Reusing a disposable underwater camera

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  1. Team,
    I once read somewhere that you can re-use disposable underwater cameras. I have a Kodak one and woudl like to open the case myself to then be able to re-use it if possible (I don't need an u/w camera enough to justify the expense of buying a 'proper' one). This is the one I have sport uw camera main.jpg; can anyone help at all? Any help gratefully received!
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  2. While I am certain that it can be done, what you are describing is probably more trouble than it is worth. Once you break the seal on the enclosure it is between difficult and impossible to get it to re-seal. And that's before you've reloaded the camera! (not impossible, but more trouble than it is worth for the image quality imo). If you really want to go this route, I suggest searching for aftermarket underwater enclosures for point and shoot cameras, then find one that will fit a camera that you have or one you can acquire cheaply enough to make it worth your money.
    If you still want to go ahead, talk to a photo lab tech in your town if there are any good ones, ask them to show you how to break the camera down. Also try searching the web for a tutorial on reusing the kodak max one time use camera, since they use the same basic camera shell in their underwater camera as they do for the normal one. (this goes for fuji as well). Try reloading one of the non-water cameras first, then factor in that you will have to get the enclosure to re-seal as well. Good luck.
  3. Also try looking on ebay in the "film cameras" section. There is a whole subsection for underwater cameras, and there are a few cheap point and shoot cameras designed for water use that would probably give about the same image quality but be a heck of a lot easier to load.
  4. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback. I will just surrender the whole thing to a lab!
  5. Take a look at this film camera at B&H. I bought one in Hawaii several years ago and I loved it.
    1. It was cheap.
    2. It was rated up to 100'. Didn't attempt to test.
    3. You can reload with your favorite film.
    It comes with a simple point and shoot camera. it got the job done for me and for what I wanted it for.
    Under Water Camera

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