Replacing 30 D with 7 D

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by rogernoel, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. I am going to purchae a 7D, primarily for the ability to crop more severely than with the with the 30D. I wanted to trade the 30D in on the 7D, and talked to B & H where I bought the 30D. No real trade in per se, they will buy the 30D for $250. wow. I have had it 3 years, have taken about 4500 pictures. Is there a market for something like this, or should I sell it to B & H? I really don't need a backup as I have two small P & S that work just fine for me. I believe I would give it away to friend rather than sell it for that amount. aaagh Technical Obsolesence.
  2. The price is incredibly low for this Canon 30D.
    I sold mine in Serbia for 350 euros, and over 80.000 shoots,
    and they are around that price here in Serbia! do not know for the rest of the World,
    but try to check the price on EBay and other relevant sites.
    It is a too good camera for such low price! not even 200 Euros? hm try to sell it for 350 dolars at least!
    Good luck,
  3. I would look to sell it on craigslist or ebay for at least $350.
  4. A 30D isn't worth a lot, given the 40D and 50D are out and it may not be all that long before a 60D appears.
    $250 isn't a bad price from someone like B&H. You'll get more in a private sale. but then you run the risks of selling it to some one you don't know (who may demand their money back if it fails the next day) plus sales commission if you sell on ebay along with sipping costs.
  5. Sounds low to me.. In canada seeing the 30D sell in the 350-400 range.
  6. My 30D is now my backup body.
  7. $250 seems like a pretty low price but like Bob said, for a place like that I'd imagine it's a fairly typical price. If you can do a private sale you'll most likely get more but if you can afford to keep it, it makes a nice backup body. I've seen them still selling for $350-$400 on a few forums as well.
  8. Thanks for the input. For the time being I am going to keep it. I think I will buy the 7 D with Amazon. $100 less than B & H even though I have purchased most of my lenses and cameras at B & H. I may put it on Craigs List here in the Phoenix area.
  9. I currently see a 30D on my CL (Not my camera) that has been there for over 2 weeks, no sale yet and all she wants is 300.00. During a wedding last weekend I found out it was my students camera! She now shoots full frame. What a small world. v/r Buffdr
  10. I am with one of the posters. I have the 30D (great camera) and want to get the 7D, but I would keep the 30D as back up. Sometimes it is nice not to change lens in a dusty or wet environment, or for any of the 200 other reasons a second body is nice to have around...

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