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  1. i just got back 3 rolls of kodachrome from dwayne's and all my slides look really good, the scans that i had made of them do not look so good though. on my original slides the pictures all have detail and look like they are all exposed correctly but the scans show that they are really blury in some cases and have a lot of grain is this a problem with the scan or the exposure
  2. sorry i didn't really provide verry much information. i was in a bit of a hurry.
    as far as the scanner goes i am not really sure. it is what ever dwayne's uses for their generic scans. unfortunately i dont have a light table or a loupe to really analyze the slides. just looking at them though you can see that they are a bit more detailed than the scans. but i am wondering if this could be an illusion based on the small size of the slide. but the scans also seem to be a little on the light side, not nearly as dark as the original slides. i just find it odd that i can see more detail on the slide than i can on the scans.
    i have heard that films get more grainy if exposed wrong and i was wondering if this could be a problem even if the slides all look good. or if the slides look like they were properly exposed should it be just a scanner problem, if the scan is just the likely culprit then where can i have good scans made of kodachrome?
    thank you for any help.
    i wish i was able to post an example but at the moment i can't.
  3. If you want good scans, you'll have to do them yourself on a dedicated film scanner (e.g., Nikon), or pay $15 to over $50 per frame for a drum scan.
    Minilab scans have the potential of being very good, but labs downsample to 1200x1800 pixels (4x6 inch quality) and compress the results into a low-quality JPEG file to save space. I presume this is to discourage you from making your own prints.
  4. I have been having the same problems lately with Dwayne's too. They use some kind of Kodak professional scanner that is not that great. I am going to give them a call right now.
  5. Lots of scanners don't like Kodachrome (and lots of time b/w as well).
    Buy a good Epson, no more trouble.

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