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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mickeysimpson, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. I just can't seem to figure out how to respond to someone that leaves a comment on a photo. I would prefer to PM (Private Message) them rather than clutter up the photo comments. Also, when going to the Inbox to create a message, I get an error that the user cannot be found. How can that be when I copy the user's name from the PN page?

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  2. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I assume you mean comments which are left on photos in your portfolio:

    1. The easiest method to Private Message someone is to click on their Avatar which produces a pop up on your screen in which there is an option "Private Message", like this:


    2. If a major aim of yours is to engage in conversation about comments about your photos, then it is probably more suitable to post those photo in "Seeking Critique".

  3. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Addendum - OK I see an additional issue - that works in a Forum Post:- the Avatar of someone leaving a comment on a photo in a portfolio goes to their Home Page

    The problem is that the name used to initiate a Private Message is not always the Name on the Member's Home Page.

    You can open a Forum Post the member has made from their Home Page and use the Avatar method I described

    However, this issue is made more cumbersome, if the Member has not made any forum posts . . .


    - anyone have ideas?

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  4. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I have pondered this and cannot find a one shot method, this is where I have arrived

    If you want to start a PM with someone who left a comment on a photo in your portfolio you can either -

    1. go to the Home Page of that Member and select the list of their posts, open on and use the Avatar Method I described.

    2. if that Member does not have any forum posts, then try using their Membership name (that's what appears at their Home Page) for the PM - however it is very likely that will not work, because a PM is derived from the Screen Name. The issue is identifying where a Screen Name exists, if a Member has made nil Forum Posts.

    If you cannot do either of the above, and failing someone finding a solution and posting it here, then:

    3a. you could make a short comment on the photo asking the Member to contact you via a PM to discuss. (i.e would be private discussion)

    3b. you could post the image in "Seeking Critique" and initiate and continue a discussion there. (i.e. would be public discussion)

  5. If someone was trying to design a user friendly system this would be a good example of how not to do it ;). Very PhotoNet.
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  6. I have tried that (selecting the persons avatar in the comments page) numerous times William and I am invariably redirected to the person's profile page.
  7. I've also posted to Seeking Critique to get feedback on photos. The first time I posted to Seeking Critique I received some great feedback and held conversations with those offering critiques. I have implemented some of their recommendations immediately and am in the process of retroactively implementing, other less fundamental changes. My second experience with Seeking Critique yielded no feedback at all - That makes me a super star, right? LOL! Not really, but I understand that 1) this is a time where many are enjoying their summer with families or out getting new photos; 2) there is a global pandemic; and 3) I can't expect that my work; however much it may or may not please me, to illicit others to take their time to offer critical feedback. I try to offer my photos that seem to generate fewer views, admires as I see those as opportunities to get constructive feedback and improve my photography.
    Seeking critique conversations do work well in my opinion.
  8. Agreed. I do wonder though if PN is ready to implement a full fledged messaging system. Perhaps an option for PN would be to be to add an option to let photographers open their email accounts for others to see. I for one created an email account specifically for PN and would be open to this approach. This also lifts the burden off of the PN web designer(s) and admins for maintaining a messaging platform and answering questions from Bozos like me about how it works. Why reinvent the messaging platform when it already exists on a global level?

  9. I was able to launch a PM dialog from a Forums post by clicking the avatar. That said, if I want to PM another photographer and they don't have a forum post I can find, I am SOL
  10. Hi William. I tried the method that you suggested - going to the photographer's Home page, looking at their posts, clicking on their avatar. - SUCCESS! Thank you and everyone else for their help.
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  11. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, that's good. It is a long way around: I am glad it works for you. If I do think of a quicker method I will post a comment.

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