replacement for cracked Control panel cover - D810?

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  1. The plastic cover over the Control panel on my D810 cracked, then broke. Is there a replacement part? Nikon support says no. It's a small (~1.75 x 1"), thin piece of plastic that glues to a ledge to prevent it from sitting directly on top of the control panel. The control panel is fine, just the cover that is broken which I'd like to replace. Anybody know a source for this part? Or a work-around? Thanks. --Sally

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    The first thing that popped into my head is the Rigid acrylic screen cover I have on a Ricoh GXR - if I recall, it was made by Vello, and they appear to be available. Dimensions on that are just over 1 3/4 x 2 1/2 cutting shouldn't be a problem. One possibility. The other option would be to do a little research and see if any other other Nikon cameras use the same size & buy a "Parts" camera on the Bay. Best of luck.
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  3. Some ebay sellers offer LCD replacements, but as always conduct research and exercise caution when it comes to buying anything from the big auction site..
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  4. I could believe Nikon wouldn't sell you the part, but are you sure they wouldn't fix it for you reasonably cheaply? As you suggest, it looks simple enough. They must be able to replace it somehow.

    The biggest concern I'd have is them deciding they needed to get at it from behind in order to remove it without scuffing the camera - and if it's held in with hot glue, getting it out without damaging the LCD might be tricky. But it may be relatively simple, especially if you don't mind it being a little scruffy.
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  5. Sally, I saw a replacement part for the entire top panel on eBay. But how are you going to do it? Perhaps Nikon can give you an idea. Good luck!
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    Query Nikon Authorized repair on price with part, buy it and go? Or, there are some repair folks on PN who can certainly do it if you have the part.
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  7. Sally, you had me going to my 3 bodies, d200, 700 came with a detachable plastic cover over the lcd. d500 did not. I am usually breaking glass at the other end of the camera and have one of my broken clear filters on my desk as we speak. A prior time the impact locked the filter on the lens and I took it into : Cam-Tek and he not only removed the jammed filter but had some of the rubber exterior parts that had melted off that nikon wouldn't sell. You might give him a call if it is a last resort. Kinda long distance, but, to save a camera, if Nikon won't fix it, it might be worth it. His address and phone is
    1435 W Busch Blvd, Tampa, FL ยท (813) 961-8874
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  9. Thanks, all. I just ordered a replacement screen and tape from e-Bay. There were several for sale, ranging in price from $2.50-9.99. At less than $10 and with free shipping, it's not much of a risk. Thanks for the warning, though, I seldom use e-Bay.

    I've seen detailed instructions on removing the broken piece and how to clean off the old adhesive. I'd rather use glue/adhesive than tape but will see how the tape works before looking further unless someone knows a specific kind of glue to use.

    Dieter, from what I could tell from the link you sent, that replacement piece is for the screen on the back of the camera, not the top one. A little more digging might turn up the one I'm looking for but I'll see if more digging is needed.

    Thanks, again.
  10. Fairly certain the package for the D810 contains both a protector for the back LCD and one for the top one; has been the case for every one I ordered (and the image does show both and reviews also mention both).
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  11. Thanks, Dieter, I'll take a closer look.
  12. I would send the camera to Nikon. If the cost is $200 or less I would rather have them do it. It's too risky to do it yourself in my opinion. The LCD panel would crack very easily.
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  13. I too would send it to Nikon or APS. They would also perform a full CLA in addition to changing the old screen. I found out about APS on this forum and there work is excellent and there turn around time is pretty fast too.
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  14. The process is explained in a youtube video - - I imagine it applies to most cameras providing you can obtain the part. I am not sure I would like to attempt this myself for fear of damaging the display. The process shown is probably much the same as the Nikon techs would use but if you send it to them it would be insured against any damage they might cause. I have been using the commercially available screen protectors mentioned by other correspondents. When these crack, as mine have, they are easy to replace and the LCD is not damaged.
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  15. Mobile phone repair shops must do this kind of thing day-in, day-out.

    Maybe they'd fit a new screen for a small fee, if you supplied the part?

    Those paint-stripping hot air guns are vicious beasts. I wouldn't point one at a camera! Surely it would be better to apply heat directly to the broken glass? With a soldering iron or similar. Something that could be run over the position of the adhesive tape more precisely.
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