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  1. The original Retina Reflex, like the first Contaflex, is in my opinion, the prettiest of the series. Sure, it was hampered by the less than stellar C series accessory lenses, but if you just consider it as a 50mm lens only camera, then this is the best of them all.
    The 50mm Xenon is a really great performer, better than the Tessar on the Contaflexes, and is legendary for colour,and that's why I have chosen to shoot B&W, just to be contrary!
    The Type 025 only had a short run..1957-1958, and was soon superseded by the Reflex S, which takes the really excellent lenses that also fit the Retina 111S. If you want to use extra lenses then the Reflex S and Models 111 and 1V would be a better bet.
    Like all Retinas, this camera is well finished, has great build quality, and as mentioned excellent picture taker.
    I took mine for a stroll on a local beach where the really still winters afternoon was perfect for photography.
    First up, the camera.
  2. First pic.
  3. Aah, forgot to re-size some! Next.
  4. Forget that one, didn't Jpeg it! No6
  5. That's all folks...Film was Across in Rodinal 1:50...Epsom scans.
  6. Forgot to mention, but not only is this RR in top condition, but it has a working and accurate lightmeter!
  7. Very nice work with it.
    It is handsome, isn't it?
  8. Great photos, Tony. Especially the Still Waters. The b&w film really does justice to the scenes.
    I have a Retina Reflex also and have run a roll of film thru it and was very pleased. I've
    only used it that one time but will have to take it for a spin again.
    Thanks for posting.
  9. Very nice, Tony! I've owned all of the Retina Reflexes except this one, so now I'll have to find one. Excellent pics and a great write-up; thanks!
  10. Yes JDM, they don't get much prettier. Rod, they love to be used and know you need one, but like all RR's it is hard to find a good working example,and even harder to find one without the dreaded "spotty mirror" syndrome.
  11. What on earth is happening on the other side of the Tasman? You certainly have the bit between your teeth, Tony. Nice that you have a fully working RR; I've had the misfortune to have two with shutter problems of the "not really worth repairing" variety. Great images, once again, and a fine description.
  12. This was my first 'real camera' and I still have it. I used Rodinal 1:75 mostly with Agfa or Ilford BW film.
  13. Lovely. I have three of the III model - and they all work!
  14. Rick, I've had too many cups of coffee, that's all! Unfortunately there are too many DOA Retina Reflexes, the complexity of the design works against this and all other leaf shutter SLR's, despite the excellent engineering.
    Our spell of beautiful weather has finally ended, and I'm afraid that we have sent it to look out Rick!
  15. You're an excellent photographer.
    I once owned a R.R. or two. And a Retinette, to boot.
  16. Very nice shots Tony. That Xenon lens seems to be top notch. I have a Retina 1a on its way to me with a Schneider Xenar 50/2.8 that I hope is as good as your lens.
  17. The first model was available with lenses from two manufacturers wasn't it? So the Schneider is the better of the two? The other type (Rodenstock, perhaps) seems to be rarely sighted. I wonder why, and how they perform.
    Can anyone offer informed comment about the complexities of the RR design? I've done any number of Contaflice and am pretty comfortable getting them working again. Is a RR that much worse? They're said to be. I'm wondering if I should find one but, knowing my luck it won't function if I do. I suppose this is how I've learned to fix Contaflice. They couldn't possibly be any more fiddly to repair than a Bessamatic. Could they?
    I rate the Tessar lenses fitted to all the Contaflice pretty highly so if the Xenon is ahead of these it must be some piece of glass Tony. Thanks for sharing these with us. I have a Bessamatic already and, ahem, a Contaflex or two, perhaps I should pony up for the other major member of the lens shutter SLR category.
  18. Good stuff, especially the beach and rocks shot. Great timing on the waves. I'm always amazed when people get good tonality from Acros because my one try w/ it resulted in very sharp, very boring photos. That was probably my camera though, as I had used one of those Fuji rangefinders that are sharp but lack the character of the earlier vintage medium format lenses you usually find on German cameras.
  19. Tony,
    It is hard to keep up with all of your fine posts. The cameras are interesting but the images really stand out.
    Here is a Kodak ad from July 1958 that was in Popular Photography.
    This is page 1.
  20. This is page 2.
  21. Like many of the other comments; the photos and the photgraphy here are top notch. I love your tonality. I have used Acros a lot in the past, and while I think the "man behind the camera" is the real game breaker I love these recent posts for their beautiful tonality. Rodinal 1:50 eh?

    I too have admired the beaty of this model and would welcome one into my horde, assuming it works. So the Xenon is better than the Tessar /Contaflex.. you herard that too Roger, eh? .. thems fiightin words Ha Ha. Maybe you folks down-under could swap stuff around. If Rick D. still has his less than working RRs, he could send them Roger to examine, Roger
    makes a loan of Contaflex for Rick D to put through the paces then we could have a real shoot out!! Ahh uumm excuse me imagination is running again...

    Definitely found the pics good and the camera a real chrome beaut umm brute I mean. Great post.
  22. Aah, Tessar versus Xenon, pistols at 20 paces...Australia versus New Zealand...sounds like a plan! Must compare the Xenon to the late Tessar on my Contaflex...may have to eat my words. Diluted Rodinal just seems to work well on PanF, and I've just been trying Across again, but develop that in Pyrocat HD.

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