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  1. Hi, I have a Ricoh GR1v which I have used on and off for many years. I tried it yesterday after not using it for a couple of years and found the top lcd was not showing some segments and it sounds a bit rough when advancing film.
    It really is a great camera and the lens is razor sharp. Does anyone know of a company in the uk that could repair these cameras?
    I did a search of Ricoh but they seem to have moved away from cameras and especially film cameras.

    Many thanks,
  2. It's a 17-year old simple film camera. I'm sure you could find it easier to find a working one on eBay or whatever than to get it fixed.

    I think it would be even better to find a point-and-shoot digital camera -- or just get a sophisticated cell phone.

    Not only are film cameras worth little these days, but film and processing are getting harder to find all the time.
  3. Many thanks for your reply. Yes it is a film camera and it would be easy to get a simple point and shoot. However, my interest is in film not digital. This camera has an amazing, razor sharp lens and I like to use it. s/h on ebay they are going for around £700. Also it has been around Africa with me on many occasions and I am attached to it. As I regularly develop and print all my b+w films, getting that done is no issue at all.
  4. Your camera is a classic, which is reflected in used prices, and it's true you would pay about £700 for good s/h example. I've noticed some are being offered for sale with LCD issues, which suggests to me they can't be fixed. I would suggest you retire your GR1v and look for something else. I hesitate to recommend anything but there are good 35mm film rangefinders around with superb optics for a lot less than £700.
  5. Brian and Jean, Thank you for your posts and information. What a shame Ricoh dont repair them.I guess I will have to use it sparingly and hope, one day, a name comes up that will repair.
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