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  2. Salvaged from "scrap" Native Hawaiian lumbers. Aloha, Bill 2k18-027-007 ces13 4x6.JPG
  3. pallets converted to a table and benches, so you can invite your friends to dinner in your garden :D
    0068a Reciclaje Reciclados Cajones Madera Merendero Bancos Mesa-NAFS35G.jpg Nikkor AF-S 35 G
  4. Sea shells used as decoration. Decorated house-web.jpg
  5. Railroad Station into Museum
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  6. BFE88BBF-CE4B-4A01-9889-C8BFF8CA7205.jpeg Future coffee table with bottle of Chianti caked with wax, some hemp and in a gada da vita played backwards at 78
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