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  1. I have a FinePix A600. On my last trip I took 230 photographs on a 1GB card.
    I can not open the last 50 photographs. I have tried using Windows picture and
    fax viewer, Adobe Photoshop 5.0, and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.01. They all say
    the file is an incompatable file format or unidentifiable, or corrupt. I have
    tried numerous software programs to repair the files but none of them work. Is
    there any serious file recovery service avalible that will spend some time to
    analize my files and attempt to recover or repair them?
  2. ImageRescue from Lexar Media might help recovering some of your images.
  3. A corrupted JPEG file is usually unrecoverable. You could post one of them to see whether someone can estimate whether a recovery service might be able to help.
  4. Never erase and overwrite the card. Reformat every time.
  5. I have Image Rescue but it only works with my CF card, not my XD. I can read the files off the card fine. They are sitting on my hard drive right now. I can not open the files. Someone, somewhere has to be able to fix a corrupt JPG file.
  6. What other file recovery software have you tried on the card? They all seem to be different, and some work where others do not. I would keep looking for a software package that did what you want.

    Here are two from They also do in house file recovery, but are not in the USA.
  7. You are suffering from JPG file corruption. You could not be able to open last 50 photographs, which has been saved by you. All picture and fax viewer, Adobe Photoshop 5.0, and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.01 are failed to open your file. For avoiding such an incompatible file format or unidentifiable, or corruption, you have to use JPG File Repair tool. This repair tool is quite efficient in solving out errors related to JPEG files and helps you to recover the lost JPEG images and photos back to you from any storage media, camera or even hard disks. This tool can recover corrupt JPEG and restores the corrupted graphics files. This software basically helps you to recover corrupt part of the jpg images like header and recovers back the corrupted jpg files to its original format.

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