replacing a broken A2 with original 1 series...

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  1. <p>is there any reason why i shouldn't? I am really interested in auto focus and meter
  2. sorry, computer problems.
    i am interested in the differences in metering and auto focus speed/ accuracy.
    any thoughts are appreciated.
    thank you!
  3. No - see ( ) but you may also want to consider an EOS 3 ( )
    There are really a lot of great film EOS cameras that sell for peanuts.
  4. I greatly preferred A2 AF over my EOS 1. Between the 4 single axis and center cross I could almost always snag focus. Plus the center cross worked with F5.6 optics. The one-point AF of the 1 only worked as a cross with F2.8 or faster lenses, reverting to single axis mode with slower optics. My slow zooms would barely focus in single axis mode. An old EOS 3 or 1V would be the only real upgrade in terms of AF.
  5. Thank you. I'll probably end up getting another A2 as much as I would love to have a 3 or 1V, both are signifcantly more than I willing to spend right now. The A2, however, is still pretty affordable.
  6. I have an A2, A2e, and a EOS-3. The EOS-3 is a noticeably higher performance camera. In particular, the eye controlled focus is very, very good - it's telepathy.
  7. The A2, however, is still pretty affordable.​
    Methinks almost free by now. I recall selling mine with grip and 2 extra focusing screens for $50 3 or 4 years back. I've seen a nice EOS 3 go many times on fleabay for $100 to $150.
    The 2004 Elan 7NE actually has a little better AF than the A2 and goes for pretty cheap if you can find one. Viewfinder ain't as nice but the body feels nicer in hand (doesn't flex like the A2 does when you squeeze a little). ECF works like a freakin' dream. The earlier Elan 7E is more common and almost the same.
  8. I may have to spend a bit more time on ebay... i only seem to be able to find the 3 for 250+ dollars or close too it. i really wanted a 3 or a 1n as the 1v is out of the question. i like to shoot a bit of film every once in a while but not enough to make that kind of investment in it. i have, been curious about the elan but i haven't quite decided whether or not i like the 1/125 th of a sec flash sync and no pc terminal. I still use a cable with my lights so...
  9. There is a 7NE at keh for $165. Seems affordable to me. They have a 1N for a little more and of course the IIe that my wife had is now just $19. Sad.
    I wonder when Canon will offer ECF in it's digital cameras. The little experience I had with it, even with my eyeglasses, was pretty cool!
  10. You can get a EOS 3 for lower prices, but you need a great deal of patience. Keep bidding and don't get carried away. That being said, there are some Elan models worth considering too, and they may be very much cheaper.
    Look at the specs on Canon's history site ( say from 1991 for a start : ) for many possibilities.
    If you decide to stay with your present model, as I noted in my post on one cited above, you may want to search for an EOS 5 (world) rather than the A2e (USA only), there are some minor differences that make the 5 a little more attractive.
  11. You might also look on FM Buy & Sell. No bidding but you can make an offer and the prices are usually reasonable and lower than KEH. I prefer selling there over fleabay, Often my items go in a matter of minutes. The lone exception is film gear. They're a lot harder to get rid of...
  12. If you want good AF then the 3 is much better than the 1N. The 1N has the old 5 point system - it works fine but cannot match the AF on the 3 or 1V. I personally quite like the eye controlled focus on the 3 and find it a shame Canon did not continue it's development.
  13. I too miss the ECF that's why i still keep two EOS 5's , one with ECF calibrated for my wife's eye and one for me . I sold my EOS 3 years ago to purchase my first digital SLR the D30 .
    Yeah , i would get the EOS 3 , but then again i guess you're comfortable with the A2 , but as the other poster adviced , get the EOS 5 instead , it's got fantastic ECF that really works wonders ..Good Luck Huntin' , PC

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