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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by thanz, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Got out of the house without my meter, decided to put some faith in the selenium meter on my 3.5F. I was shooting Astia 100 for the first time, I don't shoot color much and slide film even less so this was an adventure for me. Most came out well exposed, here are a few...
  2. another
  3. another......
  4. my scanning of slides leaves alot to be desired but they look really nice, this one was pretty cool I thought. Todd
  5. All good but I love the first one. I guess your meter still has the stuff.
  6. The silver lining sky is stunning.
  7. First is good - last is great. Man, I can never get sky shots like that.
  8. the scans aren't as good as the slides, they never are.

  9. I would get a transparent slide in that last shot if I trusted the selenium on my Rolleiflex!

    Nice work you keep posting.
  10. You're braver than me, dude. Don't know as I'd trust the meter on the Yashica 24 with slide film.
    Add mine to the accolades for that sky shot. Inspirational.
  11. I love the Silver Lining. It's one of those shots I wish I had done. Of course what I'd do is find a good Biblical verse to accompany it and print, mount and frame it for sale.

    Great stuff!
  12. That lost shot is great -- almost a religious moment (are we allowed to say that here?).
  13. Some beautiful shots, Todd. Well done!
  14. I never discount the selenium cell in my Sekonic Studio Deluxe. As they say, millions of dollars of movie film have been shot based on that meter or similar design.
  15. Nice pics, Todd, especially the last one - I always enjoy your contributions, so please keep on posting. We also seem to have nearly the same taste in old cameras.

    I found the meter in my '56 R'flex 3,5E quite trustworthy; whenever I compare the reading with the reading of my trusted Lunasix 3 they were within 1 stop of each other. OTOH I don't do slides with classic cameras, that's b&w exclusively, so I can usually live with meter tolerances.
  16. My old Petri 7 still can shoot a correctly exposed slide. now I just wish I took it with me more than I do.
  17. Lovely last shot.

    I have just run my first roll of Astia through my Iskra - in the past I have used Velvia and Provia. I have to say it is the easiest of any colour film to scan so far, and seems to have pretty good latitude for slide film. I think it could even become my normal colour film along with Reala.

    I think you should continue your colour adventure!

  18. Todd - works for me! Lovely shots, and in particular Silver Lining is stunning.
  19. Very nice work. The last pic is wonderful. I wish my Rollei had a meter.
  20. As a former meteorologist and one of the early users of weather satellites (I've looked at clouds from both sides now), I must say that the cloud photo is awesome.
  21. Todd, my advice would be to religiously avoid taking photos that might possibly be nicked by unscrupulous publishers of inspirational calendars. That "silver lining" would be too tempting for them.
  22. Hey Todd - I can't contribute an answer but I wasn't sure what other way to get in touch with you. I see the last post was 2005 so not sure you're still accessing this site! Anyway, I really like your 'Silver Lining' shot & I'm wondering if you would sell the rights to use it on a website? The website I?m building is for a company who promotes environmental sustainability being good for business. Look forward to hearing back. Sass

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