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  1. Does RH Phillips and Sons camera makers still exist? If so, please forward contact information. Thanks!!
  2. Dick Phillips closed the business, retired and moved to Texas. If you need information about or parts for (he still has some, but not all) an existing camera, contact him by phone at 512-943-9192 or email via rhjb2phil at yahoo dot com. Note that Dick frequently travels, so phone or email messsages might not be answered for a while.
    If you are interested in a new Phillips camera, you missed the boat. ;-)
  3. Thanks Sal. Fortunately, I have had one since about 1997 It is a light weight compact that I have loved. Sorry to say that I am about ready to sell all of my 8x10 system. I needed to know if there was still a market for it. Where would you suggest I seek a buyer? Thanks.
  4. I've heard, but not confirmed with Dick, that he's no longer maintaining a list of people interested in buying/selling his cameras as he used to. You should contact him and ask if that's the case.
    My photographic equipment selling experience has been limited. What I have done has been on eBay, with no issues. I'd suggest using that venue.
  5. Thanks Sal. I agree that Ebay is probably it.
  6. i'm interested in purchasing one of these cameras too. has anyone taken over his design at all? or who might i contact about buying a used one?
  7. Not too long ago Dick suggested I begin repairing and/or manufacturing his designs. I humbly thanked him for his confidence and respectfully declined. No one currently manufactures Dick's cameras.
    Chamonix in China has most closely copied the concept. Chamonix cameras improve on the original in some aspects, but fall short in others. Their two biggest deficits, in my opinion, are lack of a carry handle and focus lock. Dick agrees with that assessment.
    Shen Hao, also in China, has models that incorporate some Phillips design elements. However, they are much heavier than both Dick's original or Chamonix versions.
  8. I'm also thinking of an Ebony 8x10. How does that one compare to the RH Phillips?
  9. The Ebony SV810 in mahogany is specified as weighing 11 pounds. I own similar Ebony cameras in the 5x7 and 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 sizes; they both weigh considerably more than specified. Therefore, I'd estimate the real weight of an SV810 is likely closer to 13 pounds. Compare that to the 7.8 pounds that my Phillips Compact II weighs.

    These are very different cameras. If carrying any distance is important to you, the Phillips wins by a mile. If you don't mind the weight (or cost!) and need more extensive movements, Ebony seems like a better choice.

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