome F, but it should get the job done just fine.
  16. Lovely work with an all-time classic camera.
    I've been hoping to get out, but with winds at high speed and nearly -20 degrees C here, it's not such a great idea. So I shall live vicariously through your shots for a few days longer.
    I've become entranced with my Ilford chromogenic, but it looks like I need to try the Kodak too.
  17. Thanks for these Soeren, wonderful as usual. My idea of heaven is steam trains and classic cameras! Although I like all of these, the last shot sums it up well...a happy kid standing in front of a steam loco.
  18. The Kodak BW400CN is one of my favorite films for hybrid work. It scans so nice it makes other films look bad in comparison. On my monitor the images do look a bit dark and with a slight tint to them, but even with that, they are excellent shots.
  19. Thanks, guys :)

    I really enjoy working with the "F" - an excercise in simplicity. My 24 mm is quite early, with a scalloped barrel. I also brought a 50, but found the 24 perfect for the relatively cramped spaces, so I ended up using that exclusively.

    Yes, that Kodak film is really nice - I really hope that it will live on in the future version of Kodak.

    And, to anyone else from Denmark (Hi, Jacques :): We started at Hellerup station, rode south to Hundige and all the way back. Incidentally, we were using the "S-train" tracks (an overground commuter line) and stopped at a few stations along the way, even picking up a few passengers going to Copenhagen Central who had expected to take the regular, electric train. Fun :)

    Thanks again,

  20. Nice. I am a train fan and like to shoot the vintage trains with cameras made in that era. Mostly I use either a Watson & Son plate camera or a 1928 Bergheil. I don't have anything as new as your Nikon. ;-)
    Kent in SD

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