Replacement Bulb for Kodalite Flasholder? (Brownie Holiday Flash)

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  1. Went on to try and get a replacement bulb for this brown camera kodalite flasholder. It
    says it takes M2, 5, or 25 lamps and I can't find it on bh. Could someone check it out on bh? Im probably
    a moron.

    Lastly, does these things take regular double a batteries? It says in a manual that it takes penlite, which
    Im not familiar with, b ut when I open up the flash it looks like regular old double A batteries
  2. Also will this film work? (aka 120)

    Or does it have to be 127?

  3. AA used to be called penlight batteries
    there also was a BC unit ( battery capacitor) that used a 15v? battery that fitted in some of these flashguns and directly replaced the aa cells.

    the old style cells tended to leak and only ray-o-vac
    had leakproof cells ( well they were less likely to leak)
    this was long before alakline cells were available.

    the old cells ( batteries) had a zinc case and in several months either swelled up of leaked gooey stuff all over the device.
  4. 120 and 127 films are quite different and are not interchangeable. You can get 127 from Freestyle Photo for $3.99 a roll. If you do not develop your own, send it to Vermont Color Lab or Dwayne's Photo. Penlight batteries are AA. The flashbulbs, however, are obsolete and have not been made for a while. Flashbulbs only worked one time and then were thrown away. You can get them sometimes on eBay or at camera shows, but they can be a bit pricey, especially for something expendable. The camera will work fine without the flash outdoors in the daylight. And you are NOT a moron.
  5. old camera and things from the past 1950 and before, were different and nobody is to be faulted for not knowing.
    I am not in the least annoyed when asked " how do i open this camera" press on the bump in the leather.
    some things like enlargers ( remember them) have not chnaged that much.
    other things have, like not normally being able to find film that
    is slow enough for old cameras asa 32 ,
  6. M2 and M3 flashbulbs are common on eBay, and quite cheap. If you're shooting color film, you want M2B or M3B (blue). The M5 and 25 press are reasonably common, but less cheap.

    You only need them indoors, of course.

    The Efke R100 127 film will be a fine choice, it will expose correctly outdoors in the sun. Won't have quite the exposure latitude of Verichrome Pan, but it will do.
  7. Flashbulbs here:

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