Richard Nordin's "Hasselblad Compendium"

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  1. This may be crossing the border between an informative post and an advertisement. And if it does, i apologize.

    Richard Nordin's "Hasselblad System Compendium" has been a 'must-have' resource for anyone remotely interested in Hasselblad.

    The good news, which has received a passing mention before on PNet, is that a completely revised and expanded edition, called "Hasselblad Compendium" has been released this week.

    Again an absolute 'must- have' for anyone interested in Hasselblad, as user, or collector, or anything in between. Like the older version, it contains the answers to very many of the Hasselblad related questions that are frequently asked here on PNet.

    The old edition sells for silly money now. Perhaps a good idea to get a copy of the new one 'in time'?
  2. Does this have any new or revised information on the classic cameras, or is it just adding the newer products?
    I have the previous edition.
    - Leigh
  3. Both.
    I have the previous edition too, but do think the new book is well worth getting. A 'must-have' also for anyone who owns the first book.

    Of course, lots of the information in the old version was complete and correct. So there would not be much room for change there. But Richard Nordin still managed to put new information in this book, and it's much more than just a new printing of the old book. Lots of updated data too.
    And the old book was of the days when it was compiled too, so lots of the V-System did not make it into it, because it hadn't seen the light of day yet. There's also info about the X- and H-Systems in the new book.
    What's more, it comes with a DVD full of goodies.

    Visit the site of the main distributor to see a short table of content and read what Richard Nordin has to say about the new book himself.

    Myself, i did not have to think twice about getting a copy.

    This really reads like an advertisment. But the book and this site offer much of the same: answers to many questions Hasselblad owners and prospective owners have. So i think it is much more than an advertisment: sharing good information between people who may be interested.
    My apologies to anyone who thinks it is just a 'commercial' all the same. It's not meant to be that!
  4. As all the information above is correct and without financal interest I would not consider it an advertisement.The book is well worth having, also for those who already own the old version.
  5. It's certainly more affordable. I paid well over $200 for a used copy of the original, albeit in as-new condition.
    - Leigh
  6. Not over the line at all. In fact the whole site linked to is of interest, even to those of us who more frequently shoot "less-Classic" cameras. :) There are many other classic camera books available there, very useful.
  7. Q..G.,
    How recent does this new book covers all Hasselblad related product up to?
    Does it cover any of the Imacon product that was eventually merged into Hasselblad?
    The copy I have is form 1998, which I guess is the first edition?
    Otherwise, its great source of information for all users and future users of Hasselblad equipment.
  8. The book is fully up to date and covers everything, the historical cameras, V, H- and X-System (and of course the Imacon products that were labelled Hasselblad) . Of course very recent additions like the H4D-200MS are not included.
  9. Scanners, digital backs... all in there.<br>But do indeed keep in mind that the digital world is still in rapid flux, and it's impossible for books to keep up. (And there are so many digital backs...)
  10. Thanks for the update ;-)
  11. Fantastic news. Thanks QG.
  12. QC is correct. This book is indeed worth having. I just got mine shipped to Holland. Cost including shipping $60. The DVD is full of info. Here is a screen shot of the contents.
    Petra Kellers at handled the transaction with efficiency and courtesy.

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