Replacing a D3 viewfinder (actually Focusing Screen)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mike_doyle|2, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. I would like to replace the standard viewfinder on my Nikon D3 with the "E" Type finder (Grid Lines), however I seem to get the impression that the viewfinders are supplied with no fitting instructions, and wonder if anyone could possibly give me a step by step guide on how to remove the original finder and replace it with the new grid lines finder, and also advise me of any potential pitfalls I may encounter on the way
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    It sounds like you are only changing the focusing screen, not the entire viewfinder. The D3's focusing screen is not really user changeable. You just switch on the grid lines. I first thought you were referring to the F3 instead of D3.

    The F3 has an interchangeable viewfinder; the D3 does not.
  3. Hi Shun, thank you for the quick reply, and yes you are correct it is the focusing screen I wish to change, I am aware that I can call up the grid lines in live view, but my preferred option is to use my camera viewfinder for photography and not live view on the rear screen, hence my request for information on changing the focussing screen that came as standard with my D3, I note that a national Nikon supplier in the UK markets Nikon focusing screens and one with grid lines the "E" Screen, hence my interest in wanting to change to the grid lines.
  4. "The D3's focusing screen is not really user changeable."
    Nikon says it is. ;-) :)
    Assuming we are talking about the D3 and not the D3S or D3X, page 391-392 of the D3 manual explains the procedure for a user replacement of the standard screen with the optional 'E' screen. Exact same method as was used for the FE/FM/FA series.
  5. Michael, thank you for the response, I have now finally found my operating manual, and you are correct, the instructions are there, I intend to order the grid lines screen tomorrow, many thanks again.
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    Maybe I should change my earlier comment: believe Michael Freeman, even though he disagrees with me. Somehow I toally overlooked that the D3 had interchangeable focusing screens.
  7. LOL. :)
    It's very early on the west coast. So we'll put your little misstep down to that and let the earlier comment stand. :) ;-)
  8. Hi Shun and Michael, I am grateful for you both taking the time to respond to my request, and am looking forward to venturing out some time soon with grid lines to help me in my photographic projects when recording old churches, your helpful advice is what makes this forum the one I always use as choice, again many thanks for your help.
  9. The D3's focusing screen is not really user changeable.​
    I beg to differ. Yes it is and so is the D700's. I have an aftermarket microprism screen on my D700 from In addition to the replacement screen, it also came with step by step directions on how to do it. It took less than 5 minutes to change out the screen on my D700. The only tools required were a small jewler's screwdriver. The screen actually came with a pair of plastic, non scratch tweezers.

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