Report someone used my photo without my permission, THIS IS VERY SERIOUS !!

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by iLOVEnature, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Hi Glenn and,

    I would like to report someone used my photo in purpose without my permission, this is very serious and illegal!! Appreciate if you can investigate and look into this matter ASAP.

    I found this photo under Photo of the Day (04/25/2017), I am very sure the sky is belong to me. .

    Below is my original photo, please compare the sky. I really can't believe someone used my photo without my permission!!! And now, his photo awarded PHOTO OF THE DAY [04/25/2017] on
    After Rain Storm *A Beautiful Nature* Wishing Everyone

    Look forward to see your quick action soon, thank you very much.

  2. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    From Terms and condition of use... "You may not use the Site to violate anyone's copyright, trademark, intellectual property rights, or privacy rights. The User Content that you submit must be your work in its entirety." I am interested in what will be done about this.
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  3. I have to remind the photographer "Joseph Nazoa" who used my photo without my permission here.. Please think twice before using my photograph, you never know how much time and efforts I put on all my nature photos. I have been spending ton of hours and whole night no sleep, purposely drove to this spot "East Glacier National Park, Montana" in the early morning for just a piece of sunrise photo. And now, you simply download my photo without my permission and by just a click!!! Can you imagine how sad I am feeling now?
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  4. Hi Gordon and Ray, I am still waiting Photo.Net response on this issue now, hope Photo.Net can quickly resolve this issue for me. Thanks!
  5. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    The complaint has been forwarded directly for attention to this matter.

    Please remain patient.

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  6. Big thanks William Michael for your helps and look into this matter.
  7. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    OK. No problem. The main thing is that you do not stress.
    Also please note that because of the different time zones across the world, people are not necessarily attending Forums at the same time that you are.

    BTW your picture is very nice.

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  8. No worry and thanks William Michael, I am okay. I only feeling a bit sad.. Hoping the photographer who used my photo can seriously learn a big lesson this time, he must think twice before using other people photographs.
  9. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    We're investigating, however it is clear within our T&C that using other photographers work is terms for dismissal.
  10. Many thanks Glenn, William Michael and Photo.Net for your fast response on this issue :)
  11. BTW your picture is very nice.

    Hi William Michael, thank you for spending time to take a look my photo gallery. Many thanks for your compliments too :) :)
  12. Hi all, For better understanding, I have pointed out 3 spots on my photo. Hope the following photo able to assist Photo.Net staffs for investigating, thank you.
    IMG_2338P Sample.jpg
  13. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    We are still investigating and we can deal with issues like this as they are reported and we will do everything within out power to stop such violations..... however it is worth noting that does not have the resources to compare millions of uploads to determine if there are copyright violations. Earlier posts in this thread infer that its our responsibility to do so and made personal attacks against people volunteering their time to scan uploads for POTD, POTW, spam, etc. To my knowledge there is no site, where user generated content is present can make such claims and is no different. Again - we will investigate and pursue the issue - but we do not scan photos looking for copyright violations.
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  14. Hi Glenn, First of all, I would like to "THANKS" you for your quick action to investigate plus resolve this issue for me. I also must clarify here, I never have any intention to against any of Photo.Net member here. My only intention is, I must alert you and Photo.Net staffs if there are some copyright violation issue occurs. I don't wish this issue happen on me for sure, hoping this is the last case. Once again, many thanks for helping me to resolve this issue :) :)
  15. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    No worries - it wasn't you that I was referring to - it was one of the usual suspects that likes to take shots at the site and the people that run it. We've contacted the photographer and we're awaiting their response.
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  16. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    We have changed the status of the photo in question to "private" status until we receive response from the photographer while we investigate this issue.
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  17. Hi Glenn, I recalled a case which happened on Google+ several years ago. I was so sad the person involved "Danny Xeero" is one of my FB friend, I knew him quite a while. In fact, he already learned a big lesson because he has been caught "Stealing". I attached the link here, feel free to take a look. Been Caught Stealing - Photographer says he's "sorry"
  18. "Hi Guys,
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention and wanted to follow up with a response.

    I checked my folders and don't have any photo which resembles the one posted in your link.

    In any case, I delete my post to avoid any issues with the claimer and my apologies for any inconvenience/confusion it might have caused.

  19. Hey Joseph Nazoa,

    I checked my folders and don't have any photo which resembles the one posted in your link.

    You seems like trying to tell everyone here, you did not do anything wrong here.

    I would like to tell you very straight forward here, I still keeping a copy of your photo as a proof. . You stole my photo for your own uses were totally wrong and unacceptable!! It definitely considered copyright violations here..

    Below are your photos which titled as Amalfi”, I would like to refresh your memory here. Please don’t tell me your photo which titled as Amalfi”is GENUINE!!! Also, please don’t tell me you never download my photo for your own uses!!! You can cheat everyone in this world including yourself, sorry you cannot cheat "GOD". What you have done here, you cannot just simply delete it...
    Screenshot_Photo of the DAY 4.25.2017 Photo.Net.JPG Screenshot_Photo of the DAY 4.25.2017 Photo.Net (1).JPG

    Based on what you wrote above, you did not sound like apologetic to me. I am very disappointed because you did not show your sincerity here. First of all, I never ask you to compensate me with anything. In fact, you did take my photo blended into your photo without my permission. Despite, you never admit that. I am a victim here but sound like, I am nobody to you in this case.

    I have promised one of the Photo.Net staff member to give you an opportunity for a minimum apologize, sorry Photo.Net "NOT THIS TIME"!!!!

  20. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    i'd be well chuffed if someone stole one off my photos, even if they only stole the sky.

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