Replacing tripod shoe on hasselblad

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  1. Hello all,
    I want to replace the tripod shoe
    on my Hasselblad 203 fe (bit I
    suppose the question and the answer
    apply to any model) and I need to
    know if this is a DIY work
    (assuming you have the spate part)
    or I need to have it replaced by a
    tecnician. I see those little screw
    that held the tripode shoe but I
    wonder if they take in place only
    the tripod shoe or also some other
    parts (i.e. the hooks that catch
    the film back) or may be eventi the
    outer body shell.
    I hope the question is clear.
    Thank you in advance
  2. I left the Hasselblad show in place, but attached a Really Right Stuff plate to it. The plate has a lip that (mostly) keeps it from rotating. The axis of the plate runs fore and aft, parallel to the lens. Since you don't turn an Hasselblad on its side, I've never had a problem with it loosening.
    The plate is held in place by four screws, which may be very tight.
  3. Bit if I want ti replace the
    original tripod shoe (full of
    scrstch and dents) with a new one
    (genuine Hasselblad spare part)
    fan I do it by myself? Do I need
    special instruments or,simply, I
    only need to unscrew the screws
    that hold it in place, replace
    the tripod shoe and tighten the
    screws again? I am wortied that
    the screws that holder the tripod
    shoe holder something else and
    when I loose them something goes
    out of allignment
  4. I had no problem when I replaced the original shoe with one made by Clearsight to mate with Arca-style clamps. Unfortunately the Clearsight shoe didn't provide enough clearance when I later switched to Really Right Stuff Arca-style quick-release clamps, and I had to revert to the original Hasselblad shoe plus RRS adapter plate. So, no problem with the screws both times.
  5. Thank you very much for your

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