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  1. Well, yesterday my daughter and I went to the Camera Swap at
    Dave's Photo Emporium in Ann Arbor. It was also hosted by the
    Michigan Photographic Historical Society. Beautiful weather, as
    the swap was outdoors. There were about 20 tables or so, and
    a pretty extensive selection of vintage cameras, odds and ends,
    darkroom equipment, etc.
    Marjorie scored first with her acquisition of a nice Argus Minca for
    $10, including a roll of film inside. She bought another Argus 75
    with flash for $6, but this one is the brown model. My only
    Argus-related items were: 1 nice Argus 100mm lens for C-44,
    including the shade, for $1, and a working LS-3 meter in case for
    The MiPHS had several tables with donated items that they were
    selling to clean out space... the $1 table netted me a nice Kodak
    Pony 135B, a Voigtlander Brilliant, and a Kodak Brownie Reflex --
    all in leather cases. In addition, I bought a slew of filters and
    adapters for about $15.

    My one "big" camera purchase was a Ricoh Six, a 1950s folding
    6x6 camera. I have film in it now, and and am testing it out. I
    also bought a nice Nikon Nikkor-H 50mm f2 lens for $20.
    I also bought a bunch of old film that one old gentleman was
    selling to clean out space in his freezer---at 10 cents/roll.
    Included in that purchase were several rolls of 126 Kodachrome
    64, a bunch of Kodacolor II 120, and some other 35mm color &
    b&w film.
    All in all, we spent a couple of pleasant hours there talking
    cameras, buying stuff and meeting other MiPHS members.
    There were LOTS of neat cemeras to look at and fondle...and it's
    just as well that Gene M was not there, or he would have blown
    his next paycheck or the mortgage payment... :)

    I guess my question is, has anyone else on this forum used a
    Ricoh Six? As soon as I finish my roll of film in it and develop it,
    I'll post some images if they are worthwhile sharing. Based on
    my impression so far -- though it has a limited range of shutter
    speeds, it seems well-built and solid.

  2. Mortgage payment !!!! I'm glad you reminded me....
  3. Wow; good thing I live nowhere near Ann Arbor. Being a user rather than a collector of old cameras, I feel no compulsion to count the number of cameras I have acquired. However, my wife operates under no such contraint; she recently informed me that I have 38. When I expressed some doubts about the accuracy of her survey, she did a recount. Still 38. Gasp...<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; I didn't even know Ricoh had made a 6x6; will look forward to further reports.
  4. Mike -- just 38. You're gonna have to work on that! We fully expect you to reach 50 by Labor Day.
  5. Only 38 cameras? My 16 yr old daughter has 92...
    she does most of her shooting with a Nikon F, and FG, and her
    Kiev 88 that she bought last year. Lately, she's been shooting a
    lot with her Kodak Pony 135 C.
  6. Here is the Ricoh Six
  7. Photo 1 -- rain-washed path - Verichrome Pan developed in HC110B
  8. The Cloister at UM Law Quadrangle - same film and developer
  9. fire hose valves? Verichrome Pan, HC110B
  10. Very nice results with that Ricoh 6x6. You must be feeling very pleased with yourself right now. Now that you have something on film, I'll be interested in hearing how you think the camera and lens stacks up against some more familiar contenders.
  11. Well it has a better overall build than my Ansco and Agfa folders,
    tho only a limited range of shutter speeds. Lenswise, I need to
    take some more shots to see how the lens really does. After I
    finish off this roll of pan-F, I'll put some provia in it and see what
    happens. I really like the feel of the camera - shutter is
    amazingly quiet, too.
  12. After using this camera in both 6x6 and 6x4.5 modes, I think I'll stick to the smaller format, as there is some vignetting at the 6x6 frame size.

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