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  1. Not having shot many photos lately I’ve been concentrating on going back through the archives. Everyone is welcome to tag along and show us some images from your personal Wayback Time Machine.

    first off here are 3 from NYC. I’ve always loved this 1st one.


    my friends live on the LES and it’s really hard sometimes to get them uptown. Finally talked my buddy into going to the Guggenheim. Here’s one of my few pix of the building- a shot of an upper level water fountain


    This ones kinda cr@ppy. It’s a screen shot of a copy of probably a copy of a digital shot from many years ago. Well I liked it at the time. Shot through the door of Fanelli’s, one of my favorite little watering holes in the city.


    Meanwhile across the river a friend of mine has a motorcycle shop just outside the Holland Tunnel. I like this image of the caged truck


    Closer to home, another shot I’ve always liked. I’ve revisited this block time and time again over the years.


    Messing around at our train station. After mucking about for a while there an Amtrak guy finally saw me and said, “hey you’re not supposed to be down here.” but he hadn’t seen me standing on the tracks!



    back in I think 2012 I was invited down to North Carolina to help set for the Democratic National Convention. found this funky old BBQ joint and visited a couple times during the month down there. This was a Sunday, late morning. Dinner after church for these folks?

  2. Here's an oldie from 2005. Not too bad for an Olympus C5060. If I could find the charger I'd still be using it.
    Concours - Mercedes Benz.jpg
  3. A few during a late-night stroll in Seoul in 2002 with a Pentax MX, the 40/2.8 SMC-M "Pancake" with P3200TMZ



  4. Being basically quarantined in my house for a year in CT (I'm working remotely from here), it seems like Way Back when we went with some friends into Brooklyn for the day back in April 2019. Hard to believe that was only two years ago.

  5. From when I first moved to Southern Illinois (note the capitalized "Southern")

    This park has about three fatal falls in every five years
  6. Here are a few pictures from a trip back to New York in 2009 where we spent 4 days in the big city and 4 days upstate in Phillipsport with the wife's cousins in the Catskills / Hudson River Valley.




  7. Jon Eckman

    You have captured....well, an, essence, of good street photography
  8. A late night in Indianapolis some years ago.

  9. DSC_8324.JPG

    Random picture of a New York City subway train from nine years ago.
  10. Some really early stuff...

    53D4B493-E446-4558-B08E-8930879025F8.jpeg EDC584EE-50B1-4242-806D-CBE5A5EE337B.jpeg 847DB7DE-D5BC-4DA0-84F7-7252877FC59E.jpeg
  11. Girl from the corner shop, 1981 a-m3 (4)d.jpg
  12. WOW! She’s a cracker. Did you give her one?
  13. He wishes.
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