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  1. I plan to start a Wedding Resources catagory. I wanted to start it off by asking other wedding photographers for their favorite sites. This does not have to be the Denis Reggies of the photography world but the sites you've run across while looking for inspiration either for your photography or for your websites...
    Here is one of my favorites. I like how it is set up and I love the fact that the images are not only good, but give you the mood and emotion of the wedding day.
    One of my favorite websites
    Another favorite
    One more Favorite
  2. To help those of you that do not know how to post a link.... Cut and paste the code below starting with A> - delete the http address (keep the quotes marks) and insert your favorite site address within the quote marks... One of my favorite websites After the "> Type in what you want the link to say when it appears in the forum thread. I have put: "> One of my favorite websites You can use that or change it. DON'T FORGET to change the catagory below the box to "The above text is: HTML rather than "Plain Text" before you hit the Submit button.
  3. Thanks for the link Mark B. I already know Marc Williams..glad you put him down. Jason -- Oh my god!! Yervant is amazing, inspiring and I know I'm going to work more towards getting that special look he gets with veils... This is one of the most original and emotion packed photography I've seen - ever! Impressive....
  4. Shameless plug for a buddy of mine:
    I think he has a nice body of work, bridging the gamut from traditional to 'journalistic'. The website is new, so it may have a few bugs.
  5. Hope you like this one. The photographer uses a Hasselblad handheld with Ilford XP2 Super. His usual focal length is 150mm. Blink photography
  6. Oh. I have been informed that the aforementioned photographer has now switched to an all digital it's presumably all downhill from now on.
  7. I've never tried to create a link. I'll try it. This is a young friend who is a lab processor and operates a one person wedding/event business in the South Bay Area near San Jose, CA. He is now using almost totally digital though his site has not yet been up-dated to reflect that. JC Tran Photo Memories
  8. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    One of my favorites:
    I also like the fact that it is a simple to navigate site. No "Flash" which is a real nuisance on slower computers. All the thumbnails are right there at the beginning. No opening of a new window, just hit the back button. With a touch pad, if I hit the "X" to close out a new window, sometimes nothing happens so I hit it again and then it closes out the new window as well as the browser window under it. Or just putting too much pressure on the touch pad to move the cursor off the X may cause me to again accidently close out the browser window.
  9. Weddings by professional photojournalists here
  10. I really like Amy D. and jvsweddings (that one used to be from this bunch. Other sites I personally like are: JR Georffrion Dennis Reggie Anday Sander To name a few...
  11. This certainly has been helpful to me! I hope others will also benefit and hope to see even more links... I'm currently developing my website and though I'd never copy someone else - It is helpful to look at others and form an opinion. <p>1) I won't use flash as many people still have dial-up. It just takes too long. I quit on a few of the above because of it. <p> 2) Interesting that I've used Real Moments.... Real Memories.... for 14 years. Moved to DC area 3 years ago and when I clicked on Amy Deputy - She has Real Moments... Real Smiles etc... Probably just a coincidence.. But I didn't realize that... Hope she doesn't think I copied her ;-) <p> 3) Many of these sites are well constructed - especially Amy's. However, I am amazed at some of the images many photographers display that are images I'd toss or certainly not have on my website. Some sites and images are technically good but lack emotion or artistry. <p> 4) On the other hand there is some truly inspirational work out there. A small handful of Amy's and the most impressive is still YERVANT... for me anyway... <p>I hope to continue to get some ideas here and thank you all for your very valuable contributions! When my site is complete I plan to ask for your opinions and encourage you all to do the same with your sites. Nothing like a fresh pair of eyes to help improve a site.
  12. James G. Dainis

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    I too enjoyed the magnificent photos on Yervan´s web site. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the web designer was more interested in showing off his skill than the photographer´s skill.<BR>
    I click on the link and get a page showing a photo of a cello. So I wait for the rest of the page to finish loading. And wait and wait. Finally, I start to move the cursor around and discover that the photo is a link. So I click on that and manuever to the wedding album. After about one minute only 13 of the 45 thumbnails have appeared. Tired of waiting for all of them to appear, I click on one with my touch pad. It gets big and then returns to the small thumbnail. So I try again. Same thing. So I try another one. Same thing. Finally, I click on one with the touch pad with my right hand and hold the left side button down with my left thumb. That keeps the larger photo up. Not very large, actually, since to make it larger would take even more time for the "thumbnails" to load since they are not really small file thumbnails but have the same file size, KB, as the larger photo.<BR>
    I may be wrong, but I think a good web site should be very intuitive to navigate and not require written instructions as to how to use it.
  13. Reina - Thanks -- That is a great site and a wonderful photographer. Very inspirational. I've added this one to my Favorites folder.
  14. Documentary wedding shooter
  15. Colleen - your link didn't work -- I fixed it. <p>Kevin - that site is outstanding and the photos are outstanding as well. I've added it to my favorites folder and sent a link to my web designer. I like the layout of the gallery and the white borders on the black page. Thanks!
  16. I have to say that even on the sites where the shooter's style isn't
    my cup of tea, there are at least one or two really good, inspiring
    shots. Thanks for the links.

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