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  1. I would like to know what members think of Ken Rockwell's reviews of cameras and lenses. From all I have read he seems to be a very well informed professional. Am I right or wrong?
  2. Love him or hate him he is always worth a look, and his product photos are the best.
  3. " From all I have read he seems to be a very well informed professional."<br><br>
    It shouldn't matter what others think if that's your impression - just continue reading if you find it beneficial, or move on if you no longer find his writing helpful.
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  4. Ken is highly opinionated, but he backs up his opinions with examples which illustrate the points he is raising. If he talks about corner sharpness, he posts comparisons of corner sharpness using real-world scenes, comparing lenses and various f/stops. He usually states his objectives, so you can compare them with your own needs and priorities.
  5. I read him. - I don't always like him. And sometimes he makes little sense to me. Not sure if Rockwell counts as professional photographer. - He doesn't write from one's POV. Maybe the best fitting title for him is "professional reviewer"?
    My favorite reviewers are Tony Northrup (Youtube) and Dpreview. DxOmark seem worth consulting although they only paint parts of the picture. If I was looking for an action capable body, I'd try to dive into Dpreview's testing. - AF performance isn't everything in all kinds of photography but sometimes you simply wish you had it at hand (at least when you are shooting elderly Pentax & Fuji).
    IDK if shooting JPEGs is the real goal as Rockwell makes it look. - I am fine with tweaking RAWs as long as I get desired results out of them.
  6. There are usually very mixed opinions on Rockwell. I personally think he can sometimes be very funny and check out his website frequently. He comes from an engineering background so I think he is well qualified to discuss the technical aspects of photography. I don't particularly like his photos with their very saturated colors, and lately he is too much emphasizing what's on sale at various places.
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    Personal preference of my own, I prefer user reviews from people that actually purchased the equipment and are willing to share in what situations they use it, what they like/dislike. Not to say I don't read published reviews, I do, but a mix of the two is normally the path I take.
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    Actually, I've bought several lenses and a camera based on reviews -- his and others. At least in respect to Nikon products, I have found his reviews to be accurate and complete. As noted previously, he can be pretty amusing.
  9. I wouldn't purchase anything based on a single review, unless perhaps it was the only review out there. Typically, you can find reviews from a number sources, and I'd take them all into account in making a decision on what to purchase. I think Rockwell's are quite thorough and certainly deserve a look.
  10. Not for nothing did he usually get called "Hypnoken" on this site, and some forums used to ban links to his site.

    He is opinionated, often just plain wrong ("alternative facts), and doesn't seem to care when he is wrong.

    Read it for entertainment, not for information, athough he is sometimes right.
    It's like one of Grant's officers in the Civil War:

  11. I think he gives good info and is one source but as said, don't stop at one source. When I purchase a camera or lens, I look at every source I can find, equipment reviews from many sites, YouTube videos, forums, this product vs another comparison sites and just about anything that will come up on a search engine till I am satisfied. I want to be sure I understand what I am considering to purchase. Is the product good, what are the complaints about the product, is there something better. You will get this info from people who own the product. I have also posted in forums asking others opinions and experience.
  12. I differ with KR on many issues (and will leave it at that), but on specific hardware he seems to be informative. I will look at his site for specs on something, for the differences between similar things, and some basic practical information on how a thing functions.
  13. Ken is one (just one) of the reviewers I rely upon when making purchase decisions. I've met him personally (he co-hosted my Route 66 photo safari last year), and I like him, but I also understand why others find him less appealing. I agree, seek not less than three opinions before spending your money, preferably from differing points of view. KR's site is one where I always look if I want useful info on legacy lenses and bodies. I also like that he is not on the freebies list for any manufacturer.
  14. Thanks to everyone who responded to my post. I found them all interesting. In response to some of the comments on here....I never go by just one source, I like reading or hearing from many and hopefully from those I'm able to come to a consensus of sorts. Glad I got this much response. Thanks again.
  15. well, he thinks he is well-informed(KR).
    I found his non-photographic stuff more interestng, cars,homes,cd,dvd, light-saving light bulbs.

    leicaman piece is funny.

    he regards himself as a phtographer, an artist, self-proclaimed, of course.

    as he says , do not take kr too seriously.

    he is a chancer, con-artist. he will love this, as all publicity is good.

    oh, if you lve outside the USA, ordering equipment via his site, is a bad idea, because you will pay dealer pricewhich includes USA duties. that plus shipping costs willincur your country's import duty and taxes. - so very expensive route.

    you may have guessed, I have not donated, he threatens a growing family, I would not encourage him and his morticia, to produce another pugsley.

    oh, he is wrong about the nikon FA - crap

    leica M5 - brilliant camera.

    his suggestion to shoot film, is not what he does, of course
    buying any leica will mean paying $$$ + for a CLE- mantenanc, every 5-6 years, even then the speeds will be inaccurate, mostly.

    overall a walter mitty camera bug. he likes disneyland colors. test charts would be more artistic. - all IMO.

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