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  1. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    A family tradition, and mild form of torture, was my Father's quizzing all who attended New Year's Day dinner on their New Year's Resolutions, as well as what had been accomplished against those from the previous Year. Well, Mom and Dad have been gone for some time, but in so many ways they are always present. This small memory just a token.

    Keeping it to photography, I will be shooting more film and doing at least minimal processing at home. I also plan to use my old lenses on the digitals more frequently, ideally one day a week. I would also like to expand into some new photographic genres - astro and maybe a little underwater.

    What are your resolutions?
  2. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    My main resolution is to move out of this small town (St. Joseph, LA) stuck in the middle of corn and cotton fields to Baton Rouge where I'll set up a black & white darkroom (Before summer, I hope).
  3. Last year I resolved to shoot more and purchase less - didn’t quite turn out that way. Thus, this year I resolve to shoot less and purchase more :D
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  4. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Mine is the same as last years, which I managed to keep all year through :

    To wake up alive at least once a day (on some good days, I can manage four or five times).

    And to try to take better photos.
  5. Something cool that happened this year that will likely affect my photography next year is that, because of Fixed Focal Length Fridays in No Words, I started using my 50mm more often and leaving my 24-105 at home (which has really helped relieve some pain in my shoulder since the zoom is really big and heavy, though I love it). I've been learning a lot by doing that, experimenting and having fun with different aspects of shooting on the street that way, and getting some results I'm happy with. Will also probably continue to use my iPhone camera more and more as the convenience and non-conspicuousness of it is a treat. These are not so much resolutions as they are a natural outgrowth of experience and circumstance. That's much better to me than making a resolution because there's no pressure and less chance of missing the mark. As for the important stuff, it should take about 6 weeks to lose the weight I put on since Thanksgiving and I do it every year so I'm pretty confident in that one.

    Oh, and, of course, I'll become a better person! :rolleyes:
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  6. More money. ;-)
  7. Good question as I normally don't make any. BUT...I've spent a good bit of time and money in 2017 buying some really nice older film Nikons and MF lenses, setting up my darkroom as well as updating some of the digital gear. My resolution now will be to get off my rear end and put it all to work!! And by the way Vincent, college towns are a lot of fun. This one sure is. Happy New Years all.

    Rick H.
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  8. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hi Rick,

    Yeah, from what I hear, LSU game nights are great. Too bad Auburn lost today.
  9. I've been forced into using my 27mm Fuji (40mm equiv.) due to mold in the 18-55mm. 40mm is not an easy focal length to get used to but the savings in weight and easy portability more than compensate. FFLF!
  10. 1. Sell more old and unused equipment on eBay.
    2. Donate and throw out more old and unused equipment.
    3. Throw out slides, negatives, and prints of marginal interest to me and others.
    4. Scan more slides and negatives that are actually worth keeping.
    5. Maintain the resolve to actually do steps 1 through 4, as opposed to previous years and decades.
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  11. I suppose my resolution would be H.R. 257 (LINK).

    But, one never knows, some people who hate may be very, very good people.
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  12. Those dreary vows that everyone makes. Everyone breaks. Photographic adventure is part of my constitution. So I got to keep in shape and go out to where there are lots of stuff and lots of people. And I now have a camera that I will carry on my belt. I vow to make it like a garment. But then, I am already working on attitude and living in a time when Anxiety floats everywhere it seems. My hobby will be more and more important in keeping me sane I think. Thus I pledge myself. Keep sane. Visit at least one neighbor island again. (Drink little tourist pink potions with vanda orchards and take macros of them.) And take buses to downtown Ala Moana and ogle the visitors in their his and her shirts. And the kids in torn jeans. People are still funny thank goodness. i love them. I photograph them.
  13. +1
  14. Shoot more. Shoot better. Do more alternative stuff (like Mordançage). Get the 5x7 shooting.

    In all stuff - photography and otherwise, be more organized and procrastinate less.
  15. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    The specific parameter I set was
    Keeping it to photography,
    You, sir, despite my respect for you are Effing out of order.
  16. No, you simply said you were keeping it to that parameter. at least that was how I took it.

    I was in fact quoting the POTUS, ironically

    God, do we need an irony detector......
  17. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Possibly I am rusty, but my use of language is generally pretty specific, and I believe it was in this case. Interpret as you choose - 2 Movies.
  18. JDMvW.
    "H.Res.257 - Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States."

    "Targeting a minority in the United States"

    Interestingly discriminatory.......

    Gotta hate the right people donchaknow.
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  19. Back to photography...

    I'm in the process of "right-sizing" my gear -- selling some, buying some -- and I hope to shoot more regularly than I have the past couple of years..
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  20. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    EDIT - I tried to post this last night, but kept getting error messages. So here it is now.

    It reads in part:

    "Calls on federal law enforcement officials, working with state and local officials, to: (1) expeditiously investigate all credible reports of hate crimes and incidents and threats against minorities in the United States, and (2) bring the perpetrators to justice."

    So, people who are in the MAJORITY have no rights here? Thanks a bunch!

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