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  1. Does Nikon camera (mine are D40, D40X, and 8700) have reset button. Or
    something similar to computer's Control-Alternate-Delete keys combination.
  2. Well my D50 does so look in your manual for it.
  3. on the D2H and X is the ISO and WB press and hold combo.
    the D200 Qual and +/-, I'm sure that the D40/x have some similar combination, check for green dots.
  4. look at this pictures...

    green dot on [INFO]

    green dot on [+?]

    with the camera on push and hold them for few seconds, that will do.
  5. The two-button reset is a soft reset - the LCD related things are set to default but the menu options are left the same (unless they also show on the LCD.) Info is on P.38 of your user manual.

    There is also a hard reset button that resets the camera to default - under the side cover between the video and USB ports is a little round button that is not labled. Turn the camera OFF before pressing this one. Info on P.108.

    Here is a link the the D40x manual (non-printable) -

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