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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by classcamera, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for a Ricohflex 127 color back. This is for the Mk#, Super, or
    Holiday type of Ricohflex cameras, not the Diacord models. I would post this
    to the ?Classified? section but there just does not seem to be a lot of
    activity there, form classic users. Oh, you can pretty much name your price
    as I am an obsessive compulsive collector and will go hungry for darn thing.
  2. hasn't the supply of 127 film, except possibly c-41, totally disappeared?
  3. E-bay is the place. It's not that bad.

    One does not need film to have a camera, plus you can slice and roll your own. You can also get new 127 from freestyle (Efke) and the frugal photographer.

    I bought a bunch of classic camera lots from E-bay, for the sole purpose of getting the spools. I load 'em and when the urge strikes to shoot plastic fantastic, I have it handy. Just buy a couple new rolls of Efke and SAVE THE BACKING PAPER.

    ...then again you probably knew this :)
  4. a search showed me sources of 127
  5. So the 2 dozen rolls of 127-E4 Ektachrome I have might actually be good for something? They expired 20 years ago and haven't been refrigerated for the past 10 years. I was just going to throw them out.

  6. Efke 100 b&w in 127 is everywhere... I think is the cheapest at the moment, but even B&H carries it... nowhere near dead (yet).

    Personally, I like the Efke, but I'm keeping all my spools and paper for respooling down the road. Slitting from 120 is a piece of cake if you convert a crappy camera for the task (for me it was my dumb Holga).
  7. I personally think it's a silly format...but I just respooled a spool with a chunk of 35mm and stuck it in my holiday brownie, with the awesome dakon lens.

    I think I'm sick
  8. I think most of us are a little sick ;)
  9. I have a sick website :)
    and this weekend I'm sending a friend down to Cornwall with a Gevelux 44, a roll of colour film and 5 PF1b flash bulbs. Brave chap - I hope he comes back!
  10. Nice collection and beautiful photos Brian. I have to check and try them out, we should bring them back.
  11. Brian, that Vest Pocket Jiffy appears to be some exotically long format... but I couldnt get the page to load. Looks like something minh would build. ;)
  12. Paul,

    I processed a lot of E4 film in E6 chemistry back in the 80's. I used a bulb for the re-exposusure step as I recall. Why not give it a go?

    For sure the spools & paper are woth saving! Kodak metal spools are the best to use in a Grey Rollei 4x4.

    Do Not Toss!
  13. Yes! 127 is still alive and well at least as long as the Croatians keep making it. Their spools aren't the best,can have flashing that causes stiff film advances, and can also make the spool hard to take out. I have been slitting a lot of film down in my dark room, with excellent results. All you need is a paper cutter and some used backings, I give directions at my web site, there are also some pictures I took with a Baby Rollei.

    I am still looking for the color back, so if you guys find it let me know.

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