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Discussion in 'Phone and Mobile' started by edwin_barkdoll, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Now that there is a uploader for iOS 6 devices (!!!) I no longer have to resize iphone photos on my computer to upload to However the native iphone image dimensions are too large to be uploaded to and viewed inline. Here are a some free apps I've tried that allow resizing. Some of these apps do other things but i'm simply addressing the resizing issue since I already use some other photo apps I'm reasonably happy with. SimpleResize - has a slider which allows selection of any x or y dimension, as well as some common presets (e.g. 640x 460). The slider is not as convenient or easy to adjust accurately as a number pad but is better than presets alone. Resize Photo - Has a number pad to select dimensions either as pixels or percent, as well as a number of presets available. It also has a batch resize function which could be handy. I have not tried the latter, yet. Resize - so far as I can tell only has 3 preset dimensions available - no variable resizing possible so far as I could see with a quick check. Very minimalist with annoying sound effects. Quick but limited. iRetouch Free - only 3 presets and no variable resizing. Lot of other editing features, tho. Resize Image - 5 presets (pixels or percent) that can be modified; variable dimensions input from a slider or numeric keypad. Email, twitter, facebook, message output options I will continue to play with Resize Photo and Resize Image. The others leave something to be desired for resizing IMHO. Any other resizing apps people have tried and are happy with? (Not dismissing Android or other phone OS's but I'm only familiar with iOS.)

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