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  1. Hello all,
    I just came into a bunch of IIIc and IIIC Retina Camera's along with some a and b models, with a bunch of lenses.
    Can anyone tell me today what the IIIc and IIIC units are worth.
    I have a couple IIIc units that are mint in the box with the manuals.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Right now on eBay, people have been asking up to a US$1000, and most often around $250 and up for various Retina models.
    Asking, not selling. There is very long line of "red", unsold auctions listed in "completed listings". Only Beanie Babies go unsold at a higher rate than Retinas, or so it would seem.
    Very few Retinas, and those mostly pre-war and rare models, actually sell for much over $150. Many sell for less than $50, some as low as $15.
    Retina IIICs, even in original box, etc., typically sell on eBay from about $40 to $150, depending on the tides, and phase of the moon. Most under a $100. Lots of IIICs listed a higher starting prices got not one single bid. No one except somebody who is really naive about these cameras pays as much as some asked starting bids.
  3. If they work, you might try putting some film in them and use them. They have excellent lenses. I've bought and sold a number of Retinas but my Retina IIIc is one I won't part with; its lens is just outstanding and helps me create wonderful photographs. Just a thought...
  4. The Retina IIIC (big C) is the pick of the litter and usually commands a big price. The IIIc and IIIC are both great cameras.
  5. The IIIc models do have several "versions": 021 (I and II), 028 and 028/N (I don't think you have this one though, but who knows).
    You can find some details on the price (completed hammer auctions), manufacture date and model differences at IIIc
  6. where do i look on the camera to see if i have an 028/N or 021 or 028?
  7. fld


    I took my Dad's old Retina IIa into the shop today. It needed work. The shutter cocking/film advance no longer worked; and it needed a CLA, esp. for the fungus on the lens.
  8. Chris,
    021 I and II models have two easily distinguished features: different exposure meters. Both I and II marked as IIIc.
    028 has a larger center view/rangefinder window than 021. Marked as IIIC.
    028/N should have a serial number imprinted on the back of the camera leatherette. There are some fakes were reported though.
  9. I have a IIIC with a number with a number imprinted on the bottom of the leather case. Number 23213 and it says case made for Retina IB IIIC , made in germany
    Does this mean anything to the value of the camera?? Would this be an 028/N??

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