Retired - need recs. for good retirement camera - D7200 (?)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by lahuasteca, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. I'm reviving this thread from a year ago. Finally, after a zillion posts, decided to go with a D7500/16-80 for travel. Had considered all kinds of options - a 28-300, 24-120 for my D700, a DF and primes, etc. I'm 72, still hike, but I can no longer carry the backpack full of bodies and lenses. The 7500/16-80 is about as compact as I can go with good (for me) IQ. Liked the D7200 body a little better, particularly the strap loops, but the auto AF fine tune was the decider. Will wait for "Black Friday" to see if I can catch a deal on the combo. Already planning a Guatemala highlands trek for summer 2018. Might as well go out in style!
  2. Thanks for reporting back to us! I'd actually missed that auto fine tune had made it to the D7500. I've generally considered it a downgrade compared with the D7200 because of the aperture following tab, second card slot and slight resolution difference, but I'll admit that auto fine tune is on my reasons for wanting to upgrade to a D850, so I can't fault your choice.

    Best of luck with your travels, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the new camera.
  3. I went with a D7200 + 18-140 lens as my "retirement" camera, replacing my old D70s (that died).
    But as with FX, I found a similar problem with the D7200 + 18-140 . . . weight.
    There are times I don't want to pull out the D7200, and will grab the smaller/lighter P&S. But the P&S was never satisfying to use, it was just convenient to carry.

    So now I am looking at the even lighter D3400 + 18-55 as a "tweener" camera, when I don't want to haul out the D7200.
    The D3400+18-55 is is a 40% weight reduction vs the D7200+18-140. 40% is enough weight reduction to make a difference.

    I was NOT impressed by the higher end P&S cameras. Shutter lag is my biggest issue with P&S cameras.
  4. The D3xxx family is nice and portable, and I found it quite nice for traveling, both because it's small and light, and because it's relatively inexpensive and thus not such a tragedy to break it or lose it. I moved up to a D7100 mostly for the viewfinder and the reduced noise, and prefer it for many reasons, but the little one makes good pictures and it's easy to use. Mine was very reliable, and the AF was spot on, and with luck so will yours be. Make sure you memorize all the buttons. The icons on mine wore off.

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