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  1. Hello everyone,
    Recently (the last 3-4 rolls) I'm experiencing weird residues on dried negatives.
    They look like vertical little bubbles, stains, all over the roll.
    here's my workflow:
    (T-Max100, Acros 100)
    Pre-soak 1 minute
    Develop in Rodinal 1:50
    Citric Stop bath 30 sec
    Fixer (alkaline) 6 minutes
    Washing using ilford method
    30 second in wetting agent (Tetenal wetting agent, 1:400, or 2 drops)
    Attached a scan of the residues as they appear on scanned negatives
    By the way the can be wiped off with fingers
    Thank you
  2. I meant horizontal bubbles
  3. You could try using distilled water at the very end.
  4. I forgot to mention I use distilled water
    for everything, also with wetting agent

  5. use 3 to 4 drops wetting agent and do not agitate, gently stir or turn the reel to mix. if you get bubbles let them dissipate before removing the reel or sheets from the tray.
  6. I use a film Squeegee as the last step before drying, that might help.
  7. Squeegees risk scratching negatives, especially some older style emulsions without hardening fixer.
    Suspend the negative strips diagonally. The water will gravitate to a single lower edge and drip cleanly off the single lowest corner. Any residue will be confined to the rebates where it won't affect the frames.
    Normally I use hemostat clamps to hold the negatives securely. Clips made for darkroom use don't hold securely enough. Or, for 35mm negatives, you can use paper clips, unfolded into "S" shapes, through the sprocket holes. Use rubber bands to provide a little tension and hold the strips diagonally from a shower curtain, inside a drying tent, a doorway or any other handy support.
  8. Thanks everyone for the advices,
    I think the problem was related to the fact that T-max and Acros apparently needs more time to fix.
    Anyway I slightly changed my fixing time, using fresh fixer, and a permawash step before the final wash.
    I also added only 2 drops of photo flo to 600ml of distilled water.

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