Ricoh GR-D and Leica D-Lux 3 vs Leica M6/Tri-X

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  1. The grain factor is one reason that I've stuck to small-sensor cameras (the Ricoh GR-D and Leica D-Lux 3) rather than getting an M8, with which I would have to shoot at ISO1250 or 2500 to get a grain effect -- I don't like to put in grain artificially because, although I do a lot of post-processing, I like to work more "directly" with regard to grain.
    By clicking below you can see a "slideshow" of 112 B&W pictures, my Bangkok Series, of which 48 were taken with the Leica M6 (mainly with Tri-X, HP5 and some Fuji 1600) and the rest with mainly with the GR- D, and some with the Leica D-Lux 3. Granted that they're only small jpegs, but I think they nevetheless show the qulaity of B&W that you can get with small-sensor digital cameras.
    You can see the slideshow by clicking here.
    Incidentally, this series is in four "chapters", but without any chapter titles.
  2. Mitch,

    It has been a while since I looked at any of your shots so it was good to see the range including some new ones(since I last looked at the Bangkok series).

    It is difficult to pick out the different cameras/images, however I think you can identify the range of tones and quality of tones produced by the M6 analogue.

    Out of curiosity, what ASA do you use for the GRD 400/800? and it certainly can produce very stark and contrasty images just like pushed Tri-X used to..........stunning.

    Have you looked at the Ricoh GX100 yet, and if so what do you think of it?

    I am still using my GRD (more than my DSLR), and love it's quality, portability and ease of use. I have just returned form a trip away with the wife for a few days and used it for beach scenes etc, I must admit that I do want to do some more street B&W work with it, but have not ventured into the extremes of ASA yet.

    I have posted my images on this site and I know you have viewed and commented on them before, but there are now more to see - hope you get the chance to view them:

    Great to see you back on this site, and if there are any other specific GRD sites you recommend, please send me a personal e-mail and let me know.

    Keep up the great work, and the postings.

    Kind regards
  3. Ian:

    In bright light I usually shoot the GR-D at ISO 200 because it gives a bit more "bite" than
    slower speeds. Otherwise, I shoot at 800 and sometimes at 1600. I still haven't shot the
    GR-D at 400.

    I haven't tried the GX100 and, as usual, on the web one reads a lot of conflicting opinions
    from people whose photography and basis for aesthetic judgment one doesn't know.

    I like the pictures on your site, but prefer the B&W to the color because I generally prefer
    less saturation, but the trouble is that is what I prefer rather than what I produce because,
    once I get started, I tend to oversaturate. Your B&W tonality is good: it's often where I get
    to but then go on to increase contrast and shrink the range of the midtones -- just can't
    help myself.

    I haven't found any goos GR-D sites: dpreview if too equipment-oriented and the flickr
    sites GR-D sites have a dearth of good pictures.

    I got a string response in terms of viewership today because I posted similar messages on
    several sites -- or is it the nudes that attract viewers? But I got very few comments.
    Although I phrased ny postings in terms of the cameras used, but what I really hoped
    was the people would look at the sequencies and the structure and themes ofd the four

  4. Mitch,

    Thanks for this info, I am off to London this weekend so will give it a burst at various ASA'a over and above my normal 100 and see what comes out!

    I bet your large GRD images look fantastic and create a lot of discussion between the various "types" of photographers - the main thing is; you do it, I find on these forums too many people talk the talk but do not deliver the goods and a lot of threads end up in slanging matches - shame.

    Keep up the great work, and if you have a website can you post or send me the address please.


  5. Hi Mitch, Great serie from Bangkok, I was there for 20 years ago, lot of changes... I did?t have time to scan my negatives till now, but you can have a look to some of my work made with Leica M2/TriX, 20 years ago and my recent work with the Ricoh GRD. I bought the GRD for the same reason as you did, it?s a logical buy when you come from the Leica M/ TriX combo. I even tryed the M8 for a while, but did?t convince me. I really prefer the GRD (and it is not a question of money). Albert/ Spain
  6. Alberto:
    Fantastic pictures. Anyone who wants to know what one can do with a 28mm lens and a small-sensor camera should have a look at your GR-D gallery here.
    Felicitaciones, hombre! (I should really say, feicitaciones, maestro!
  7. Correction: "Albert" not "Alberto"
  8. Hi Mitch, Thanks a lot for the kind words, I hope our work will stimulate some people not to focus so much on technic but more on photography! Since digital, in most forums, I just read about noise&noise&noise... just so boring! I tried Dpreview, but people there are so focused on technic that make them blind... Flowers are Ok... when photographed from Mapplethorpe. Thanks again Mitch, and keep on making good work. Albert (here they say Alberto)

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